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Brit's Buddy Has Suit-able Past

10/23/2007 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Britney Spears' ever-present friend, Sam Lufti aka Lutfi, can tell Brit more than a little bit about being in court.

FOX News reports that Lufti has had numerous tax liens brought against him, and a couple of lawsuits. To wit, he was ordered to pay $34K when a San Francisco cleaning company sued Lufti and a producing partner, but he hasn't, according to records, satisfied the judgment.

A check of IMDb reveals, as FOX points out, that Sam Lutfi's career as a film producer ("Bug Buster" being his magnum opus) ended in 2001.

Foxy Gets Tossed into Solitary

But who's really surprised? The rapperista will be spending the next 76 days in a segregated cell starting Oct. 16 after three rules violations at her prison on Rikers Island.

The New York Post says that Foxy got into it with another inmate on the way to a meal on Oct. 3, and the pair shoved each other. Then, she was verbally abusive to staff and finally refused to take a random drug test, resulting in her punishment.

She'll have an hour a day from her cell. Foxy is serving a year-long sentence for violating her probation stemming from an assault last year.

Halle Berry Has a Jewish Cousin?

Halle Berry is seriously contrite after making an anti-Semitic joke during an appearance on "The Tonight Show" on Friday afternoon.

As Page Six reports, Halle was looking at pictures of herself with Jay that were distorted by a computer program. After the first one, in which she has a very large nose, Halle quipped, "Here's where I look like my Jewish cousin." A source says no one laughed, and Jay even said, "I'm glad you said that and not me."

The word "Jewish" was scrubbed from the broadcast, and Halle says she asked Jay to take it out. "I so didn't mean to offend anybody," she says.

Party Favors: GLAAD Calls Dumbledore Outing "Wonderful" ... Robert Goulet in Critical Condition ... Larry David: Art Imitating Divorce

GLAAD is glad that J. K. Rowling has outed headmaster Dumbledore. In a statement to TMZ, GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano says, "It's wonderful that J.K. Rowling would help open readers' eyes to the life and truth of such a beloved character. Rowling's decision to allow readers to see Dumbledore for all of who he is -- and her determination to preserve the authenticity of his character in the films -- will enrich the power of these stories for generations to come." ... Camelot crooner Robert Goulet, 73, is in critical condition at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. and in need of a lung transplant, reports Vegas Confidential. ... Larry David isn't shying away from his real-life divorce on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" -- his fictional wife Cheryl leaves him after he asks her to hold the phone while the TiVo gets fixed -- even though Cheryl is on a plane that might crash.


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Halle Berry is a COMPLETE hypocrite. For her to speak of Jews having big noses, when she herself had a nose job is ridiculous! She says she was just "joking" on Leno, but I saw her go crazy on Live With Regis one time when Howie Mandel made fun of and was "joking" about her hit and run incident in Los Angeles years ago. She told him it was not a laughing matter. So I don't get how she figures it is a laughing matter to refer to Jews as having big noses.

2560 days ago

Jewess w/real nose    

Ms. Berry has had more than one nose job, look up her old pagent photos. I hope the baby has a huge shnooze. I can by my small nose naturally, I inherited it from my mother.

2560 days ago


Having played with photobooth like Halle, I have been able to make some very interesting images. One of them is of me with a flattened nose and bigger lips, does that mean I can say "I look like my Black cousin?" By the way, as Jew, I have a very small nose without a bump. Thanks for maintaining the stereotype though.

2560 days ago


If it had been Angelina Jolie or somebody white making a comment on how her nos looks like her "black cousin's nose" people would have been all over it.

Sorry - it's a pretty racist remark and I'm a little disappointed in Halle.

FWIW, I live in NYC and know a LOT of Jewish people and I can honestly say, none of my Jewish friends have big noses. Some Jews have big noses, and so do some Greeks, Italians, Arabs, etc -- and a lot of these people do NOT have big noses. The fact that Halle picked out Jews in particular to make a joke about, shows she's into racist stereoypes.

What's next? Is she going to point out a photo where she's squinting her eyes and say she looks like her Asian cousin?

2560 days ago


I hate halle berry...she is a good actress but it seems like she cashed in on being bi-racial!

2560 days ago


Halle needs to get some class.

It's not PC to say that Jews have big noses... it's racist. It's almost as bad as the "N" word and we all know what would go down if someone used that word on the Tonight Show!

2560 days ago


Britney is vulnerable to many types of shady characters to enter her life, she is to stubborn to listen to any one which makes it easy for scammers and users to get close and stay close her.
Her children are in danger of these types of peoples behaviors also.
If they are living a calm structured life with their father then he is the best of 2 less then perfect worlds for those boys.

2560 days ago

Women R Hizoes    

Halle was only making a joke. What's the problem? Is it not true that Jewish people tend to have larger noses? It's just part of their genetic traits. Again, what's the problem? Where's the offense? Are they ashamed of they way they look or something?

2559 days ago


So big deal she said about big jewish nose...And by the way jewish people in Israel and middle east do have huge noses, dark, and hairy unlike ashkenazi jews who migragted to europe many centuries ago and mixed. Everyone can make fun of everyone else except you cannot say a word about jews for a fear of labeled anti semitic. This is a joke...isn't it?? Talk to Mencia...

2559 days ago


This isn't the first time Halle says something stupid. She needs to think before she speaks!!

2559 days ago


Interesting that almost nobody gets the irony of Halle Berry's comments - she herself has a HUGE nose that has been altered through many surgeries through the years and Jay Leno could have easily called her out on her comment. This has made me lose a little respect for her, only because I'm sure she wouldn't want anyone making fun of her huge old nose. Just rent a copy of Jungle Fever to see what I'm talking about!

2559 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

The Jews of Hollywood and otherwise, need to get a sense of humor! Jesus, you guys whine and cry with your tactics when anyone questions, teases or jokes about Jews. Then, non-jews get labeled anti-semitic! How about the Christians of this world, begin a campaign and label Jews -- anti-Christians. Enough is enough, already.

2559 days ago

big nosed jew    

i'm sure imus was joking too, but look what happened to him. if a white person made a joke about blacks having large noses people would be freaking out.

2559 days ago


IMUS was run outta town, why not Halle Berracist?


2559 days ago

George Jobson    

Halle Berry isn't anti-semitic. Her slip of the lip can happen to anybody. I still had my love and support for this actress.

2559 days ago
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