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Parenting Coach to Britney: I'm Not a Potted Plant!

10/23/2007 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' parenting coach has submitted her report to the court, and it ain't pretty.

Sources say the two-and-a-half page report says Britney totally ignored the coach -- didn't even acknowledge her presence. The coach says she was unable to teach Britney anything, because Spears didn't want to listen.

The report, which was presented to the court yesterday and will be critical in determining if Spears should regain 50/50 custody, concludes that Britney often ignores her kids and lives in her own little world -- that Britney often disappeared and wasn't around the kids or the coach. We're told the coach has said Brit spends a lot of time on the phone and changing clothes.

And on another note y'all, that BritBrit paparazzo sock is still up for grabs on eBay!

bid on the sock

Why FBI May Have Seized Copperfield's Stuff

David Copperfield is under the FBI microscope, and now TMZ may know why.

Last week, the FBI raided Copperfield's Las Vegas warehouse and seized digital camera equipment and a hard drive to a computer -- this, after a Seattle woman accused Copperfield of sexually assaulting her in the Bahamas.

Sources now tell TMZ Copperfield designed part of his show around "a system for picking up women." During his show, David goes into the audience and chooses women to come on stage. We're told that if David likes a girl, he'll use code words with assistants like "mama" and "secrecy." The assistants mark the women on a map of the inside of the Hollywood Theater at MGM Grand. After the show, the women are brought backstage -- and that's where the profiling begins.

The women are told that David may use them in his show when he comes to their hometown. They are then photographed with a digital camera, asked questions like, "What is your favorite men's cologne?" and "Where do you like to vacation?" We're told one of those vacation spots mentioned by staff is the Bahamas, where the accuser claims she was assaulted. Copperfield owns a cluster of islands in the Bahamas -- which he bought for $50 million.

This may explain the FBI's interest in David's camera system and hard drive. If the accuser is a woman who was brought on stage, the FBI would be interested in a possible M.O.

Copperfield's attorney re-issued his earlier statement in response to this story: "It is important these allegations be put into perspective. An unidentified woman has made serious allegations against David Copperfield. Although authorities have not revealed her identity to us, we know these allegations are false because David Copperfield has never forced himself on anyone."

Anderson Cooper: Armed and Fabulous

CNN golden boy Anderson Cooper is blowin' up -- literally!
Anderson Cooper
The 40-year-old news hottie showed up to a NYC screening of "Planet in Peril" this weekend, looking extra fit and buff. Check out those guns!

360 is not only the name of Coop's program -- it's also what he benches. Lift with the knees, Andy!

Heidi Montag on the Cheap

Heidi Montag: Click to watchUsually, the sight of a bikini-clad sexy blonde writhing around in the wet sand is hot ... somehow, Heidi Montag makes it ... hilarious.

Heidi and her unlovable boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, filmed her new music video last week -- with Spencer as sole cameraman to save money -- and it was appropriately cheesy! Our favorite is the boom box. Nice touch Spence.

Montag did some of her signature spastic Mariah Carey-wannabe hand movements -- while dancing around on a jetty -- a lone fisherman completely ignoring them as they filmed. You'll have to wait your turn to be oblivious.


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Flake watch    

Thanks #61. I know we are all tired of this crazy woman, but let's face it, what most people really are is angry that "celebrities" of any type get so many do-overs in their lives. If any of us screwed up on a daily basis with punkass attitudes at work, drinking, drugging, car crashing, et cetera ad nauseum, we'd be right where we belong. Read that as in rehab, in jail or six feet under. What these forums point out is the complete frustration of all us "commoners" that cannot seem to catch a break. We get up most mornings, get ready for work, school or both, we take care of spouses, kids and aging parents and all we ask for is a level playing field. But no, the axis of the universe is up the butt of the Spears, Lohan, Richie Brigade and it will probably always be that way. People my age .......OLD..........are still going over the career demise and eventual deaths of Elvis and Marilyn. Have we learned anything? My best guess is HELL NO. Everybody out there, keep up the good work. I guarantee that there is at least one person in your life that is proud of you and happy that you are in their world.

2527 days ago


People my age remember when Marily Monroe began caving in to her drug dependency; and because she would not give in on telling the world she was having an affair with JFK her life came to an abrupt end (RFK was known to be in her home trying to dissuade her on the night she died - absolute fact of life - and when he could not talk her into changing her mind he had to call Hoover who did what he had to do).

Anna Nicole Smith is a much more recent tale of what drugs can do to a person; and every time I see Dannielynn (sp?) it helps me forget the sad events that took her mother down.

It is only a matter of time before the Britster crashes and burns; and maybe, just maybe, her sons will help us forget seeing their mother going through the same throes Marilyn and Anna Nilce went through.

2527 days ago

JeepGuy 98    

She starred in a movie once; you'd think she would use the few acting skills she has to try and seem somewhat fit in front of the court case workers. Is she really THAT dense?

2527 days ago


I dont blame Brit, for not being chummy with this woman she was watching every move she made, this woman was like a traitor, the woman should probally be checked out herself, Ive known people in the DSS Field, that have a lot more problems than the people they are watching, its an insult, and will probally make Brit, not any better, I think people should leave her alone with her kids and they will find out she is a good mom, and she love her kids>>> you can push people to the point where they throw there hands up, and just give up>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2527 days ago


Angela, are you that gullable? Don't you think brit is a big girl? don't you think if she's suffering from anything, that maybe, just maybe she would, I dunno.. stop buying taco's and go see a therapist? Or maybe, stop parting and go see somebody? Don't you think that maybe, just maybed or two that she could talk to? There's a difference between suffering and being selfish, her children, are suffering, she is selfish.. now look up those two words and come back and tell me what you come up with

2527 days ago


#76, with all due respect, I must disagree with the last sentence of your post. Brit's parents did not due their duty as parents. This is quite obvious by the way Ms. Spears handles herself. A good parent should expect their children to pursue an education and teach them the foundation of being a responsible adult. This entails morals, accountablity, respecting authority, making well thought out decisions, and dignity! Instead, her parents have lived off of their own child. That was their priority. Making her a star and taking her money to their bank. It's a little late for mumsy to start playing Mother or Grandmother of the year. Personally, I believe that mommy and daddy are part of the problem. Veteran, USAF

2527 days ago


Sad fact: celebrities do not have a right to a private life. No. Quite the opposite. They are made rich to be celebrities, paid more than some of our towns are worth. Furthermore, we pay them for things that have no intrinsic worth, like singing songs, playing ball games, and playing make-believe in the fantasy shows. It is precisely that "celebrity" for which they are accepting the money. We own them.

2527 days ago



2527 days ago


How did TMZ get the parenting coach's report? I have to side with team Britney on this matter. This should be only between the court, Britney, K-Fed & counsel. The PAPs are becoming way too intrusive into the personal lives of celebs, especially when children are involved.

2527 days ago


The reason everyone is on Britney watch is to see when she'll implode...(ie: die by her own stupidity- overdose, slit wrist, car crash). Her talent (if she every really had any) is lost now because of her self absorbtion. I say let her be...ignore her...and let the next time she make the news is if she either wakes up and gets herself better or to read her obituary.

2527 days ago


#78, Ms. Spears just like Moodonna will never ever be Marilyn. She had something special like uh, TALENT! The comparison is ridiculous.

2527 days ago


Your comments are sexist, woman-hating, and snobbish.
Yes, of course, Britney Spears needs to learn how to be a responsible adult and how to become a better parent. -- But "Trailer Mom Weekly"? What's that supposed to mean? How many poor women struggle to raise their kids? And don't they reserve some respect?

Same about Britney's poor clothing choices. Of course she should have put some clothes on before her "comeback concert", rather than trot out in bra and undies. But knocking her about a semi-flabby belly? -- Doesn't that kind of hateful comment send more skinny teenage girls to the bathroom to purge themselves some more?


And is there any other kind of press but the "kick 'em when they're down"? How about giving folks encouragement for working out decent child custody arrangements? Rather than feeding into this frightful scenario of treating children of divorce as pawns? Shame on you.

2527 days ago


Ok so why are these people news? Britney Spears? gross!
Heidi Montag and her idiot man? Double gross..
Ok Jesse Metcalf is a hottie though. TY for his shirtless pics! :-D

2527 days ago



2527 days ago


why is this pig on the aol homepage every damn day?

2527 days ago
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