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Why FBI May Have Seized Copperfield's Stuff

10/23/2007 5:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Copperfield is under the FBI microscope, and now TMZ may know why.

Last week, the FBI raided Copperfield's Las Vegas warehouse and seized digital camera equipment and a hard drive to a computer -- this, after a Seattle woman accused Copperfield of sexually assaulting her in the Bahamas.

Sources now tell TMZ Copperfield designed part of his show around "a system for picking up women." During his show, David goes into the audience and chooses women to come on stage. We're told that if David likes a girl, he'll use code words with assistants like "mama" and "secrecy." The assistants mark the women on a map of the inside of the Hollywood Theater at MGM Grand. After the show, the women are brought backstage -- and that's where the profiling begins.

The women are told that David may use them in his show when he comes to their hometown. They are then photographed with a digital camera, asked questions like, "What is your favorite men's cologne?" and "Where do you like to vacation?" We're told one of those vacation spots mentioned by staff is the Bahamas, where the accuser claims she was assaulted. Copperfield owns a cluster of islands in the Bahamas -- which he bought for $50 million.

This may explain the FBI's interest in David's camera system and hard drive. If the accuser is a woman who was brought on stage, the FBI would be interested in a possible M.O.

Copperfield's attorney re-issued his earlier statement in response to this story: "It is important these allegations be put into perspective. An unidentified woman has made serious allegations against David Copperfield. Although authorities have not revealed her identity to us, we know these allegations are false because David Copperfield has never forced himself on anyone."


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Merry Christmas    

Posted at 4:53PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by WW

WW - Don't you get it? They post those comments just to get everyone angry. They are just adding fuel to the fire. You should just ignore it or take it for what it's worth...garbage comments.

2556 days ago


Probably a racist lying low IQ gold digger that is up to this - what is her name & story?

2556 days ago


Clearly the lazy gold digger involved was snubbed by David - now is a bitch scorned.

2556 days ago


Where have you been TMZ? It was already posted elsewhere what he is being investigated for. Glad to see you are on top of things!

2556 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Magic is illusion and illusion is reality

2556 days ago


Kinda does away with the gay rumors, huh?

2556 days ago


Are those his hands/fingers in the photo? He's fingers........That's a little weird.

2556 days ago

Baby Countdown    

How did a dude THIS douche-like make $50 million that he could lay down for a "cluster of islands"???

"Stay in school" my A$$....we need to be teaching kids to get into magic classes!

2556 days ago


Let me get this straight - Copperfield asked her backstage - as he had done with some other women he found attractive. He then asked her some questions, took her picture in a very modest pose with her permission, and found out she liked to vacation in the Bahamas. He then apparently invited her to take a trip with him to the Bahamas - and she decided that was OK and she went - and now she claims HE took advantage of HER? What is wrong with this picture??

2556 days ago

Baby Countdown    

How did this douche make $50 million that he could just plunk down for "a cluster of islands"???

"Stay in school" my a$$....we NEED to be telling kids to get a deck of cards, find a gay lover, and perform tricks with tigers - CLEARLY magician is the way to go!!!!!!!!

2556 days ago


Did she claim she was assaulted.. battered, beaten , raped ( did not say rape on this news article..but sexually assaualted) Was she forced to go to the Bahamas. Come on, Copperfield could have any girl she wants with out forcing any one to go out with him. Its all about the money.. 50 million $ and all the lawyers she hired on contingency. Why is the woman 's name not mentioned. The law should be changed that the accuser and accused should be both named. ,not just the accused..The FBI should have other better things to do protecting the homeland from drug dealers, murderers and terrorists. Remember the Duke University fiasco.

2556 days ago

Vicci Hayes    

He has always been more than disturbing and rather sickening for me. His act is usually 1/2 hour of him TRYING to be sexy, and 5 minutes actually doing his illusion. What a sick old pervert!

2556 days ago


Umm...I find it really hard to believe since it is almost common knowledge the guy prefers guys...And what really do we know about this so called victim...she might turn out to be like the Kobe case or the Duke case...being a survivor of a rape on a military base it pisses me off that false accusations make it really difficult for the real victims of rape and sexual assault...The military base did not believe me but were forced to believe when 2 weeks later he raped a 15 year old girl and her father tracked him down and shot him to death...

2556 days ago


Lots of artists who are giving concerts pick women out of the crowd to meet backstage. This is nothing new. What happens once they get backstage (and most of them can't WAIT to get backstage!) is what is different, or could be different. We really need to wait to hear non-speculative information.

2556 days ago


Well Duh, of course entertainers are going to pick their 'girls' from the audience.

A smiling, cheering, girl who is already 'in love with your celebrity' is going to be obviously more willing and less of a challenge.

Elvis met girls this way - so do a lot of current stars.

Isn't this how Clint Black got into trouble a while back. Instead of screaming RAPE though that girl screamed CONGRATS DADDY!

2556 days ago
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