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Hayden -- Cellulite or Bad Light?

10/24/2007 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the picture that launched a killer argument in the TMZ newsroom this morning -- Hayden Panettiere, cottage cheese-leader?!

Watch the debate unfold in the video below, then vote in our two polls -- and let TMZ know what you think!


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It just looks like she had been sitting on a rough or textured surface before like maybe her driver's seat.

2522 days ago


With the possible exception of starved Olympic gymnasts who are so thin and muscled they can't even menstruate, all women look like that in certain lights. If you want women to look like adolescent boys-- skin and bones and no fat-- then accept the fact that you like males, not women. This girl is probably a size 0; your standards are hopelessly shambled. Is somebody getting kickbacks from Dr. Rey? I hope she eats a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake in honor of TMZ.

2522 days ago


Who would look good from that angle?

2522 days ago


I don't think its the same girl in both pictures...check out the flip the cellulite photo they are black but in the photo of Hayden from the front they are brown or beige anyway, they are NOT black...also her bag looks bigger in the picture shot from the front than it does from the picture shot from the rear... and the ruffle on her top from the rear angle seems to have disappeared when you can see her from the the video a few times you'll see the differences!

2522 days ago


You guys are idiots. So freakin' what if she has cellulite? Most women do--and, if you look it up on Wikipedia--it's not even necessarily related to fat! A lot of times it's genetics too. She looks just fine otherwise. People like you always delight in showing the cellulite of other skinny celebrities--why should it astound you that she has some? It does NOT make her bad looking. 98% chance that MOST women have cellulite somewhere on their bodies!!!!

2522 days ago


I clicked on this topic strictly to say this:

We tell the kids not to write gossip and say hateful things about others online, over and over. Yet you post something like this. How are kids ever going to believe this is a bad thing to do, if adults do it? Shame on you TMZ!

2522 days ago


What kind of lame-ass "news" story is this? Seriously, TMZ, you've got nothing more newsworthy than picking on a beautiful 18 year old? This is really sick and is a prime example of why anorexia is becoming a real problem in society. How many young girls are going to see that photo, read the headline, and decide that they must have cellulite on their 90 lb bodies too and continue starving themselves? Stop this craziness you are perpetuating!! It's killing too many young girls!! Hayden looks like a normal young girl should look. She's slender with curves and looks healthy and wholesome, not bony with sunken in cheeks. Leave her alone. She's a good role model for teens and pre-teens. And even if she did have a little cellulite...who cares? Is it really the end of the world? Wouldn't that be a good thing and make her seem more normal to the rest of us? Stick to something that's of more importance to the world, like whether or not Britney's wearing underwear, who's checked into rehab today, who's sleeping with whom. Seriously, stay off the body image crap, it's unhealthy.

2522 days ago


okay. it's all over the news, everyone is talking about how girls today have eating disorders, are too skin, those anorexic models, yada yada. be THANKFUL so many young girls want to be like THIS one and not some stick skinny or obese woman. she's a normal girl. look it up, 90% of all women have cellulite. So stop whining that she's not some photoshopped or starved girl. I'd kill to look like that girl, and so would so many girls.

2522 days ago


Hey, why are we always faulting women for their imperfections(which everyone has) and why aren't we making fun of men's fat stomachs, saggy man boobs or dare I even say it................ Celulitius of the scrotum? :) Let's start picking men's bodies apart and leave women alone.

2522 days ago


I agree with the lady... Let's see some beer guts, saggy boobs and ugly butts on some of the "Pretty" men out there. The media is TOTALLY unfair and one-sided when it reports on women.

2522 days ago

Sarah in NM    

Givin her height, she probably works extra hard to keep the weight off. So I think it is just a bad picture. She is still so young too. Besides guys she is only 18, and not to preach but so what if she does have cellulite? Do we need more eating disorders among young women?

I would take her "cellulite" legs anyday!

2522 days ago


A bit of cottage cheese and buns never hurt anyone

2522 days ago


You know, in the history of rock'n roll, Menudo wasn't much. But they were the Puerto Ricans' slice of Hollywood. I mean, the last guy who held the job blew his brains out likely because of an interpersonal race war. (Oy and vey!) How many unwed single mothers are there in Hollywood? Britney is theirs. As a role model, she's doing what she has to so that her fans learn what it takes to land a man. Besides, that panties money is better spent on diapers.

Britney, you go girl. You do whatever that baldheaded loving Kornfed wants you to do because you are bringing family to millions. Be proud, loud and avowed.

2522 days ago

Sharon L    

Leave the ladies alone! Why no shots of Alec Baldwin's or Kevin James' big fat a**? Or any of the other huge fat male stars?

2522 days ago

DEE-VA 1960    


2522 days ago
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