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Lindsay's New Addictions

10/25/2007 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a couple of new cravings -- but they're a lot healthier than the ones she used to have!

TMZ caught Lindsay at Pitfire Pizza Company in the NoHo (that's North Hollywood for you outside of So. Cal.) yesterday, after a rigorous dance lesson at Millennium Dance Complex. Lindsay puffed away on some cancer sticks while sucking down her iced coffee, not exactly health central -- but it beats cocaine and booze!

As she left, a fan said to her, "You can stay sober, Lindsay." Although she was on her cell phone, LiLo heard the remark, and smiled earnestly and said, "Thank you."


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Busted Celebrity    

We love Lindsay and really hope she stays off the drugs!
We all already know about her "sex addiction" by now, but that one is one she can keep for us lol!


2524 days ago


One addiction to the next. lets hope she doesn't end up in rehab again.! The Riley character is not a good influence. Has anyone seen their FriendSpaceBook profile.

2524 days ago


first of all, I want to say that on most websites that post on LL, there are usually very few comments: WE DON"T LIKE HER OR CARE!!!!! But what I REALLY wanna say is she looks like a 40 year old hooker, who's been turning tricks for most of her like. She's got that long, bleached out red hair, old dried up skin....GEEROSSSS!!!! I wish she'd move to euorpe, and work there!!! She bugs the shiz out of me.

2524 days ago


TMZ, she can smoke whatever she wants. Smoking only kill herself, not other people. Drunk driving kill people. SO, back the f--k off. You know that there are lot of people at TMZ smoking too, you stupid assss.

2524 days ago


As far as I am concerned, she should be cooling her heels in jail awaiting her trial for DUI, kidnapping, reckless endangerment, carjacking and possession.

Unfortunately amidst all of these charges, the D.A. chose to winnow the charges down to misdemeanors. That's just wrong in more ways than I can count.

2524 days ago

Goldie Hand    

Pantene Pro-V MAKE IT STOP!!!

2524 days ago


Rammer your right!

Pantene Pro-V MAKE IT STOP!!!

2524 days ago


I wish the paps would stop following her around only to post pics and video of her. The majority of the public has had it with this girl. She looks like she's 40 and has made no real accomplishments that stand out nor any up and coming things going on that are news worthy. Show some real talent and something worth looking at it. We can see this type of girl down at Walmart standing out taking a puff while on break. However we choose not to go to walmart to look at this type of character because its filthy and disgusting.

2524 days ago

Merry Christmas    

She's just packing some mary jane in her cigs now. This chick is just a female Robert Downey Jr. The only difference is Downey can act.

2524 days ago


You people are soooo is this better than drugs and booze..this is what fueled jim morrison the beatles rolling stones..and most good artists smoking is cool get with it.

2524 days ago


I thought that she has bad asthma??? Whats she doing smoking? She is an idiot! I used to be a fan of hers but are losing respect for her.

2524 days ago


#6 I agree, that Pantene commercial is getting on my last nerve!, I am almost afraid to watch a video on TMZ.

What was up with that chick coming up behind Lindsay and telling her she can stay sober,
she handled it well, but needs better security.

2524 days ago


It takes a lot of strength to admit to the whole world that you need help controlling yourself. People who go to rehab often end up drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. But at least she's trying to help herself and that's what counts. Some of the mean posters should get off her back. She's still a kid trying to figure out how to run her life.

2524 days ago

just sayin    

She really does look much older than 21. When she and her mom are standing side-by-side, they could almost pass for sisters. Their hair and skin look severely dried out, which adds years. Maybe some dermabrasion and a lot of that dead hair cut off would help them both a little.

For the sake of the public first, and herself second, I do hope she stays off the stuff and out of the bottle.

2524 days ago


I predict she's back on the booze and drugs as we speak.

2524 days ago
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