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Lindsay's New Addictions

10/25/2007 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a couple of new cravings -- but they're a lot healthier than the ones she used to have!

TMZ caught Lindsay at Pitfire Pizza Company in the NoHo (that's North Hollywood for you outside of So. Cal.) yesterday, after a rigorous dance lesson at Millennium Dance Complex. Lindsay puffed away on some cancer sticks while sucking down her iced coffee, not exactly health central -- but it beats cocaine and booze!

As she left, a fan said to her, "You can stay sober, Lindsay." Although she was on her cell phone, LiLo heard the remark, and smiled earnestly and said, "Thank you."


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from what I gather, looks like she's trying to quit smoking now using some mint nicotine thing.

2552 days ago


Wo w I wrote quite a bit but pressed tthe wrong button and it got erased. In a nut shell w/o sounding illeterate:46, female, struggled w/additions-weight/food/alcohol/drugs/shopping...many yrs. Have been sober for almost 3 mos. Not tonight. Too sad and lonely. Mom got cancer 7 yrs ago, Mark left me for sec-NOTHING GOING ON W/THEM-married last summer. W/him 22 yrs of life. He and she are very rich, I am lower mid class-working hard-Mommy died a wk ago Weds. Live right by them and miss her horribly.She fought for 7 yrs for many reasons one being that I dropped out of live when she got sick and mark left. Finally got sober got a job and started living again so the loving God put her out of her misery and took her to be w/him.
To be blunt and forgive me for any offensive remarks ahead of time because I love people and HATE to hurt them, but in light of the gifts God gives us and in light of what truly when u go thru the pain I have and other's worse pain, mean ness is so unnecessary. So why do it? You know who I am talking about, so please respond. And don't forget, out of our mouths can come cursing's and blessings/ So pray before you answer. I have never been on these sites before but having blown my hard work and knowing FIRST HANDwhat she is going through, I HAD to comment. I have children that have been so awesome and I hate that I jeopardizzed this relationship w/them. My daughter will go live w/her dad who dec'd me/us if she knows I drank and besides my loving merciful God-THEY ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN MY LIFE. So why would I risk that? Because like Lindsay, HAVE A POWERFUL, BAFFLING, CONTROLLING DISEASE that is not a sign of weakness, or loservilee, or any adjective you could place on it. It is first and foremost a PHYSIOLOGICAL disease like cancer or diabetes....mixed w/emotional and psychological problems to boot. Do I want this? Do I want to be "normal" like a lot of you people that post? OF COURSEBut for now this is my cross to bear which is heavier than many, but more importantly lighter thanas many as well.

So, I don't want this to be mean. But perhaps I want it to challenge those of you w/whom are judging Lindsay or Brittany or whomever. Please respond to me and withas much love and compassion I would like the opportunity to respond. Most of you do not know how lucky you are to not have addictions. It SUCKS! PS part of this was brouight on by the criticism of her boyfr. Sober people for addicted people is a really way to go. So let us not judge him, but hope and pray that they enter into a healthy-even more healthy than the likes of people lide brangelina.......were unfaithful to their wives. God Bless

2548 days ago

Semper Fi    

Bitch is boozin and druggin right now, she does it where nobody finds out about it. It's in her blood, that's all she knows. Homeboy is gonna keep her down. Fail you worthless no acting bitch.

2547 days ago


Give her a break! She is trying to get sober, If you watch the video clearky she is paranoid about smoking cigarrettes at a non smoking table of people!! Hiding the cigarrette and waving away the second hand smoke!!! Trust me I know! Addictions are additions and you cannot give up everything at once. But still you feel guilty for the smoking thing! Hopefully she will make it she is a good actress!

2545 days ago
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