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Britney Is a Nut ... Muffin, That Is!

10/28/2007 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's hit the big-time now -- Britney has a muffin named after her!
Britney Muffin
The folks over at have introduced the Britney Muffin, aka "The Nutty Drunk." Order up the Britney special and you'll get a dozen gourmet rum nut raisin muffins, and a portion of the profits even go to charity. Bananas!

Top of the muffin to y'all!


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Sounds yummy

2518 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Everyone wants a piece of her ... "a portion" of the profits will go to charity...

2518 days ago

Lenn K.    

Well, what's next a Britney condom, or a Britney sanitary napkin, or Britney's crouchless panties!!!

2518 days ago


I have to say...this is clever. They are NOT going to make millions off of these muffins--trust me.

Every business person worth their salt cashes in on the latest craze--make hay while the sun the old saying goes.

We had a local tire shop that advertised low-carb tires during the low-carb craziness in this country. These muffins are no different.

2518 days ago


2518 days ago


I am no Britney fan, but I hope she sues them. Its not clever, its corny.

2518 days ago


And, TMZ finds this newsworthy even though Spears has obviously passed a month's worth of court-ordered tests for the use of controlled substances and alcohol? Yellow journalism anyone? Take your pick any or all: scandal-mongering, sensationalism, unethical and unprofessional. When it comes to Spears, TMZ luxuriates in taking superficial or biased opinion and presenting it as objective fact.

2518 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

To Wendy #9: All of the above! You go girl! tmz is the bigges bloodsucker around (well, klouse shares that title).

2518 days ago

Get a Clue    

Hey Wendy and Sunshine, why don't you wander over to x17online instead of loitering here.

That site will be more to your liking.

That site is chock full of Unfitney enablers who blindly worship her and make excuses for her bizzarre behavior. You two losers will fit right in.

Buy-bye morons.

2518 days ago


Worshipping losers? Hardly that. I think the family court made some good decisions and have motivated better conduct on the part of both parents. Cruelty and vicious slander does not need to be part of TMZ's reporting and that's all I was talking about. The family court instructed both parents not to speak badly of each other in front of the chldren. Surely if we agree they should be held to that standard, we could try to be a little more well-mannered in how we express ourselves.

2518 days ago

pink lady    

this girl needs help not a muffan named after her.....she does stupid things to get attention because thats all she knows because she is no longer on top and it will be a while before she ever is again.....she hasent had any real guidance in her life either, from any family members or else she would be more responsiable with her childrens lifes.....

2518 days ago


Check out the website of Their muffin promotion is a little bit different than the picture and text TMZ has put up. Notice the credit under the picture says it's a TMZ composite, their language for we took someone else's stuff, changed it up to suit our purposes, but want you to think this is exactly what we found out there. How many other pictures and facts has TMZ changed to suit its biases and slanted reporting?

2518 days ago


I love it!!! She loves the press and hunts paparazzi down....if she sues they will only get more press...what a genius idea 1800muffins....never heard of them but they will get my order just to try them out.

2518 days ago


Give the girl a break! She has major problems and I don't think naming a muffin after her is going to give her any relief from the media. She needs to be left alone so she can get the help she needs!

2518 days ago


Is this a way for a failing muffin business to sell a few artificial flavored fatty muffins?

I think so.... very the expense of Britney

2518 days ago
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