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Wu Tang Manager Bitter at Butter

10/30/2007 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cathy Jones rained hellfire outside NY club Butter last night, after she couldn't get in -- blaming the club with "racism, sexism and chronologicalism." Pretty sure that last one isn't even a real word.

Jones, the Executive VP of something called Urban Communications and former Wu-Tang Clan manager, went on a rage-filled rant to TMZ's camera, finger-waving and yelling at the camera, "I want to move with the Nation of Islam to revoke the liquor license and shut the club down ... I know they got young white bitches in here with fake IDs."

Also left out in the cold was singer Alyson Williams, spotted talking to Butter regular Sean 'Diddy' Combs before he took off for the night. They should have had him leave their names at the door!


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well, (clars throat)...i believe that the 'underage age white girls' commnt stems from her partnership attempting to scam accused (GUILTY!!!) fashion designer anjand left an imprint on her...

also, she knows what she is doing i guess she is TRYING to become famous herself DUH!!!

gulping down my cervaza a month or two after i misseed this story!!!

2433 days ago


White people GET OVER IT! You do not need any representation you are WHITE AND PREVILIGED (read the book)! Please stop the reiteration of stating African-Americans should stop complaining. Since, we still are only considered 1/3 of a person after the civil war. Emmett Till’s murderer was brought to justice less than five years ago, and the KKK is still not considered a terriost group and is still allowed to burn a cross on our front lawns. Also Jews were persecuted for 2,000 years not 1,000. Furthermore, white students can hang a noose from a tree and considerate it a joke in 2007 and not be reprimanded. Was Jones wrong? Yes. Should she apologize? Yes. But remember Don Imus sued the network and has another show. African-Americans have taken every hateful injustice thrown at us in this country and dealt with it. Nevertheless, we are growing tired and we had stopped fighting but now we realize we must continue to fight because equality has not been reached. We are still treated unfairly in a country we contributed vast cultural and economic resources to. Barely are we thanked for our contributions to this country. With mockery we are given apologizes for the slavery that transpired and the millions of our ancestors who were maliciously killed. Moreover, at least Cathy Jones had the bravado to state her name when making racist comments unlike some of you black and white who have posted racist remarks on this website. I will digress after this last comment. We as human beings should be offended that a PERSON whether it be Don Imus, Mel Gibson, or Cathy Jones would make such brash and hateful remarks about another GROUP or PERSON.

2468 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda......Islam ,Schmizzlam.....You had attitude, and you are BLACK! ha ha ha ha ha ha Go away! Quit your whinning........

2494 days ago

John Tate    

So, it's fine for her to make racist statements while accusing somebody else of being racists?

2494 days ago

U Know    

She is just mad cuz she to old to do anything! She need someone to blow the dust between her legs!! Hater Bitch! Black people use fake ID's too!

2494 days ago


what a stupid woman. i have no respect for people like this. so that 'white bitch' remark wasn't racist? why is it that EVERY race can be racist EXPECT black people? oh oops, that's right, black people are racist too, they just dont want to admit it. her ugly ass wouldnt get into any club i owed, not with that attitude of hers

2494 days ago


The Nation of Islam is going to be real angry she could not get in for a few drinks and some dancing huh. Go for it race baiter.
Seems she is more pissed white "bitches" were in there period.

2494 days ago


I have never heard of this lady before but I totally agree with her. These clubs discriminate against people and treat them like garbage. You can't run a business in the state of New York or the United States of America and refuse to serve people based on their race, sex or age. I am sure that some faux-french illegal alien who doesn't like girls was rude to these ladies and refused them service. I hope she sues.

2494 days ago


now whos the racist- you hater beotch- go home - your old....

2494 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Um, racist remark...outrage, denounce, blah blah blah. Call a white minister to call her out.

2494 days ago


I don't agree with the first few posts on here. However, I also don't agree with accusing someone of racism and then resorting to using it yourself. That makes no sense. What do white girls have to do with the fact that she's old and can't get in? How about underage girls... race needs to be singled out.

2494 days ago


The club IS GULITY of age-ism and ugly-ism but NOT racism! LOL I've been to the club before and it is always filled with black models, black entertainers and black business folks. Its very exclusive and like most NYC hotspots you have to be one of the 'pretty people' in order to get in- they obviously did not think she 'fit" the club

2494 days ago

death on a cracker    

isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black..or white.. or something?
its not right whatever it is.

this bytch be ignut!

2494 days ago


playing the race card just becuase you cant get into a sad club? Come on! Also, dont say racist things when you are accusing someone else of being a racist! Wait - I forgot black folks cant be racists - never mind........

2494 days ago

death on a cracker    

The Islam dudes are probably in the club with the young White girls.
you know thats right honey child... mmmhmmmm

2494 days ago
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