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Recovering Hanson Brother Walks It Off

10/31/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Those Hanson boys are such do-gooders! They were in the Thirty Mile Zone today on a very special mission -- to fight poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa. They are walking a mile -- in West Hollywood -- to help raise awareness, which will then be followed by a performance.

Eldest brother Isaac showed high spirits when asked about his recent pulmonary embolism. He ecstatically proclaimed that he's "feeling really, really good." You can't keep a good boy down!


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I took the walk with Hanson in Tulsa! For the peeps that don't know.... Hanson is working with TOMS shoes. For every pair they sell at their shows, or walks one pair is given to a child in need, IN Africa. Who says you have to be in Africa to make a diffrence?? They are at 50,000 pairs. They are helping out the masses, keep it up guys!!

2541 days ago


hanson is not walking to find a cure for AIDS. they are walking to help raise awarness about AIDS in africa. last year they went with a team to africa and were so inspired by the trip they put out the song "great divide" on iTunes to raise money for a hospital there- all proceeds went to that hospital.
they are actually, within the next few days, going back to africa to help TOMSSHOES ( make a 'shoe drop. along this whole tour TOMSSHOES has been along with them, selling over 50,000 shoes. now, 50,000 people in africa will be receiving shoes, that didn't have them before.

if hanson was trying to pull a publicity stunt, like paris hilton, they wouldn't be risking there own well being to do so, by going to africa, or walking with people they don't even know in a city they dont know. they would buy themselves a nice electric car or something if that was what they were going for.

I TOOK THE WALK -11/11/07

2540 days ago


They are trying to walk the ghay off themselves?

2556 days ago


They look great!

2556 days ago

Lenn K.    

Why do celebs not walk for cancer or some other disease that we haven't cure or know about. We all know what causes AIDS and how not to get it!!

2556 days ago


Pfffffffftt, why dont they actually go to africa and do something. Publicity stunt and attention horin at its best, whata bunch of lamers.

2556 days ago

Internet Website Designs    

who cares about the mmmbop brothers?

2556 days ago


Wow. Comments so far have reached a new level of dumb. We all know what causes AIDS and how to avoid it? Try tell explaining that one to the children born with AIDS in Africa, smartass. Hanson have gone to Africa once already, shot a video there, and are going again this month. A five second Google search could have kept that poster from looking like an idiot.

2556 days ago


Hanson does this in ever city they go to. This is nothing new. The fans always walk with them before shows. We did it when they where in Tennessee not to long ago. Hanson does a lot of good work and are very nice guys.

2556 days ago


Which one of these brothers is the one Bruce Willis bought all the presents for? Didn't that come out in Bruce's divorce or something? Creepy Daddy...makes his acceptance of Demi and Ashton more understandable...

2556 days ago


Actually #4, they are raising awareness for poverty and AIDS prevention in Africa, where there isn't a lot to prevent it and the education of AIDS is a lot less than it is here is the US. They are partnered with a company called TOMS shoes that is donating a pair of shoes to a child in Africa for every pair that is bought. Hanson themselves are going to Africa in Nov/Dec to deliver the shoes themselves. They have themselves walked a minimum of 1 mile in every city that they have played in so far, a total of almost 30 miles, all barefoot. Their stance is that we can all do something, and CHOOSE what is important to you, JUST DO IT!! Don't talk about it, don't think about, just DO. FInd a way to make an impact and perform. Thank you TMZ for doing a positive article on these guys. I had a discussion with Taylor just Saturday about all of this and they are very passionate about it. Better than Paris Hilton's fake ass "charity work".

2556 days ago


Hanson's great!

2556 days ago


Excuse me, but DON'T WE HAVE poverty, hiv/aids in our own country. Why can't these people do for our own people. That is problem with our society today. "Let's help other countries and hell with our own".

2556 days ago


Taylor still has such a lovely face!

2556 days ago


To the people with negative comments, go jump off a cliff. For the rest of you, Hanson is doing an amazing thing. They are amazing guys, who want to make a difference, not just transform themselves into what a record label says so they can sell a few records. Go Hanson!!! Also, thanks TMZ for some actual good news... instead of the usual Britney is getting gas & coffee! ha!

-Walked with Hanson 10/21 Orlando, Florida

2556 days ago
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