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Cheerleader in Dolphin Crusade

11/1/2007 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hayden Panettiere is truly a maritime hero! She was recently seen in Japan, on a mission to save dolphins from slaughter by local fishermen -- an estimated 23,000 dolphins are killed every year.

Hayden and a few other surfers from the US and Australia went into the waters off Japan in an effort to drive the dolphins away from a hidden cove where the killings are carried out in secret. Angry fisherman used propellers of boats to scare surfers away, and even used a hook to intimidate the activists. After an intense struggle, surfers from the Save the Whales Again Campaign had to give up -- forced to leave the water due to the extremely dangerous situation.

After the frustrating attempt to save the mammals, an emotional Hayden said that when she was in the water, she saw a baby dolphin sticking his head out, literally "sky hopping." Hayden said, "The thought that the baby is no longer with us is very difficult."


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Darren Anderson    

this is terrible, what kind of campaign or international legistation can be made ???

2479 days ago


I think what Japans citizens are doing is an atrocitiy to the marine life. Cudos to Hayden and all the other people who can afford to travel to these places and publicly demonstrate. I know if I had the finances I would personally be there my self.

2479 days ago


you people are retarded freaks!!! i hope she goes to jail and those japs lash her.

2479 days ago


I think it's so ridiculous how many people are coming on here in defense of the dolphins, only to denigrate an entire country and race of people for the sins of a few. Way to go, dumb asses. I don't think killing those dolphins is right either, but is it right to refer to people as "those damn japs" and say that we should drop a bomb on them. That's the awesome thing about America. Racial tolerance. Riiiiiiiiiight. It's a miracle that anyone besides white people have survived thus far in this country.

2479 days ago


Lets be real about this. We kill all types of wild animals in the us. From deer to elk. And we do it for the sport of it. So we can hang the head over are fire place. This is what the do in Japan. We would have the ass if anybody that was not from the U.S and told us to stop doing the things we do. We are from a country that kill animals just to make a coat. And we wear more blood Diamonds than any other country. I love the being from the U.S and will never leave for any where else. But we should not throw rocks when we live in a glass house

2479 days ago


This is so awful. How can we as a society let this happen? This is probably going on all over the world. Why does the government allow this to happen? Guess everyone has their price...

2479 days ago


Isn't globalization wonderful? If you had lived anywhere outside the US for the past 15 years you would know this protest has been going on for a long time! It's just a shame nobody notices until a celeb takes up the cause! And, did you start to watch the video because you like dolphins ... or because you just wanted to see more of Hayden?

And for those that think other mammals (or any other animal for that matter) lack intelligence, you just haven't spent enough time around them. Even chickens have personalities ... and cattle have beautiful big purple eyes! Personally, though I don't like the way the Japanese kill the dolphin, I think the way our "domesticated" animals are treated is just as cruel. Have you ever been to a pig farm? Or seen where battery hens produce eggs? Dolphin may suffer for a few minutes, but these animals suffer all their life!

Is deer hunting really necessary? If we hadn't killed off their predators their numbers would control themselves. And if you think the deer don't suffer ... ever heard of a hunter tracking a wounded deer for hours? One that has been "gut shot" .... running along with its intestines hanging out and being stepped on! Hunting is not humane ... whether it's deer or dolphin.

Dolphin are part of an ecosystem ... but so are we! Their fate is our fate. Not all dolphin are endangered ... but if they were it could just as well be because we have harvested much of their food with our commercial fisheries. Or, all our ocean traffic (shipping oil, cars, etc) disrupting their migration routes. The picture is much bigger than your line of thinking at this stage.

But, it's good that you have at least started thinking .... learn as much as you can. Remember, though, America and Americans are the biggest abusers of the earth's resources in the world. Let's not try to make the whole world just like us!

Just because dolphins are "cute" doesn't make them any more important than any other species.

Think globally .... act locally. Make a commitment. Embrace cultural differences ... you just might learn something!

PS. There were 5 other people along with Hayden in this protest. You all seem to think Hayden was the leader ... and some of you think she was the only person there! All those involved were just as committed and important.

2478 days ago


dolphins are cute and what those fishermen do is cruel. however its ridiculous to stereotype it for the whole race. its sad to see comments like "damn japs" and "stop buying japanese cars". racists!

2478 days ago


way 2 go Hayden **** Cruelty to animal charges should be given to the dam JAPS.>>>>> I adopt a dolphin every yr.

2431 days ago


It's not really about whether they're cute or not.
Dolphin's are intelligent, social beings.
I suppose it would be similar in comparison to an isolated pocket of Neanderthal survived somewhere on an oceanic island, and a nation decided that they weren't human, therefore fit to be treated in this fashion.
Heck, we don't even really know how intelligent dolphin actually are.

Within the Japanese culture the things shown in this video are not illegal.
Something that they would have to be reasoned with to stop.
Changing livelihoods and cultures are not easy things.

And yes, as #98 pointed out.
Most civi- I mean soci- I mean edu- .....
....Nations. Know that this has been going on for a long time and it's a bad thing.
I'm not sure why it's only /just/ dawned on the american public.

2425 days ago

konstantin schönros    

Thank You, for making the greatest of ALL jobs!
I got mad the day before,(-unfortunatelly I lost their address,-),when a goup of wackoos(CHCKEN-BRAVE-Psychoes) had send to me & some other people a barbaric logotype,with the pikture of a dolphin & text under it: Kill me! I would like to say to these cowers, hhat they should wish rather to confront a truck than meeting me!!
ALL & most of my art is living, because of the most beautiful, innocent & inteligent animal(much better than most of the "humans".Since the ancient times Dolphins was the most respected & holy IMAGE in the Hellenic civilization!
At my "Interiorigin", (under my facebook:", you can see DOLPHINS in:Mosaic,Painted & silk-screen.
Have a nice day & more courage!

2445 days ago


Good for her.. That is so awful killing Dolphins.

2493 days ago


this just makes hayden even more beautiful as a person

2493 days ago


I saw this on news today

2493 days ago


I had no idea that this was going on. Good for her and her friends. Hopefully this will spark more interest in her cause and more people will join in.

2493 days ago
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