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Imus: Tan, Rested and Returning to Radio

11/1/2007 5:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shock jock Don Imus is set to make his radio comeback December 3 on New York's WABC-AM, just nine months after his career seemed to be in the toilet, after making racist and sexist comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

The announcement was made today by WABC president Steve Borneman who said, "We are ecstatic to bring Don Imus back to morning radio. Don's unique brand of humor, knowledge of the issues and ability to attract big-name guests is unparalleled. He is rested, fired up and ready to do great radio."

Can't wait.


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White Pam in Tennessee    

PLEASE! I am begging you! STOP showing this gross tongue picture! Ick! I can't stand it anymore!!! Well, since the first time I saw it I couldn't stand it!

2515 days ago


hey #50 , why are you and your counterparts complaining about GROWN MEN that blow the whistle on wrongdoers? they are not the problem! When you have "public figures" that uses their power to spread bigotry to the masses,it's a problem. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are stauch crusaders against anything wrong whether you are black or white. Why should they apoligize to " The duke lacrosse players" rev. Al and Jessie didn't use racial slurs, they went to "support" a women was that was "supposedly" raped,but , the media chose to discredit the "victim" and the prosecuter, who was evidently disbarred, instead of trying to find out if "anything" "happended". How could some people perpetuate images buy "entertainers"into reality, it's simple , put it on TV. When people hear or read about the negative and ignore the positive,it tends to undermine the hard work a lot of people have sacrificed. Let's not get on the subject of "rappers"..They are the voice of a generation that's tried and tried to get the poor people's point of view out to the world ,and it's working. Some people tend to thrive on what being "said" and some people don't. But, if REV.AL AND Jessie wants to protest because some white man has made a offensive comment, REMEMBER this! You can't group everybody as the same person because they are the same color, IF THAT WAS THE CASE , ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST BECAUSE THEY DEFEND PEOPLE LIKE IMUS AND "DOG", because REV.AL andJESSIE are fighting for the same thing, A RIGHT TO BE HEARD.

2515 days ago

Ruby Boop    

pay wont be the same ha ha ha

2515 days ago


He's great ... How can I hear him? I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and So California...would I be able to hear him from where I am? I THINK IMUS IS GREAT .. GREAT TO THE BLACKS AND WHITES AND EVERYONE IN BETWEEN. He meant nothing mean by what he said,it was his humor, far less rank and uneducated than Howard Stern that started the garbagetalk, that CBS radio and NBC TV paid him to do. AND YOU MORONS WHO SAY HE'S A HAS BEEN WHEN HE STILL IS THE BEST, NEVER HAVE BEEN OR WILL BE ANYTHING BUT SITTING AT THE COMPUTER IDIOTS !!

2515 days ago


all white people , 69 year old jimmy kimmel.

2515 days ago


Good to see Don Imus back on the job. Give em hell Don!! I cant wait for the new show!!

2515 days ago


man he's hard to look at!!!!!

2515 days ago


Over this guy already. Never heard of the freaking guy until he was busted for his racist comments.

2515 days ago


It was a bad joke. Imus may be a racist but he sealed his own coffin by talking to sharpton. Within the black community, being called nappy headed is an insult. I don't get how that translates to racism if it comes from a white guy. It was in poor taste but wtf, who ever said imus was tasteful. he may be a racist but let's not hang a guy for using black vernacular.

2515 days ago


OhReally, Turn the dial and move on!

2515 days ago


Imus is absolutely the best interviewer on radio or TV. The election is getting ready to be a whole lot more interesting.


2515 days ago

Bob Barnett    

Imus is a hack who's voice is nothing but mumbles. His ratings sucked when he left.
Exactly who missed this assclown?

2515 days ago


Outstanding news.

2515 days ago


Imus has a great face for radio.

2515 days ago


When young white men get older, their going to look IMUSK when they get old.

2515 days ago
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