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Dog Leashed -- A&E Pulls "Bounty Hunter"

11/2/2007 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things keep getting worse for America's favorite bounty hunter, just days after a taped hate-filled tirade was released.

A&E has now pulled "Dog the Bounty Hunter" from the air indefinitely. "In evaluating the circumstances of the last few days, A&E has decided to take `Dog The Bounty Hunter' off the network's schedule for the foreseeable future," the network said in a statement Friday. "We hope that Mr. Chapman continues the healing process that he has begun."

Officials for the network said the series, one of the network's top-rated programs, has not been canceled. Yet.


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I don't care what he called who. The guy's a low life idiot. A&E is just as bad for airing such crap.

2545 days ago

Britney Supporter    

That wasn't a very good business move...duh yank the #1 show in your network....hmmmm Ding Dang! I won't be watching A & E anymore, but i will watch the network that picks up The Dog Bounty Hunter! So long A & E, start filing your bankruptcy papers! LOL

2545 days ago


He didn't say anything wrong

2545 days ago

NorCal Blonde    

If Imus is making a comeback, so will The Dog.

2545 days ago


The best comment yet - # 53.

2545 days ago


The dog is a good man and this was a private conversation with his son. Tucker you are an ass. I won't be watching A&E anymore.

2545 days ago


yall should be proud of his son for exsposing his ass, i hope his get his ass kicked in the streets.

2545 days ago


This was private conversation over the phone, his son sold it to the Enquirer (what a punk) but the fact that it was a PRIVATE conversation should mean something, no...he shouldn't have used those words but it was a PRIVATE conversation, how many of us have been in a PRIVATE conversation and said something out of anger. Show of hands please!!!

2545 days ago


First of all #40...if that is how you and your neighborhood friends said the so call "nursery rhyme" than YES you where all taught a racist rhyme! It was suppose to be....eenie meenie minee mo catch a TIGER by it's toe! Although...your PARENTS knew the origins of that rhyme...which was "N***** was changed for the sake of the children....obviously and sadly you weren't taught THAT version!!!

Secondly I don't think that Dog's show should be cancelled....but if his rant had nothing to do with her color....why didn't he just say "I don't like you being with that GIRL" or any other form of words pertaining to her being a FEMALE.....rather than calling her a N****...... which had nothing to do with her "CHARACTER as he was obviously meant to be hurtful to his son! It was wrong of his son to turn that private conversation over to the media...but it was done and DOG needs to search his soul...which is what I believe he is doing!

I also agree that Black people NEED TO STOP using that word as well....we can't have it both ways!!

2545 days ago


Who cares if he said was a private conversation with his son and oh waa waa waa his son didnt like what was being said so he sold him out for money. how stupid! So nowadays your not supposed to be able to say things to your kids without having it publicized? that is ridiculous! GO shouldnt have to apologize to anyone! Its not like they dont talk crap about white people!!

2545 days ago

Miss-Kitty's Momma    

Come on A & E----------"get it together"----------so "Dog" made a mistake by something
he said---------BIG DANG HAIRY DEAL!!!!!! Get over it already, FORGIVE & FORGET!!!
How would YOU like it if YOU said something in the privacy of YOUR OWN HOME, &
someone in YOUR family leaked it to the news service & decided to FIRE you from A & E? THAT would be like YOU pulling "DOG" from your regular scheduled T.V. shows!!!
I think you are NOT being FAIR to "DOG" at all!!!! You are treating him like some
filthy cur dog, & THAT'S NOT RIGHT!!!!! I, and a gazillion OTHER PEOPLE loves watching
You AREN'T doing RIGHT by "DOG" & you deffinitely AREN'T being FAIR either!!!!
"ROCK ON, DOG!!!!!"..........

2545 days ago


And just what network would sign him now that A&E is on the verge of
dropping him? The networks are struggling as it is to keep viewers
interested given the number of shows continually being cancelled. I
doubt any network is going to touch him right now. He may end up back on the air but it won't be until he's apologized enough and shown
people just how truly sorry he is. That is if he's truly sorry for
what he said. I think he's more sorry for being caught than he is for
using the N-word. As much as I hate what he said I also hate the fact
his son is the one who betrayed him. What kind of son sells a tape of
his father using the N-word just to make a buck? He's not only hurt
his father's livelihood but also the livelihood of the other people
who work on the show. And I'm not just talking about the people from
Dog's agency. What about the cameramen, writers, assistants
producers, director, etc.? What are they going to do now for work?
Who's going to pay their bills? Dog was wrong but his son was too.
This was a private family matter that should have been handled
between them. Not played out in public for all the world to know
about. He may have ruined his father and destroyed their relationship
and for what? Money? How truly sad for everyone involved.

2545 days ago



2545 days ago


i think that a&e was right in pulling the show for however long they see fit

2545 days ago


I like the Dog and Beth, I wish them well during this rough time. If I were to say the *N word it would be a racist word but for The Dog, being in prison years ago, that word is used daily. He is around that type of people whom use the *N without thinking of it as offendsive. It's in their language - I can understand what the Dog was saying to his son. He was saying "we use this word in a racist way most people would take it" As I'm writing this, I'm not sure if I'm getting my thoughts acrossed but having to deal with the criminal population on a daily basis and hearing the *N word used by these lowlifes I understand what the Dog was saying.
Until the black population agree to NOT use the word, it will be used. The Rev. Sharpton must take a stand that this word must not be used by all people.

- Whats good for the goose is good for the gander!

2545 days ago
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