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Seinfeld to King: "Do You Know Who I Am?"

11/3/2007 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's hard to tell when comedian Jerry Seinfeld is joking and when he's serious, but he looked a bit perturbed when Larry King mixed up his details about Jerry's classic show. What's the deal with that?

On Thursday's "Larry King Live," the King asked Jerry if "Seinfeld" was canceled back in the day, and Jerry seemed genuinely shocked that Larry (his "Bee Movie" co-star) didn't know. "You think I got canceled?" Jerry shot back. "=I was the number one show on television=, Larry ... 75 million viewers in the last episode." Clearly, Larry is not master of his domain.

As Larry played it off and went to commercial, Jerry threw in one last zinger: "Can we get a resume in here for me for Larry to go over?" Zing!


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Just knowing this old man is humping that young chippy is enough to make me sick. I remember my grandfathers wrinkly skin before he died at Larry's age. When I'd see it I felt sorry for him because he aged as naturally as possible. Well Larry is doing the same thing but he has that young thang hopping on top of him at times. She must be sick or hard up. He's a hunched over midget with money.

2547 days ago

Stone Cold    

Sounds like Larry needs those arteries in his neck that carry blood to the brain cleaned out again.

2547 days ago


Keep your shirt on Seinfeld! Larry can make an honest mistake. Not everyone in the entire U.S. watched the show even though it was great. :)

2547 days ago


#1 dude who cares. you are the coolest ever !!!!

i like King but that was a serious dumb question on his part. and i didn't watch the show that much.

2547 days ago

Funny Answers    

I think Jerry needs to get his ego in check. Not everyone, especially educated people who are doing their own shows watched Seinfeld. I did not like it, nor do I like him, but that's okay. Many people liked him, he got rich, married a woman who was on her honeymoon when they met, and seems to be happy. Not everyone knows Jerry or Larry. Probably most who watch Larry don't watch Jerry. Egos in check boy, ego in check.

2547 days ago

TJ hooker    

For the last 20 years when Seinfeld appears on Larry King's show, they jab each other. It's a bit. Comedy. They are friends. People need to watch more TV.

2547 days ago

Dawn Daveport    

Jerry is an ass. He and that bitch wife of his need to be bitch slapped.

2547 days ago

s c o r n    

Larry King has been on auto pilot for years now. The simple fact is he is too old to do this anymore. His mind has slowed, and he doesn't have the sharp focus needed for this kind of gig.

Larry King called Ringo Starr 'George' a few months back, and Paul McCartney had to remind him, no this is Ringo.

Just retire, Larry.

2547 days ago


Jerry you are acting like a meshuggeneh! I love you, but you don't have to jump on Larry like that.

2547 days ago


When a show goes off the air most people think it was cancelled. I was not a fan of the show then. So as I can see I was not alone

2547 days ago

Dawn Daveport    

He is a total cu@t!

2547 days ago


Larry King never prepares for interviews. He always sounds like an idiot.

2547 days ago


larry king has stated that he does absolutely no research before any interview. he wants the interview to be "spontaneous". so you may think he is just playing dumb but he really is just ignorant- on purpose! I saw the interview- that part anyway, and its just like most of the others- a lowest common denominator Q&A- and do you think he "remembers" the seinfeld show? he doesn't remember what he had for dinner last night- HE IS AS OLD AS DIRT. i know i'm not hurting his feelings because he doesn't own a computer and never has. i wonder if CNN is hoping he will kick the bucket on the air- for ratings of course- because he is the epytomy of SOFTBALL interviewers. did you see paris hilton's chat with larry? he asked her if she does drugs and she said no- there was no follow up to that question, no defining drugs or drug use. he is just a publicity platform, like a store's front window.

2547 days ago

He's Boring now    

They're both a couple of has beens. Its common knowledge King does do homework or prep work before his interviews---claims it keeps him openminded. Uh, the real reason is he is having trouble keeping up with that young wife he promised a singing career to and the young boys they now have that could qualify as great grandchildren for him.

Jerrys coming out act is wearing thin on most. The cookbook rip off and Imelda Marcos shoe gifting to Oprah his wife pulled is shameful. Than Jerry's hateful comments about the real author on Letterman shows how shallow that Hermit really is.

The Bee Movie Publicity and overkill shows how Hollywood Insiders take care of one another. I hope the thing bombs.

Larry and Jerry---made for one another.

2547 days ago


Seinfeld needs to be careful about those zingers. King was getting repect when Seinfeld was in diapers

2547 days ago
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