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Brit Ditches Kids to Get Lit

11/5/2007 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How does Britney Spears spend her court-approved time with her kids? By chandelier shopping, y'all! Them things is sparkly! Looky them little ding-dangly rainbows all over there!

TMZ caught the popwreck going to Crystal Place in the Valley yesterday, leaving her two kids in her car with the court-required monitor while she shopped for lighting. Hmm... part-time babysitter probably isn't part of the woman's job.

Cameras swarmed Brit as she made her way into the store, and she seemed fed up with some of the attention on her way out -- yelling at one photog for getting too close to her car. Wouldn't want another dent on that thing!


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it is unbelievable what a nitwit this girl is... LEAVING HER KIDS IN THE CAR WITH THE MONITOR...????!!?!?! When she has so much to lose? Idiot. Unfit mother. No doubt about it.

2489 days ago

Lenn K.    

It's always about herself and never about her kids. Just say you don't want them!!

2489 days ago


Mother of the year! Hope you're saving up for the boys' therapy.

2489 days ago


You know, there is some islamic extremist in a cave somewhere in Pakastain plotting a campaign against us becuase of our good ol' Ameircan Pop Culture at it's finest. Thanks Britney!

2489 days ago


she is an idiot. how much more proof do people need that she simply does not care about her kids? those kids are better off with kevin at this point. bottom line is that even if that lady is the monitor and court appointed she is still a STRANGER. ANY good mother would NOT leave her kids alone with a stranger like that. but of course, she is not a mother. she just gave her birth to them. giving birth does not make you a mother per se.

2489 days ago


Her stupidity is just astounding. She gets what 20 hrs a week with her kids and she dumps them on the court monitor to go shopping. Boggles the mind. I'm sure the judge will be real impresssed.

2489 days ago

What's Up With That?    

A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. But, in her case, insanity is too flattering a word; substitute it for SELFISH or STUPID or....too many apply; those poor kids.

2489 days ago


This girl does not even need to be with her children at all! I refrained from that opinion until this story. I know that if I only had limited visitation with my children NOTHING, no matter how sparkly, would distract me! She has obviously had some real meltdown that is just getting worse and worse. I believe that if she does not wake up and realize she needs help she will not be around in five to ten least not without a prison uniform!

2489 days ago


That's it. I used to love coming to this site, but I am so bored by all of the lame Britney Spears stories. has become Thanks, but not thanks.

2489 days ago



2489 days ago


Is she ever goning to learn? Can you imagine the stories these kids will have to tell when they get older??? Some people seem to never get how important kids are and that they should come first in your life......She has never taken her role as a mother serious and do not feel she ever will....

2489 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Stupid IS as STUPID does...............
Britney YOU are TOTALLY STUPID and CLUELESS.........
Hope the court appointed monitor has enough lead in her pencil! Write it down, write ALL down! Britney NOTHING, ABSOLUTLY NOTHING, will get through that enbrd head of yours. Take them away................NOW! I believe that is what she wants. Quoting here; Those are really cute mistakes............You need to be spayed like a dog!

2489 days ago


*sigh* She needs to spend some quality time with her boys. Putting them in a car, driving around, shopping and subjecting them to the paparazzi crush/madness wouldn't seem to be a good decision.

2489 days ago


Who's more pathetic the papz or you morons? I'm sure the monitor told Britney not to take the kids out of the car with all those violent jerks.

2489 days ago


so whre are all the Twitney supporters at? Tell me how you can defend this loser?

2489 days ago
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