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God Save the Bling

11/7/2007 1:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Move over, amateur rappers and poser hip hoppers -- you've got nothin' on Her Majesty! Ka-bling!
Queen Elizabeth II
The most fabulous of all queens trotted out some of her best bling for the opening of Parliament yesterday. The Crown Jewels, which are kept in the Tower of London, are only shlepped out for major events. Her Madge also has the largest private collection in the world; although there's no complete list of all the baubles -- it includes 14 tiaras, 98 brooches and 5 hefty pendants -- worth an estimated $750 million. Do say!

Her personal fortune was estimated to be worth $10 billion -- so it would appear that Elizabling is just rockin' a sample of her rocks, bro.


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Lae Lae    

how can any of you comment about the queen when most of you have never been out of the US? the queen doesn't sit idle and collect millions of pounds per year while her subjects 'pull their own teeth.' she and the royal family are the main reason why slack-jaws visit london and contribute money to england's tourism. that money, along with taxes collected, go towards the UK's superior national health system, which covers a vast majority of dental care.

any time those of you who think you have the facts want to leave a comment, why not do a bit of fact checking? this way, you won't sound like such know-it-alls, and your opinion will hold some weight.

2505 days ago


She was reading Snow White to the Parliment members!

2520 days ago

Christy M    

Ummmmm WOW!!!! Damn one of her brooches would slove hunger!!!!

2520 days ago

how dumb    

I'm sorry, but this is really unbelievable. As far as I know, her "royal highness" does absolutely NOTHING ...... she has nothing to do with the government, I never hear her involved in any charity or ANYTHING... how does this woman get to sit there, with her big important CROWN on her head like she's so important... and stash almost a billion dollars in jewelry while so many in the world go hungry???

The royal monarchy is a freaking joke.. I can't believe people HONOR this so-called Queen. Exactly what the hell does she do to benefit ANYONE???

2520 days ago


By wow, she earns $30 mill a year to yes, do nothing. I bust my butt at work and don't make $30 grand a year. Guess I was born in the wrong country.

2520 days ago

Brown Suga    

White people stop saying bling bling yall are very late nobody says that anymore

2520 days ago


YES, she has all that bling and money.....yet her subjects pull their own teeth with pliers because they can't afford to see a dentist. Cheerio.....

2520 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

I could get some kicks with that crown.

2520 days ago


Incredibly vulgar. How people sit around when there are so many hungry, homeless, needy children and people in the world defies comprehension.

2520 days ago


I would rather have a fifty foot Queenie.


2520 days ago

Uk Reader    

She does a lot of charity.... and as for the "she does nothing for the Govt" - actually there are processes where the Head of State has to do certain things at certain times.
She also does a very good job of fostering good relations with the Arab states so that the British Armourment companies can sell their goods to them.

Also all that "bling" doesn't belong to her but to the country.

I don't see why anyone pulls their teeth with pliers as - even if you don't have a dentist - there are emergency dental services - because I use them... and a visit cost me £17 ($35?) for a couple of fillings.

Just a though.....

2520 days ago


Diamonds are disgusting. How many people lost their lives or limbs for that gaudy crap? Pathetic.

2520 days ago


anyone know the release date of her rap CD?

2520 days ago


OK from the looks of her frock - it is official - money does not taste buy

God Save the Queen from her haute coutour

2520 days ago

nick hogan is a killer    

queen = useless old bag. she should just do the world a favor, sell of her stuff and give money to all the people the british wronged over the centuries... like blacks for slavery, indians for shooting up their whole country, and many more.

2520 days ago
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