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Too Short

Dog Behaviorist?

11/11/2007 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Too Short is no stranger to foul language -- just check out some of his song titles. So who better to weigh in on Dog Chapman's racial tirade?

TMZ caught up with Short Dog at Social Group's Sutra in the OC, Check out his hilarious rant and see if he blows the whistle and calls a foul on Dog, or if he rises to the Bounty Hunter's defense!


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Anyone defending Dog is ignorant. I'm white BTW and don't condone what Dog's choice of words, however, if you don't think that's everyday for Dog and Beth and are delusional.

What bothered me more than the words was the tone and the hate in those words.

And he's like a dozen people's father? OMG.

2501 days ago


He thought he was cool enough to use that word? His son is a rat for sure. All that aside, Dog is a racist at heart.

2501 days ago


The description clearly said he would deliver a "hilarious rant". It was neither a rant nor hilarious. What a gyp.


2501 days ago

LI Man    

Dog is a jerk who is worried about his status as a t.v. star and not much anything else.

2501 days ago

Insert comical name here    

I'm not sure I got the whole picture of what he was saying, probably due to the edits, but the gist of it seemed pretty right to me. He seemed to have actually thought about it and made his own independent judgemnt, which is always a good thing. I have no idea who this dude is but based just on this snippet I say I like him.

2501 days ago

Lenn K.    

I hear all this about Dog Chapman, but the bottomline is he said they like to use that word. Also, the 30 years of work he cared so much about is very troubling. I know he's trying to work damage control and the world should forgive him, but man he really needs to shutup and just go away for a while!!

2501 days ago


I got what he was saying. Pretty much, he was saying that if Dog would have called him the N-word as a "we're cool" kinda thing, he would not have mind, but the way Dog kept repeating the N-word over and over again in a deroggatory way, Rapper Too Short said that wasn't cool. Regarding Imus, Rapper Too Short said Imus was just joking and it didn't really affect him.

2501 days ago


The Dog is getting to much play. Where's Paris?

2501 days ago


I think this guy pretty much nailed it! We as a society like it or not have become accustom to hearing the word thrown around quite liberally in music, movies and slang. If the word had never become socially acceptable in certain populations, this would be pretty much cut and dry. I do not say the word and I don't condone it in ANY way. However, because it is used as a to speak, there is now a gray area where it has become at times acceptable. No one really has the right to bitch. This has been allowed to happen.

2501 days ago


THEY DON'T NEED I.D. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2501 days ago

Boo Hoo    

IMO. the dog is an opportunist. he will befriend african americans if it is to his benefit. The tape spoke for itself. He didn't want Tucker or any of his kids dating a black person. Dog said on Larry King that he prayed to God for forgiveness for his son for turning on him. I didn't realize it was a crime in God's eyes to expose the truth. Another failed attempt from dog at trying to put blame else where. Yes his son turned on him by exposing his racist behavior, but I don't recall reading in the bible or the ten commandments that "thou shall not expose my father as a racist pig".

2501 days ago


Read your Constitution again, it may be helpful to you some day

AND The Ten Commandments, would be helpful to the rest of us crackers

2501 days ago


Gosh 2 short is so ugly, untalented, and ignorant and I don't want to hear anything he has to say.

2501 days ago


So freedom of speech is protected and allowed then?

2501 days ago

Boo Hoo    

14. Read your Constitution again, it may be helpful to you some day

AND The Ten Commandments, would be helpful to the rest of us crackers

Posted at 12:12PM on Nov 11th 2007 by Proud American

I never said that he did not have the rite to say what he did. I just found it interesting that he said he asked God to forgive his son and that was my rite to say so!!

2501 days ago
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