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Sean Penn's

Hitleresque Bodyguards

11/12/2007 11:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Actorvist/director/former Madonna boytoy Sean Penn had his army working overtime outside of the Kodak Theatre last night -- a group of bodyguards proffering a one-handed salute in an attempt to block Sean's face from photogs.

Almost as bad as the one-fingered salute TMZ got from him last time!


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Enough is Enough    

Like Sean Penn NEEDS a bodyguard ??????? roflmao

2505 days ago


Spicoli,you're an A**hole !!!!!!!!!

2505 days ago


Why does TMZ even bother with this guy??? He is of no interest to me or anyone else, well, maybe himself. Boring as hell.

2505 days ago


Sean Penn is an anti-American piece of garbage. what's with all these actor type people thinking they are somehow on a higher level of thinking than the rest of America? Your an actor moron stick to what you good at.

2505 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Sean Penn is a wonderful actor. He has a wonderful mind, and I'm glad he's chosen to try to use it. 'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.' Sean has chosen to take his head out of the ostrich hole. How do you know that he even agrees with Chavez? I highly doubt he does on many levels, but at least Penn is capable and civil enough to manage to open up a communication and a simple dialogue with the guy to see what he's about and up to, which will do far more to keep Chavez honest or on a proper path than no civil communication and slinging insults back and forth with this leader of a neighbouring oil rich country. You align your goals by working with someone to bring your visions closer together. You don't do that by spouting knee jerk nasty rhetoric back & forth. You have to be the bigger man. Chavez aimed some pointed complaints that may or may not have had some merit at this administration, and rather than communicate effectively and pound out meetings over these years to give Chavez understanding, insight and even empathy, and bring the two nations closer together in vision and purpose, Chavez has been somehow been demonized and moved farther away from working hand in hand with the U.S. towards a higher and better vision and future between the two Americas. Chavez very undiplomatically spouts his stuff, and lacks polish, but at least Penn has the GRACE to sit and have a beer with him even if they disagree on some levels, and at least try to get a feel for this leader to perhaps pave a way for the possibility of some future teamwork to start building bridges rather than blowing them up. After that rant, which I'm sure many of you will disagree with, I actually think Penn was just in town to hit up some funding or incentives that Chavez has going on to bring some movie making industry money to his country to give a little boost to the economy. So my feeling is that Penn is not at all a bad guy. Penn is simply willing to listen to the guy others have turned their backs on in the schoolyard, IMHO.

2505 days ago


Sean has bodyguards???

2505 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

This photo is hilarious, because as he ages, Sean Penn actually looks more and more like Adolf Hitler every day. Doesn't he realize what a horse's ass he is?

2505 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Penn is a smart guy, and if he didn't feel a need for the bodygaurds, he wouldn't have them.
He's always been a guy who does what needs to be done. Intrusion into celebritie's lives sometimes warrants this. Some of you guys would skewer a rare butterfly if it flew across your path.

2505 days ago

Tiger Tale    

He is starting to look like a werewolf! Get the wolfbane...

2505 days ago

5 cent    

Sean visited Chavez and told him what a great guy he is. Then, on Nov 8, his dear friend Hugo asked his security forces to fire into a crowd of college kids demonstrating against Hugo's new policies -- policies that allow him to stay in office for life instead of leaving in 2012.

So, here is my question.

Why doesn't Sean say anything about that? Ok people! You can hate Bush all you want but if he asked people to fire into a croud of kids doing a rally against him, the WORLD WIDE outrage would be unbelievable-- and rightly so. Hating Bush is no reason to back this dicator.

So, where are the Hollywood lefties on this one? Do they still think Chavez is a great guy or what? The next time the Paps run into Sean, plese ask this question for me:

Is it OK to shoot innocent people protesting peacefully because they are concerned their rights being taking away?

A simple YES or NO will do.

I'm still waiting Sean. Sorry but I can't hear you. Can you speak up for the mic?

2505 days ago


While I agree I am no fan of Chavez and have no idea why Sean Penn would support him like he does, I still think he is a great actor. And, he has a right to his opinions. If you don't agree, and choose not to go see his movies, that's your right and choice as well. It's called living in a free country.

2505 days ago

La Mom    

Not sure what the big deal is ... hardly a camera to be had as he goes by, not like the camera fashes are blinding him or anything. He's just not that special to matter but I know he must think he is. Absolute overkill, like yeah, I'm impressed.

Oh, and 21 poster "Glasses", doesn't matter how much you gush you over the guy he's still no gonna sleep with you. But hey, if that's what it takes to get you through the day ...

2505 days ago

castra regina    

Why does this lout always look like he is in a perpetual state of constipation? Bad Life, bad conscious!

2505 days ago


This guy is a jerk. He is one of the people (using this term loosely) in Hollyweird who thinks they are above the rest of us Humans. There is NOTHING intelligent about him and he is a traitor. Too bad behavior like this is accepted as the norm in our country. 50 years ago, he would be in deep doo doo.
I skip all movies that he has anything to do with.
Douche bag....

2505 days ago

Something to think about.    

2505 days ago
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