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Barry Bonds Indicted on Perjury, Obstruction Charges

11/15/2007 7:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A San Francisco grand jury has indicted home run champion Barry Bonds on perjury and obstruction of justice charges. It was only a matter of time ...

The indictment comes after a four-year federal investigation into whether the most suddenly Herculean player in pro baseball lied to the grand jury probing steroid use by professional athletes.

Just three months ago, Bonds surpassed legendary Hank Aaron's home run record, and was then promptly dismissed by the San Francisco Giants.

Bye bye Barry, bye bye.

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JJ NYC    

YES!!!!!!!! As a big baseball fan I am thrilled that this finally has happened. Everyone and their mother knew and knows that Barry Bonds is a cheat. I was angry beyond belief that he surpassed Hank Aaron in baseball home runs. Is it any wonder that the San Francisco Giants DID NOT offer him a contract??? Oh this news just made my day. Hell... it's made my year. Barry Bonds is an arrogant SOB and deserves what he gets. I say strip him of that title of King of the Home Runs. Wait... I have a better idea. Ban Barry Bonds from baseball for life. Period.

2532 days ago


Bye, Bye, Barry... It is about time.
I always knew he was lying.
Lie to the FEDS, you are going away...finally.
Wipe out those "records' NOW,MLB.
Barry Bonds is a LOSER!!!

2532 days ago


I knew it. Not just because I'm a Dodger fan, but because I know cheaters and Barry Bonds is a big cheater just like the entire New England Patriots team. I don't know what's worse, cheaters or fake sports like the NBA / WWF. Barry Bonds you suck!

2532 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

I hope the FEDS fry that egotistical roid poppin fat ass pumpkin headed SOB

2532 days ago


and there was much rejoicing.....(yeaaaaaahhhhhh).

That smug bastard. Can't stand him.

2532 days ago


Who's berry Bonds and what did he do?..

2532 days ago


"most beloved player"? Who the heck are you talking about?

2532 days ago


I knew this Bastard was lying......he's a creep, always has been and now we find out he's a lying jerk to boot. I am from San Francisco and never trusted him at all! Send his ass to jail...take away his homeruns (cause they were done with steroids) and give that honor back to THE MAN AARON, who deserves it. Bye Bye Barry...dont drop the soap...maybe he'll room with OJ.

2532 days ago

Just being Me!    

Damn that Marion Jones... LOL ...I told that B**** to keep her mouth shut.

2532 days ago

George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

This should have been done last year!

2532 days ago


So, isn't Balco the same lab that gave Barry undetectable steroids that he "unknowingly took", the same lab that gave Lance Armstrong his
undetectable steroids? Is this a double standard? Is this disparity? American, what does this mean????!!!!

2532 days ago


Who didn't know he was lying??? He deserves to have his name taken out of the record books.

2532 days ago


cant stand him.has no class.hope he goes down.shame he broke record of such a true hero like hank arron. he broke it by cheating.hope baseball wipes record out.

2532 days ago


is the part about loved a tongue in cheek comment, or do you guys know nothing about sports?

2532 days ago


Krystal, what are you suggesting? That it's only because Barry is black? Give me a friggin' break. Tell you what Krystal... Let me cut off one of Barry's balls so he's the same as Lance and we'll call it even.

2532 days ago
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