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Rosie's Eagle-Eyed View

11/17/2007 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'DonnellIf you have ever wanted to see Rosie O'Donnell attacked by an eagle, instead of clucking hens, this video might be the closest you'll ever get.

Here's another pecker she's not into.


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It was so wrong of YOU to use that last line Harvey. I feel it is gay bashing and just wrong.
Congrats to Rosie for winning the Bloggers Choice Award...her blog is awesome and so is she. I am not gay but love all Rosie does. Money means nothing to her and she spreads it around a lot to our wounded soldiers as well as Kids. I may not agree with all she says but she has sure made me use my head more and not believe everything I see or hear on TV News. Leave the woman alone and let her do her thing.

2494 days ago


I'm wondering why she was not able to rasie her hands/arms to defend her self.
The Eagle should not have been in that situration in the first place, Just set it free.

2494 days ago


I almost spit coffee on my monitor TWICE. Once for the pecker line and again when Harpo accused Harvey of gay bashing. Harvey IS gay, so it's hilarious when some clueless dummy goes overboard in labeling his perceived politics.

Rosie gives plenty of perfectly valid reasons for hating her and she represents nobody other than herself. Was it just me, or did that bald eagle have a combover?

Okay, back to perfecting my new invention. I connected an ipod to a keyboard to stereotype everyone.

2494 days ago


12. " Thanks for sending your viewers over to her sight. Maybe they can learn something."
Posted at 12:54PM on Nov 17th 2007 by Thanks TMZ

Yea thanks TMZ for forcing the link over there!
That was a brilliant display of intelligence.

2494 days ago


Aw, Jeeze. I can't believe the number of people thinking that was a real eagle attacking. It was a scene (with a puppet) for tonight's episode of Nip/Tuck and the punchline from the doctor is telling her that he's going to have to sew her mouth shut.

Too bad they don't really get to do that; it would be a pay per view event!

2494 days ago


Spurs, your caustic comments, coupled with your name, leads one to believe you are a Texas republican. If this is true, then I'm sorry, you've already lost your "morals, self-respect and dignity" all by yourself!

2494 days ago


The sentance "Here's another pecker she's not into"
is not gay bashing, It could be applied to anyone who stuck their face into a wild birds beak.
The gay police are becoming their own worse enemy.
Lets not spin away from the humor and lack of common sense here just because some do not care for it's focus.

2494 days ago


That loud Mouth Pig................If she hadn't had a knife and fork in her hand...That poor Eagle would not have freaked.......Even The American Bald Eagle,Knows That Fat Assed,Loud-Mouth Lez,Is not a True American.............................She is A pig

2493 days ago


Whats IMAO?

2493 days ago


Wow puppykicker, you must be a bitter Republican, I understand. God Bless.

2493 days ago

Julie G.    

Oh, Rosie again! She thinks she is a drama queen. I don't admire her very much. She still has 9/11 conspiracy listed on Rosie's website/blog.

2493 days ago


its good 2 fly
fabio had a goose
i have a eagle

did u know people
eagle is r symbol
y me then

go 2 the light
its yellow now
may b not 4 so long

feed a goat
rock a cradle
wtc7 is poof

see 4 ur self

dintah time

2493 days ago


URP! TMZ - pplllleeezzee do not start her up again -- enough was enough was enough! GAG!

2493 days ago


I would rather see more of the OSMONDS than this slob, and that's saying a lot!

2493 days ago


Caroljane -

She doesn't have a WIFE stupid. Females do not have wives! That's just a female loving the big bucks that go along with being perverted with the slobber mouth pervert! What a price to pay! URP!

2493 days ago
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