Britney's OC Night Out - What You Didn't See

11/19/2007 7:18 PM PST
More potentially damaging images have surfaced from the night when Britney Spears' custody battle took a left turn down S**t's Creek.

Nik Richie at posted these photos of Brit as she appeared in the VIP area at Social Group's Sutra in the OC -- the same night K-Fed's attorneys claim Brit disobeyed a judge's order and drank alcohol within 12 hours of being with her kids.

As TMZ first reported, Spears was poured a Pink Vodka and Red Bull cocktail by one of the club's waitresses and didn't leave the club until after midnight! As you can see in the photos, Spears appears to be having a hell of a good time -- but was it worth it?