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Hospital Chief Calls Quaid Tragedy "Preventable Error"

11/21/2007 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis QuaidAfter staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center accidentally gave Dennis Quaid's newborn twins and several other patients an overdose of the blood thinner heparin, the hospital's Chief Medical Officer, Michael L. Langberg, MD, apologized and issued a statement this evening.

According to Dr. Langberg, the error was "preventable" and involved "a failure to follow our standard policies and procedures." He said "there is no excuse for that to occur at Cedars-Sinai."

As for the twins, the statement did not identify them by name, but did say after giving "two patients" protamine sulfate, they "indicated no adverse effects from the higher concentration of heparin or from the temporary abnormal clotting function. Doctors continue to monitor the patients."

lick here to read Dr. Langberg's complete statement.


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That poor court monitor!    

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA can now officially kiss it's ass GOODBYE.

PRAYERS & LOVE to sweet, innocent, tiny, newborn babies, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, and their parents, Dennis and Kimberly Quaid. May God give you all another chance for love.

Blessings to the Quaid family.

2530 days ago


On average, seven of every 1,000 American babies die before age 1. The USA ranks 29th in the world in infant mortality. Sure the kids are receiving top notch care. We'll be seeing them soon in PEOPLE.

2530 days ago


If I was Mr. Quaid, I'd sue. There is simply NO excuse for this kind of error. This a classic example of why so-called "tort reform" is a sham. Imagine if someone had died from this! The only redress and remedy is to sue the hospital and, by god, I bet they don't make the same STUPID mistake again. An apology? Somebody ought to inject 10,000 units of herapin into that doctor and see how HE likes it. What a bone-head!

2530 days ago


Uh, Harvey? If you earlier in the evening reported that Heparin was given to up to THIRTEEN patients...and then this time, you indicate that it mentions TWO patients, but doesn't specifically name the Quaid twins....gee, isn't it possible that the TWO patients are OTHERS from the "up to thirteen?"

Does anyone actually edit or proofread there at TMZ?

As for the twins, God bless those little angels and keep them safe. And God bless their parents for having this worry that they should have never had to deal with.

2530 days ago


Me- if you really feel it necessary to comment directly to harvey then I suggest you go to the contact link below. Harv's just feeding us he said she said info on this - if you don't like it complain right to the source!

I don't know why peons talk to Harvey on these feeds like he has nothing better to do than read your rants!

2530 days ago


The children are alive and mistakes happen. I doubt he will sue, he is just not like that. The hospital will settle this one OOC.


2530 days ago

just me    

Know what the third leading cause of death is in America? If you guessed heart disease and cancer as the #1 and #2, you are right. But the number of deaths per year caused by medical errors beats out all others for the number #3 leading cause of death. HealthGrades recently reported that their studies between 2003 and 2005 show that more than 247,000 hospital patients died from preventable medical errors. That is an incredible number of deaths when considering the fact that it is more than half of the 420,000 Americans killed in World War II between 1941 and 1945. What does that say about our health care system and hospitals? What it says is that the battles of World War II was more survivable than our hospitals are.

2530 days ago


This is so sad, unfortunately it happens more times than we are aware of. My prayers are with these two little innocents , and the many others going through the same ordeal.

2530 days ago


I worked in a hospital pharmacy for a couple of years and believe it or not this is a very common mistake. I have seen heparin misdoses countless times at just that one hospital and another hospital in town lost three infants due to a heparin misdose. The bottles are very small with tiny printing labeling the dosage amount. The problem happens because of two people failing to double check what the are grabbing, the pharmacy tech who fills the slot in the machine that dispenses the drug to the nurses, and the nurse who actually gets the fill and gives it to the patient. Unfortunately the failure to check is almost always directly related to the hospital being understaffed, making nurses and pharacy staff work extremely long hours and having to run 200 mph from room to room to take care of all of the patients as best as they can. There is obviously no excuse for such a mistake but you would be surprised the amount of major, life threatening mistakes that are made daily and never reported due to hospitals being understaffed to increase their profit margin. Something seriously needs to be done about the healthcare system in this country, private sector and public hospitals both have serious problems that need to be addressed, the amount of mistakes, corruption, kick-backs from drug reps, and price gouging to non-insured patients is why I left the medical field.

2530 days ago


Gross and avoidable errors as usual, this happens way too much in the mediacl profession, call it lack of communication, hospital procedur or whatever, the bottom line Doctors are too overzealous when it comes to prescribing medications, getting to the root causes, treating only the symptoms.
I pray for complete healing, make these twins whole Jesus, you have clearly stated we will have health, be healthy and you will heal when necessary. heal these children Dear Lord, make them whole in Jesus name, by the bllod I declare this done.

2530 days ago

Norris Fisher    

Dennis we are all praying for You and your love ones. I dont know what to say except
this should NOT happen to great guy like Dennis and his wife. Your friends in Texas
NL and JK.

2530 days ago


I agree 5 he (GWB) is the ass of all asses!!!!

2530 days ago

This is so sad.

2530 days ago


It is ridiculous that some people blame everything bad that happens on President Bush. GROW UP IDIOTS!!!!!

2530 days ago


The Same Thing Happened in Indianapolis less than A year ago. Two babies Died because of incompetent`s . It happened at Methodist Hospital because they said that the package`s for adult strength and children strength look alike, they have changed the look`s of the package`s since. I am praying for the family.

2530 days ago
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