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George Clooney In A Rage After Chase

11/20/2007 1:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney: Click to Watch!TMZ obtained video of a seriously ticked off George Clooney going after paparazzi who were chasing him on his motorcycle -- Georgie don't play that!

Clooney, accompanied by girlfriend Sarah Larson, pulled over and lashed out at photogs (not TMZ) he said were cutting off other vehicles to get a good shot of him. George is a little touchy -- and who can blame him? He and Larson were involved in a New Jersey crash in September when they were hit while riding a motorcycle -- leaving George banged up and Sarah with a busted ankle.

Even when he's upset -- he's hot.

Patrick DempseyIt's virtually impossible to catch Patrick Dempsey when he isn't looking his handsome best. But TMZ may have had that rarest of spottings.

Late last night, we caught up with the TV doc, who looked a bit worse for wear during his shill-tour for his new film. As he made his weary way back to his hotel, Patrick demonstrated perfect curbside manners for a couple of fans who had suffered in the cold to see him.

Enchanted, for sure.

Baby's First Reality Check

Trista & Ryan Sutter's baby, Max, is getting a head start on the whole reality craze his parents are famous for -- by having his first Internet video at age 3 months!

Former "Bachelorette" Trista and the incredibly adorable baby boy (not her husband) taped a segment for MomLogic, a new site devoted entirely to moms. Watch the tiny tot steal the spotlight.


No Avatar


This is TO Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tips Off to Cloney! He's the read deal.

2466 days ago


Right on, George! Considering the bad drivers in LA County, you were pretty calm. Every day I damn near get mowed down in the cross walk and see people run stop signs, red lights. etc. More power to you, man!

2466 days ago


I can't STAND George Clooney! He's such an arrogant big mouth. He should be grateful someone even wants a picture of him and his stupid gf. YUK!

2466 days ago


Clooney story---if that was rage take away the crayons from the boys and girls who work at TMZ ---TMZ is apparently the bastard child of the national inquirer-----pisss poor standars

2466 days ago


hate, hate,hate. that is all you losers post. a man almost gets killed twice by the paparazzi and all you guys can do is spew your hate!! george clooney is a wonderful actor. just like princess di was a beautiful ,kind , caring human being, and where is she now? dead. because these pigs just don't know when to quit. yes being a famous person does mean you give up a certain amount of your privacy. it should not mean giving up your life.

2466 days ago


time to open the season on these more than abnoxious photographers , if we as normal citizen were caught by the law enforcement doing 1/4 of what these jerk are doing to get a photo caltrans would need to narrow the road down .So why the double standart by the laws nforcement , they can simply use their own photo against them .
Such as the one when they basically forced Brit to run a red light to get away .
Truth is the DA's and Cop's wife would be mad because they would not get dirt on these peoples . They ask us to slow down for the cone , nothing has ever been said for these photographer . Ladies and Gentlemen the Season is open .........

2466 days ago

Spare me from the reality.    

Go George! Give 'em HELL!! If they had caused a crash, it's not like a little fender-bender in a car. It would mean injuries.

As a fellow motorcycle rider, I would not have been so nice about it. But then that is what the jerks get a reaction that they can sell to the media for us to see just how much of a "bad person" he is for getting mad at nearly being killed by some idiots.

2466 days ago


I know paps need to ge their pics,but lately they have been ureasonably out of control. I love me some good celebrity gossip, just as much as the next person, if not more, but with all the potential accidents that could even turn deadly, i'd rather not have any! Give celebs a break, be4 you kill someone!

2466 days ago


Good for Clooney. Does anyone remember Princess Diana's death, for ONE! Time for something to be done about the pap's, who are NOT legitimate press..they're entertainment media. And cut the cr*p TMZ, like you're so innocent (Clooney didn't yell at us; we didn't do anything's posted on YOUR site. YOU buy the clips. You encourage--or as your lawyer boss would say--conspire and/or aid and abet.

2466 days ago


He looks ridiculous, in that hat.

2466 days ago


Clooney is a no talent whiny as sissy mary !!!!
Little bitch ! He actually thinks he is a somebody and you jerks make him out to be something he is not.
He is a VERY BAD actor.....have you ever noticed EVERY role is played exactly the same way, same tone, same accent.......even I can act better than him !!!!

2466 days ago


It's bad (and dangerous) enough to have these jerks cut you off when you're in a car, but on a bike you're completly exposed. No protection from the road or the other car.

2466 days ago


George is hot to look at to bad theres no one home in that head. his treason makes him a man that should be in jail not making movies or being held up as a idol . yes it was dumb going into iraq but once were there its our job as americians to support our troops so george all i can say is kiss my red white and blue ass

2466 days ago


George is a LOON, and he probadly paid the paparazzi to follow him !!! I cant take him at all. He is a wuss!!!

2466 days ago


This is to all you celebrities! Stop running from the people who made you famous and who you were looking for to take your picture when you were starting out. Half hour out of your stupid life won’t kill you. If you wanted total privacy then you shouldn’t have applied for the job. Period!

2466 days ago
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