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SJP to Fans: Sorry, But I Gotta Get to Work!

11/20/2007 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Getting to work on time is tough for Sarah Jessica Parker, what with all the traffic, commuters ... and pesky fans wanting to take your picture!

While on her way to the "Sex and the City" set in Soho this weekend, a harried and unamused Parker met up with some unexpected congestion at every turn -- in the form of admiring gawkers trying to snap her pic. Taxi!

Check out how not even a pair of stiletto ankle boots can slow Carrie Bradshaw down!


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is this news worthy? The way TMZ & Paps stalk celebrities is pathetic.

2526 days ago


SJP looks 50 and looks way too old to be playing this role. I don't care how old she really is, looks are everything when an actress takes a role like this. She looks too old for this part, and just ends up looking like a pathetic over-the-hill slut - this is the REALITY. Time for her to understand that she is not aging well and leave these roles to younger actresses who can be believable in parts like this.

2526 days ago


Hyde guy - Dude, you couldn't get into Hyde on your best day!

2526 days ago


Scary omg is she ugly....

2526 days ago


This movie will stank like- limbaghur chaze!

2526 days ago


Sarah is a goddess? Uh, NOT! You should apologize to REAL goddesses for that insult, 37. And how do people know just from a post who can or can't get into clubs? Pretty amazing. As for the "Manolos" Sarah is always wearing, just tells me she is too stupid and too vain for her own good. I can't imagine how much stupidity it must take to wear shoes that cost that much and be in such pain while wearing them. These dumb actresses are always complaining about their feet on the red carpet, why not buy shoes that are sexy looking AND comfortable. And yes, there are plenty of sexy shoes out there that have high heels AND are comfortable, obviously Manolo is a lousy designer if he can't figure out how to produce heels that are sexy and comfortable, but other designers have managed that just fine for a fraction of his prices. There was even a thing on E! that showed how these goofy actresses get collagen injections in their feet so they will have more padding for their feet so they can wear their "Manolos." Let's see, several hundred dollars or more for a pair of shoes that are nothing more than pricey torture devices, LOL, and then several hundred dollars worth of collagen so they can wear them without howling in pain - Manolo must be laughing at these loony-tunes all the way to the bank! And these WAAAAAY over-priced shoes look stupid on Sarah because she is so short, those ridiculously high heels make Sarah look bow-legged and she appears to walk with much difficulty at times. Oh, and I agree, horsey-face looks way too old for that part - and her ugly 6 inch Manolo heels can't hide that. Time for Manolo to make Sarah a designer WALKER.

2526 days ago

O J Simpson    

all the fame and money her husband is still a killer and she can't afford rhinoplasty on that honker????????????????

2526 days ago


That's not SJP it's DEE SNIDER of Twisted Sister fool.

2526 days ago


LIDA to Papparazzi and Scarry Carrie

I agree she is ugly hands down, no question about it, I mean that face, those little slits for eyes, that nose? Nothing personal, just an objective opinion. I mean when someone is hot (think Angelina Golie) she is hot, period. WHen someone is not - she is not (and it has nothing to do with the lines from that masterpiece "I am not cus' Im fla-y, you aint cus' u nut this is y this is y this is y Im hut"). I mean whenever in Sex and the city they would reffer to her as beautiful it would just make you want to ask a question. I do however admitt that hence crooked shape of her legs and petit frame she's got a model' body - narrow bones (shoulders, thighs) and very long legs.

That said I find her cute in Sex and the City and love-love-love the show!!!

TO paparazzi: Yeah, she's got a horseface, that;s what I always thought.
TO scarry carrie - yes, horses are beautiful, unlike SJP who stil has a horseface.

ALso - I dont think she was a bitch for not posing for fans, she was hurrying to the set for God;s sake, do you know how much one hour of shooting of a profile movie costs, especially in NEW YORK? It was not up to her all that much, she already hugged that crazy French lady, what else could she do? And her agents/whoever those boys infront of her are were rushing her. SO WHAT's THE BIG DEAL?

2526 days ago

That Girl    

Um, she stopped to take the picture, then she had to go. She was late to work, obviously and didn't have time to mess around any more than she already had. She didn't have makeup on (why should she if she's on her way to the set where a professional makeup artist is going to apply her makeup). Big deal. Let me see any other 40 year old woman without makeup on, I'm sure it wouldn't be any different. Sometimes TMZ is just reaching.

2526 days ago


People who post here saying they live next store or down the street from
celebrities make me freakin laugh! Be serious fools.
You don't live near any celebrity or see them in the market you looney toon!
You couldn't afford to live near them! Do you think anyone actually believes that crap???

2526 days ago


TMZ, that isn't SoHo. That's the West Village, (funny enough, that's the park on Bleeker Street, just down from The Magnolia Bakery, which was featured on "Sex and the City).

2526 days ago

The Simple Facts    

OMG, she is truly the butt-ugliest creature I've ever laid eyes on!!!! SJP looks so much like a hag witch, & that huge wart thingy on her chin just makes it worse. She made enough coin to have it removed, so wtf?? I feel sooo sorry for any man whose had to play opposite her in a romantic role; YAK! This freak shouldn't be allowed in public, at least not without a caution sign - 'Childeren, the eldery, & those with compromised immune systems or bad hearts, do not gaze upon Medusa!'

2526 days ago

The Simple Facts    

Parker is absolutely hideous. What was Ferris Bueller thinking? Scary Carrie, indeed!

2526 days ago


she is very tired. leave her alone!!

2526 days ago
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