Cynthia Nixon Loses NY Gov. Democratic Primary To Andrew Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon's bid to be the next governor of New York is officially over, 'cause she just lost to incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo ... and it wasn't even close.

Cuomo was projected to beat the "Sex and the City" actress late Thursday by AP, the NYT and others as exit poll numbers poured in throughout the state. He has over 445,000 votes compared to Nixon's 230,000 votes of the count that's currently in. About 33% of the vote has been accounted for so far, and if it continues like this ... Nixon basically got creamed.

Nixon's candidacy began in March on a platform focused on public transportation and immigration. Thursday's result will piss off T.I. -- the rapper is/was a HUGE fan of her plans to legalize weed.

Cynthia got a big fundraising boost from celebs like Alec Baldwin and Chelsea Handler ... though Cuomo raised $12 million in donations compared to Nixon's $2.5M.

Better luck next time?

Cynthia Nixon Hollywood's Got My Back for NY Gov. ... Donation $ Pouring In!!!

The stars are aligning with Cynthia Nixon in her bid to become the next governor of New York.

Lee Daniels, Marisa Tomei, and Aaron Sorkin are just some of the MANY celebs who cut checks totaling thousands of dollars ... this according to the NY State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Disclosure records.

The list is impressive:

-- Daniels $5,000

-- Tomei $1,500

-- Sorkin $1,000

-- "Sex and the City" creator Darren Star $5,000

-- 'SATC' costume designer Patricia Field $7,000

-- Sigourney Weaver $1,000

-- Christian Siriano $1,000

Alec Baldwin donated a whopping $16k back in July and TMZ can now report he cut Nixon's campaign another $5k check on Aug. 31.

Chelsea Handler is another repeat contributor ... first with $1k in June and again in July with $1,500. John Slattery, Amy Sedaris, Sarah Paulson, Andy Cohen, Edie Falco, Debra Messing and Rosie O'Donnell are other celebs who are rallying behind Nixon.

BTW ... Nixon's raised nearly $2.5M in 2018, but her rival, incumbent Andrew Cuomo, is way ahead with more than $12M in donations. Super BTW -- 'cause we know you're wondering -- T.I. is a big Nixon fan (even though he has no idea who she is), but he hasn't put his money where his mouth is. At least not yet.

T.I. I Don't Know Cynthia Nixon But, Her Politics Are Dope!!!

T.I. is so high on Cynthia Nixon's political platform -- at least the marijuana parts of it -- and vows she's got his vote for governor, even though he doesn't know who she is ... and can't possibly vote for her.

The rapper shouted out the NY gubernatorial candidate for her stance on legalizing marijuana -- in fact, he called her "brilliant." However, he also added ... he doesn't have a clue who she is. Guess Tip isn't binge-watching "Sex and the City."

Basically, Cynthia says it's important to legalize Mary J in NY because it's a multi-billion dollar industry -- that's a lot of GREEN -- and because blacks and latinos have historically been penalized for toking up more than whites.

T.I. can't vote Cynthia for New York governor -- he lives in Georgia, where ganja is still against the law -- but she made the most of it ... introducing herself and asking him to spread the stoner word.

Cynthia is battling incumbent Andrew Cuomo in this week's Democratic Primary, but sounds like T.I. would love to see her go Green Party.

Cynthia Nixon Trades Blows with Governor Cuomo ... 'Stop Lying!'


Cynthia Nixon and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held nothing back in a nasty debate for the Democratic seat in the state's race for governor.

Nixon and Cuomo squared off Wednesday night -- at Hofstra University -- in the only debate scheduled before New York's Democratic primary September 13. Two topics in particular got the two trading jabs ... immigration and public transportation.

At one point, Gov. Cuomo flat-out yelled at the former "Sex and The City" star, asking her to stop interrupting. However, the shining jab came from Nixon who dished an insult calling Cuomo a liar.

Nixon announced her candidacy back in March on a platform that's focused on public transport and immigration.

The actress has consistently trailed Cuomo in the polls -- most recently, he held a 30 point lead -- but if one thing's for sure ... the power of TV can change an entire political landscape.

Cynthia Nixon Crushed by Cuomo ... Loses Party Endorsement

Cynthia Nixon suffered a landslide defeat in her bid to become Governor of New York, but she's vowing it ain't over yet.

NY state's Democratic convention kicked off Wednesday, and sitting Gov. Andrew Cuomo got more than 95% of the delegate votes to secure the party's endorsement for a third term. The former "Sex and the City" star came up woefully short of securing the 25% she needed just to guarantee her a spot on September's primary ballot.

Cynthia -- who announced her candidacy back in March -- won less than 5% of the delegates. It'll be an uphill battle, but she says plan B is to get thousands of signatures on a petition to get on the ballot.

'Sex and the City' You Can Virtually Bang Carrie!!! Gotta Love Porn, Right?

Get ready for a "Sex and the City" reboot where there's wayyy more sex, more than just talk about vibrators, and you can bang the stars ... or at least virtually experience it.

Not sure what the hell took so long for this to happen ... but the porn company, Reality Lovers, is rolling out a virtual reality spoof series called, "Sex in the City." It's the first-ever episodic VR porn series.

They're keeping the OG character names, but we're guessing you'll get a much, umm ... deeper appreciation for Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha in the XXX version. Well, maybe not Samantha -- Kim Cattrall was a total freak.

We're told the porn version -- which debuts online May 16 -- will stick to many of the HBO series' story lines. Translation: the famed Rabbit will make an appearance.

No word on who's playing Mr. Big, but expectations will be large high ... especially in VR.

NY Congressman to Cynthia Nixon Stick to Politics in the City, Not State


A New York congressman says Cynthia Nixon's jumping into the deep end of politics by running for Governor in their home state ... and thinks she needs some floatie lessons first.

We got U.S. Representative Gregory Meeks of NY's 5th congressional district on Capitol Hill Tuesday, and asked him to weigh in on Nixon's candidacy for the Governorship.

Safe to say, he's no fan -- explaining that Nixon's in way over her head by trying to go straight to the top of New York government, and might be better served running for a local office first.

Our question ... is he against the principle of celebs running for a high office -- as he indicates by comparing her potential win to Trump's "disaster" presidency -- or is he merely a staunch supporter of incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo -- Cynthia's opponent?

Whatever the case ... Meeks seems to have a message for the real-life Miranda Hobbes ... drop out.

'SATC' Star Cynthia Nixon Miranda's Running for NY Gov!

The girls are back in town -- at least Miranda Hobbes is ... 'cause she's running for Governor of New York.

"Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon -- who starred on the hit HBO series for six seasons -- announced her candidacy Monday for NY Gov with a tribute video to her home state.

She captioned the clip ... "I love New York, and today I'm announcing my candidacy for governor. Join us" with a link to her campaign homepage where she's accepting donations.

In her promotional vid, she touts wanting to offer better opportunities to NY children, and calls out unequal wealth distribution throughout the state. She also says "our leaders are letting us down."

Nixon will be facing off against incumbent New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who's been in office since 2010. He's said he's running for a third term.

Chris Noth I'll Take the 'Big' Road, Thank You ... In SJP, Kim Cattrall Fight


Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker might want to follow their old co-star Chris Noth's lead when it comes to the next step in their bitter feud.

We got Chris -- who played SJP's "Sex and the City" BF -- Monday night in NYC and asked how his character, Mr. Big, would squash the beef between the ladies. His response, we think, is spot-on.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Kim Cattrall went nuclear over the weekend, saying Sarah was painting her as the villain for not wanting to do a third 'SATC' flick ... and claimed SJP was desperate to improve her "nice girl" image.

Let's be honest ... stepping into the middle of this fray would be a no-win sitch for any guy. Even Mr. Big, which explains why he took this approach to our question.

Kim Cattrall Missing Brother Found Dead

1:12 PM PT -- Kim just announced that her missing brother, Christopher Cattrall, has died. She called his death "unexpected" but didn't elaborate beyond that.

Kim Cattrall is begging for help in locating her brother, who went missing Tuesday.

Kim posted a desperate plea on social media for anyone having information about Christopher Cattrall, who disappeared from his home in Alberta, Canada.

The circumstances sound suspicious. 55-year-old Christopher had 7 beloved dogs at home, and she says he would never leave them in an unlocked house. His keys, cellphone and wallet were also left in his home.

She ends with this ... "Help us bring him home safe. Please spread the word."

Kristin Davis Breaks Down on 'Muslim Ban' ... I'm with Sen. Schumer


Kristin Davis couldn't hold back tears while discussing potential fallout for refugees in the wake of President Trump's immigration ban.

Davis is a Global Ambassador for Oxfam and works with refugees, mainly in Africa. She broke down when we asked what people overseas think about the shift in America's policy on refugees.

The "Sex and the City" star firmly believes the American dream is dying for millions of people around the world. It's clearly hitting her hard.

Lenny Dykstra I'm a Male Gigolo ... I'll Bang for Money


Ever dreamed of having sex with Lenny Dykstra? Well, now you can (maybe) ... if you've got the cash.

The former MLB great appeared on The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM and essentially said he's moonlighting as a paid male gigolo.

"Would you f*** a woman your own age?" Howard asked.

Lenny's response -- "If they paid me."

Dykstra explained that he has several older female "clients" who pay him for "companionship" -- but when Howard pressed and asked if sex was part of the job, Lenny didn't commit to an answer.

He did say that one of his ladies -- who he says is around 80 -- is killing him because she "always wants to stick her f****** tongue down my throat."

Move over, Deuce Bigalow ...

Chris Noth Mr. Big No Longer Pimpin' Just Limpin'

Bad news ladies, Mr. Big from "Sex and the City" is now walking with a big cane.

Chris Noth's been pulling off the sexy distinguished gentleman thing for years -- but Wednesday he was spotted in NYC's East Village with a new prop.

We're guessing the 60-year-old 'Good Wife' star's limp is just a temporary thing ... at least for the sake of lady boners, everywhere.

SJP's Makeup Artist Arrested AGAIN For Mass Purse Snatchings

Sarah Jessica Parker's klepto makeup artist was just busted for stealing once again ... this time she allegedly jacked 3 different purses over the course of 6 months -- worth TONS of money!

Leslie Lopez -- who was caught shoplifting twice in Norway back in 2012 -- has been the focus of a police investigation ... over 3 designer handbags from Saks Fifth Avenue in Florida that went missing.

The Bal Harbour PD says Lopez allegedly swooped a Fendi handbag in January worth $2,750 ... then in April she allegedly swooped a Louis Vuitton purse worth the same amount -- and walked out of the store with the purse draped over her shoulder.

Same goes for a Louis Vuitton purse in June worth $3,800 ... only that time she concealed the item inside a shopping bag before walking out.

Leslie turned herself into authorities this week and was charged with 3 counts of grand theft.

Sources close to Leslie tell us she voluntarily went to police because she wanted to set things right by paying for the stolen merch. We're told Leslie has been depressed and on a bunch of meds since her mother's death last year -- but recently she's been cleaning up her act, and as part of that process she surrendered to cops.

In case you forgot ... SJP's longtime makeup artist was fined in Norway for stealing a pair of sunglasses -- she also took some lipstick -- but Leslie INSISTED she had been set up.

Sarah Jessica Parker Carrie Bradshaw, P.I. Cracks Lost Check Case

Sarah Jessica Parker is a real life Kojak ... with better hats ... because she found the guy who lost a $4,700 check on a New York street.

Sarah was walking in the West Village last week when she looked down and saw the check laying on the sidewalk.

She had the name of the payee and did some serious Googling and tracked down their address.

And get this. Sarah's been trying to contact the payee but he or she isn't home. She says she'll keep trying.

Who loves ya, baby?

The Many Faces Of Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker displayed a panoply of emotions Friday.

SJP was hawking her new shoe collection at Nordstrom's in D.C. ... showing off her range of facial expressions.

Check out the gallery ... then go to our comments section with your fav.

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