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Gummi Bear Sustains Paw Injury

11/23/2007 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gummi Bear was spotted outside of his natural habitat twice on Wednesday, despite sustaining some sort of injury to his paw -- which he was reluctant to explain -- except that it required stitches. Poor Gumgum! Is it hunting season?

By nighttime, Gummi was on crutches, but that didn't stop the kindly omnivore from taking photos with some young fans -- who consistently called him by his nickname.

Gummi then returned to the wilds of Beverly Hills.


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Feel sorry for Gummi. Wish him health. Did he fall from a horse? Or the hourse disliked him and throwed him away? It is hard to say. I prefer the later. lol

2476 days ago


Who is that fat junkie anyway?

2476 days ago


Oh, here we go with this loser again. He's a disgusting mess. Still don't get why TMZ features him here. Dude has probably never worked a day in his life. And he actually has fans? I guess some people will idolize anthing or anyone. Makes me want to vomit.

2476 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Jason Davis is always really kind and good natured to the press in spite of the silliness some of them throw at him. He's looking suave and debonair lately, and has upped his game appearance wise. He reminds me a bit of Marlon Brando physically. He has a generous persona.

2476 days ago


Alcohol doesn't contain calcium. Balancing all that gummi gelatin on those gummi bones, while under the influence of a goodly number of different chemicals, is bound to lead to broken gummi appendages.

2476 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Oh, hey, antigummi - no idolization whatsoever here, but am a staunch opponent of jumping on a hate mongering bandwagon just to jump on it without really observing a person's public carriage. I'd have lunch with him before a critical/judgemental mess like you any day.
I don't care how many days you may have worked VS. Jason - you just sound mean and thus tense and perhaps unpleasant to be around. This guy makes the effort to smile and tries be gracious in almost every video I've ever seen of him. How about YOU? You could be the hardest working person of all time, but you don't sound very gracious at all in your post.

2476 days ago


Now children... THIS is what happens when friends let other friends, step on a crack pipe!

2476 days ago


Who in the hell is Gummi?

2476 days ago

she smiled    

Gummi, get well soon! I's love to see Gummi jamming down the catwalk again!!! Go, Gummi, go, Gummi, go Gummi!!!!

2476 days ago


They shoot horses, don't they?

2476 days ago

just wondering    

..Love the Gummi postings, I laugh so hard everytime, what a harmless funny character!!!

2476 days ago


Who the hell cares about this pathetic little flit.

He should crawl under a rock and stay there.

2476 days ago


These Gummi interludes are always funny.

But what's up with all these Gummi ailments? Wasn't he in the hospital not long ago? The bear seems to be a fragile creature and somewhat accident prone.

2476 days ago


It is a Gummi Christmas!!! Gummi rocks!

2476 days ago


I heard Brittney ran over his foot.

2476 days ago
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