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Seinfeld to Shimon: What's the Deal with Palestine?

11/23/2007 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After assaulting the American media with countless ads for his new movie, Jerry Seinfeld has shlepped the "Bee Movie" over-promotion tour all the way to Israel. Oy vey!

The 53-year-old tummler made his first pilgrimage to the holy land since he was a young volunteer back in 1970. Jerrela met with Israeli President Shimon Peres, toured Jerusalem's Old City near the Western Wall and made a stop at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Alef, Bet, Gimel, Dalet, Jer's B movie is really solid.


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If it had not been for Jerry's GREAT cast on Seinfield, it would have been a FLOP-They the cast were the REAL show NOT JERRY!!!!

2495 days ago


do they have bees in the middle east?

2495 days ago


"Jer's B movie is really solid."

No, it's NOT- it's a complete bore, boring movie, boring script, boring cast, boring Jerry, boring, boring, boring.

Don't waste your money, watch the trailer and compliment yourself on saving the cost of a ticket.


2495 days ago

TMZ cut the crap..he didn't say he wasn't that bad...populistic shit.    

He is so not funny.....This guy can stay in his precious warmongering Izrael...

2495 days ago


to #4- Israel gets rockets fired at it on a daily basis ass-face. they gave up land and in return the palestinians are now firing rockets from that very same land! its a tiny strip of land surrounded by a bazillion arabs who want the jews dead, you douchebag!!

2495 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Leonard at #1: You are so right!!!

2495 days ago


Great Yiddish and Hebrew analogies. Hope the goyim understand it. #4, this
is an entertainment site, jerks like you have to use it for political purposes.
Go to your Hamas sites. They would love you.

2495 days ago


Why would TMZ even bring up Palestine? Nothing was said about it ....

2495 days ago


who wouldv'e guessed some self hating jews in hollywood mocking in a non funny way a religon they claim to be associated with yet r too cowardly to be proud of, shut up and stop embarresing the rest of us.
#5 mike well put,soon when our generation i'm in early twenties is running israel we will tell usa we love u guys but we aint taking your cash and then letting u run our country according to nazi war criminals who founded the cia and the saudie princes who run the state department and the bush family buisnesses.Most americans r good people however and im hoping guiliani will get in and do sometheing about the real source of terrorism saudi arabia.

2495 days ago


Hey TMZ there is no Palestine! There has never been a Palestinian country, people, language, or culture. Jews were at one time called Palestinians because they lived in Israel was was re-named Palestine by the Romans. It has nothing to do with the Arabs.
Someone at TMZ needs to go back to school and learn about the history of Israel. Jerry Seinfeld is not funny and has few fans in Israel.

2495 days ago


Seinfeld's the best. To the loser guys with small weinies who criticize him at every opportunity: You only wish you had his money, fame, and lifestyle. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2495 days ago

TJ hooker    

Some people are important and successful enough to meet with foreign heads of state, other people sit at home, hike up their XXL sweatpants and comment on tabloid blog posts until mommy yells "lights out"

2495 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Dude, I'm Catholic but even I can count from 1 to 4 in Hebrew. Spell check, anyone?

2494 days ago

Kawika 3    

Seinfelds, about as a Funny as a Funeral !!!!!

2494 days ago

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