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Malibu Fire Still Going, But Winds Dying Down

11/24/2007 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As the Malibu fire continues to destroy homes, there is hope things could improve as the wind speed has been cut in half since the blaze began early this morning.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky told KABC that at least 14 firefighting aircrafts are assigned to the Malibu Fire -- including two SuperScooper air tankers and a Phoschek-carrying DC-10. There are 750 firefighters, 65 strike teams with fire engines and 10 helicopters currently fighting the blaze.

Nonetheless, 2,220 acres have burned and 35 homes have been destroyed thus far. Fire officials are warning anyone west of the blaze to evacuate.


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Logo Designers    

sad to see this

2463 days ago


This is all sad and distressing, but it is NEWS not gossip. Stick to the gossip.

2493 days ago


Folks in Malibu should be required to pay through the nose for replacement insurance for this huge homes sitting on hills destined to burn and burn and burn.

Meanwhile, those less fortunate (but smarter) have to foot the increased costs of insurance.

I really don't care if Malibu burns or not. Look at the resources set aside just for this fire! A line of fire trucks you can't see the end of. What if they are needed elsewhere?

2493 days ago

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2493 days ago


I can't believe how ignorant and uninformed people are, all complaining in these comments that "there are all those firefighters in Malibu protecting it because of wealth" - that is so NOT TRUE! They knew it was a dry hot spot just waiting to burn and that's why they were ready and "waiting". I can honestly tell you that I received the exact same response from the Los Angeles City Fire Department on August 17, 2005 when my smoke detectors went off at 6:30am in Mar Vista! There was a line of fire trucks outside of my house too, I received 2nd and 3rd degree burns getting my 80 year old mother out of the house and her birds, I went back for my 2 cats and 2 treasured dogs. It was the Los Angeles City Fire Department (62's) that went inside my fully engulfed house and rescued my 2 treasured dogs, the Captain spent over 90 minutes rescusitating my 10 year old black lab with CPR and oxygen while two other firefighters worked on my other dog with oxygen and kept her calm. That Captain was not giving up on my dog until she breathed!!! Because of those firefighters I STILL HAVE THE TWO THINGS THAT MATTER MOST TO ME IN THIS WORLD - MY TWO DOGS NIKKI AND ALLY! I don't live in Malibu, I live in Mar Vista, but I got the same response as Malibu gets, and then some! PLEASE DON'T TRASH THOSE FIREFIGHTERS FOR BEING THERE - they gave up Thanksgiving with their families to sit there and wait for what they knew was a tinder box waiting to burn! It's THANKSGIVING TIME SO BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT THEY GAVE UP TO BE THERE FOR OTHERS!!! If you want to be angry at someone, then be angry at the idiots who go camping in the hills during the Santa Ana Winds, or the complete idiots who intentionally set these fires! GOD BLESS THE FIREFIGHTERS AND THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE!!!

2493 days ago


Nobody should be trashing the fire department for being ready, or state "they were sitting there waiting because of the wealth in Malibu" - I can honestly tell you that on 8-17-05 when my smoke detectors went off at 6:30am there was also a BIG line of Los Angeles City Fire trucks outside of my home too in Mar Vista. I received 2nd degree burns getting my 80 year old mother and her 4 parrots out of the house and going back for my dogs and cats. It was the Firefighters (62's) who rescued my 2 treasured dogs! The captain spent over 90 minutes rescuisatating my 10 year old black lab with CPR and oxygen and wouldn't give up on her until she breathed, while two other firefighters worked on my other dog with oxygen and kept her calm. I wouldn't have my dogs had it not been for them, or I would have died in the house with them because I wasn't leaving them. I don't live in Malibu but they were here for me too and I got the same response, and then some! PLEASE DON'T TRASH THE FIREFIGHTERS for sitting there waiting when they knew it was coming! Be THANKFUL that they gave up Thanksgiving with their families to be sitting there waiting for what they knew was coming because people are too stupid not to go camping in the dry hills during the Santa Ana Winds! GOD BLESS FIREFIGHTERS!!! They are there for all of us regardless where we live, because that's their job and they do it very well!

2493 days ago

Zyskandar A. Jaimot    

How soon will it be before the DEMBHOLE-DIMWITS+ENVIRONMENTAL WHACKOOS start to blame this series of tragic fires on 'GLOBAL WARMING'??? Ah the DEMBHOLES+WHACKOOS always good for their ridiculousisms!!! DON'T LET DEMBHOLES or WHACKOOS PLAY WITH MAYCHES SAYZ SMOKY!!! Ha!!!

2493 days ago


god hates mailbu.

2493 days ago


yes is one inconscederate beaache.

2493 days ago

Carol Ann    

Tina from your mouth to Gods ears !! and malibu is required like everyone else to clear
so much so far away from structures and property

2493 days ago



I am in complete agreement with you, and glad to hear your Mom and pets all survived. Firefighters are heroic, no matter where you live. My dryer created a lot of smoke and a very small fire, which could have become a tragedy had our local (volunteer!) Fire Department not arrived within five minutes. I was busy getting my two dogs and cat out of the house, and considering driving my horses into the pond when I heard the wail of the engines. My Black Lab bit one of the Firemen (damn!), but he laughed about it after they put the fire out. I autographed the teeth marks in his boots, and drew a paw print. That was two years ago, and he still has those boots! I live in a small New England town, but I doubt any Malibu Firefighter could have done a better job. Love those cowboys. God bless Firefighters everywhere.

2493 days ago

Logo Designers    

hope everyones ok

2493 days ago


This is all sad

2486 days ago


I have friends who have lost their homes. Let us pray for all of those who have lost their homes in this.

2484 days ago

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