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Paps Run Red in Chase for Britney

11/24/2007 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Several paparazzi ran the red light outside the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills last night in an effort to keep up with Britney Spears. Looks like running red lights is contagious.

In the video, the popwreck can be seen making a right turn out of the hotel and crossing 3rd Street. After the light turned red, several cars sped through the intersection anyway -- one as much as 10 seconds late!

It's only Britney, people. She'll be back again tomorrow. And the next day ...


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Standards are badly needed.    

Would you risk the six feet under just to get a shot of Britney Spears?! Good Lord. Prioritize.

2488 days ago


Please! I'm SO tired of Brit .... can we all move on now??

2488 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

And to top it off, the last guy didn't even have his lights on!!!! Wanna do something about aggressive paps, the go to this site and sign this petition. It is a legit site at a political action clearing house under 'Care2'.

I never got spammed after signing up there and there is a lot of other good stuff on that site to check out! If you're rightfully worried about clicking on the link, then go through the net on your own. But please just go before someone dies again ( Princess Di).

2488 days ago


Well I guess you all better take this to Britney's judge so he can see you people run lights and your the ones that keep her in trouble. Enough about britney move on please we would like to read something else we know all her problems. and your problems to which is just as bad.

2488 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Brain Quest ( fun games btw), the paps that took the shot of Brit with her kid on her lap and no seatbelt got $300,000 for that one shot! That's why people stalk celebs and are willing to die.

2488 days ago


im guessing those pictures are worth a lot of money? i dont get the chasing after those party girls....if something happen as a result of this nonsense they should throw the book at those convicted paps....and set an example!!

2488 days ago


What is the obsession with this loser, Britney Spears? I cannot understand why the paparazzi waste their time with her. It's a shame that there are not more "news worthy" people to take pictures of. How about someone doing something good? I am so sick of Britney and all the craziness surrounding her life.

2488 days ago


wow,,,that i did not know #6 i knew these people had to be acting like vultures for a reason....

2488 days ago


Now Britney has something on film to show the judge just how dangerous these people are. In light of this I am hoping Britney gets a restraining. I can understand why she isnt moving out of California but she should. Someday one of them is going to kill her. Why isnt Arnold signing that anti satalking law??????? Arnold wake up before they kill someone!!!!!!!!

2488 days ago


tmz Lmao, you make this sound like this is new,,,,,,,,,,,,,Anyone who lives in the area knows how this works, and some of us have even been there when it happens....Too funny the way you wrote this story......................This is something that needs to be addressed soon, it is so OUT OF CONTROL. And all the posters that write that it is the Stars fault , have no clue on what is going on or what this is like.....

2488 days ago


It's time to leave the girl alone, she is being harrassed, chased, and forced to elude the paps, and I for one would rather you left her alone before I ever have to read about her being chased by the paps again.

If she dies in an accident, you'll blame her, I'll blame you, and me for reading this

2488 days ago

Dr J Jones    

I don't care how much they make for a stupid picture...
Following celebs around in this manner is just plain STUPID
GET A LIFE. all you paps..GET A LIFE.
They're ALL pathetic and are going to kill someone someday...

Oh wait, they already did..
RIP Diana Princess of Whales..

2488 days ago


how can the first comment be posted before the article was even posted, huh? And those paps should be dragged into court, too - just like Britney was.

2488 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

:-) - Sad, isn't it. I still wouldn't want my obit to read - 'passed away running a red light to get a shot of Britney Spears...' That's like Danny Glover almost dying getting blown up on the toilet in Lethal Weapon, lol. I don't care HOW much money, I wouldn't die for her...btw, am also Act Now, we must think alike, hehe.

2488 days ago


you guyz are crazy!!!!! more than her

2488 days ago
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