Brit in Deep S**t -- Runs Red Light with Kids in Car

11/9/2007 2:05 PM PST

Brit in Deep S**t -- Runs Red Light with Kids in Car

Britney Spears blew a red light at a notoriously dangerous intersection last night, with her kids in the back and a court-appointed monitor crouched down in the front. Paging K-Fed's attorney!

The Popwreck approached the light slowly on Coldwater Canyon in Los Angeles. You then see Britney raise her cellphone to her face. It is unclear if she's texting or making a call. She then drives into the intersection as someone outside the car screams, "Red light, red light!" Britney then turns left onto Mulholland Drive, managing to miss oncoming traffic.

The judge has made it clear that he has issues with Britney's driving. L.A. County Commish Scott Gordon temporarily revoked her visitation rights because she was driving without a valid California license.

Yesterday, Kaplan asked the Commish to forbid Brit from driving when the kids are in the car. The judge said he'd ponder that and rule on November 26. The bets are on -- Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, will be back in court long before the 26th after eying the new video.