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Oprah: "No Reason" to Check Out Adams -- Really?

11/26/2007 12:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After nearly two weeks of radio silence, Oprah Winfrey has finally responded to TMZ's numerous requests for comment on Dr. Jan Adams and why she promoted him on her show when he is not board certified in plastic surgery.

Adams was featured on the Oprah show in 2003 with other cosmetic surgeons. In just a few hours of investigating, TMZ found DUIs and malpractice suits -- among other things. How could Oprah have missed it -- and not known or cared that Dr. Adams was not a board-certified plastic surgeon?

A rep for Oprah tells TMZ, "Dr. Jan Adams appeared as a guest on the 'Oprah' show just once, in 2003, as the host of the Discovery Health Channel series, 'Plastic Surgery: Before and After.' The show he appeared on focused on various television series that highlighted trends in cosmetic surgery. Since he was booked as a guest commentator on the subject of medical television, not in his capacity as a surgeon, and since we did not promote him as a cosmetic surgeon, there was no reason to do a background check on him. We have removed all references to him from our website."

Dr. Adams: Click to watchBut on the show, an audience member says she's interested in getting several procedures done. Oprah, who is sitting next to Dr. Adams, says, "Let me see if I can hook you up." Oprah then leans into Dr. Adams and says, "We may know somebody."

Dr. Adams performed several cosmetic procedures on Kanye West's mother the day before she died. He told TMZ that he "did nothing wrong."

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Time for Oprah to stop recommending.

2524 days ago


maybe he gave oprah a brain transpalnt.

2524 days ago

baby girl    

backstepping Oprah?

2524 days ago


The sad thing about this is now EVERYONE will have to pay for his allegations.

Oprah and her staff are very ethical and she should not going through this

Lastly, let us wait to see the outcome. He may be innocent

2524 days ago


OMG!!! Give it a damn rest already TMZ. So what if she had him on her show? He wasn't performing any surgery on the audience, thus, who cares if she did a background check. The man was on the show once, why don't you go harass the company who actually gave this man his own show instead of someone who only featured him once. I see you all must can't find Britney to stalk!!!

2524 days ago

Cluck You PETA    

Who cares? There is a chance of death for every surgery anyone has, read the fine print of the papers you sign. This woman was going to have the surgery no matter what - that's why she didn't stop looking for a plastic surgeon when she was turned down by other doctors.

2524 days ago


America acts like Oprah is a "god' or something.
What are you all lemmings that follow everything this woman says???
Who the xxxk cares what she thinks or says?
As for Adams, he's a "brother". You don't think she would go against a bro do you?

2524 days ago


Beware of advice from Oprah. It is dangerous.Her car giveaways and other things are ok...but her advice can be deadly! Just check her track record. Scary!

2524 days ago


I'm content with her explanation and still see this as RIDICULOUS of TMZ is trying to bring Oprah into all of this....

TMZ...please give it up. You already stressed the importance of checking out the Doctor first. Stop trying to bring Oprah into all of this. He's been on so many other shows recently, so I find it interesting you are stuck on Oprah. Oprah haters in your office perhaps?? Geez....

There are so many malpractice suits with even good Doctors. Only because Kanye's mother died, TMZ is trying to make a big deal out of Oprah who had him on so long ago.

The more posts I see from you guys (TMZ), the more I think you are just trying to go after Oprah for spite...for whatever reason.

2524 days ago


Oprah has a huge staff, and I am sure she would have "assumed" he was o.k. and that he was indeed checked out. Her staff are more than likely the ones who messed up. She has also had the laser Thermage on her show talking it up, since any procedure is NEW the outcome of that on woman;s faces were fat loss. She also took heat for that. She was merely talking about it, not endorsing Thermage. Talk show hosts get the blame for a lot of things since they are famous.

2524 days ago

Sam Walter run by child molesters. Oprah recommends non-board certified plastic surgeon to audience member. You are so right #8. She only portrays a saint on TV.

2524 days ago


Oprah is well aware of the "Oprah effect" wherein she mentions something on her show and the product's sales go through the roof, or the doc, cook, or trainer who she's endorsing has their website crash from the flood of inquiries, etc. She should own up to her mistake in being so smitten by a charismatic, good looking, BLACK doctor, that she failed to do her homework. She should also own the fact that her powerful endorsement in this case has damaged and perhaps cost lives.

2524 days ago

College Grad    

This story is so ridiculous; I don't know why TMZ is still attempting to get Oprah to talk. He was on her show 1 time IN 2003, and this happened before most of the allegations about him even occurred. So he's not board certified, so what? Many doctors aren't because the test to get board certified is VOLUNTARY. I think this is just a story to drum up problems for Oprah for whatever reason. She promotes Rachel Ray all the time, so if Rachel Ray cooks for someone and gives them food poisoning would that be Oprah's fault or maybe the Food Network, no it would be Rachel's fault. Just as Dr. Adams problems are his own. Quite trying to throw blame on someone.

2524 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Once Stedman "left" the big O for Dina, things started going downfill for Oprah. Maybe she needs to re read The Secret.

2524 days ago


What does being a "brother" have to do with anything? I swear some of you losers will turn anything into a black versus white issue. She recommended that her supporters go out and buy James Frey book, didn't she? The last time I checked he wasn't a "brother".

2524 days ago
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