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Fainting Spell a Fake?

11/27/2007 1:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources on the set of "Dancing With the Stars" tell TMZ that Marie Osmond's fainting spell was scripted -- to the point where she had a writer just off camera feeding her lines when she stood up!
Marie Osmond Faints
Our moles say Marie has a writer on set at all times, prompting her with witty conversation. One on-set source says he was in position when Marie went down -- and didn't miss a beat.
Dancing Catcher -- clcik to play
And get this -- Marie, we're told, is seriously on the hunt for a "successful guy." We're told she's asking some highfalutin people if they know someone who's available. Marie is divorcing hubby number two.

Marie's rep tells us that reports of a writer on set are "absolutely false." "There is no writer on set feeding her lines," she says, "Her manager is there and we (her publicists) are there but no one is feeding her lines." As for a fake faint? Her rep says that's "ridiculous. Why would anyone fake fainting on a live TV show? That show happened during the wildfires and Marie has allergies, there was smoke in the air which was extremely toxic. The trailers for the show are outside the stage and she was breathing the air. It's happened before." And lastly, the rep says Marie is NOT on the prowl. "She's going through a divorce," we're told, "She's not looking to meet someone now – she wants to spend time with her kids. Dating is the last thing on her mind."

Jingle Dang, Brit Gets Kids on Xmas!

Brit Kfed Lawyers for Britney and K-Daddy have worked out an arrangement for who gets the kids for the Xmas holidays.

We've learned, under the deal hammered out by Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, and Brit's disso-cutie, Anne Kiley -- Spears will open presents with the kids on Christmas day, and eat whatever best accompanies a Fanta. It's only fair, since K-Fed got the kids for Thanksgiving dinner.

Chippendales Dancer Flies into World Record!

Smokin' hot Chippendales dancer Brandon Pereyda succeeded in breaking the Guinness world record for the most vertical "roll-downs" on aerial silks. Who knew there was even a record? If ever there were a guy for the job, it's Brandon.

With a total of 13 rolls in one minute, Brandon rolled his way into the next Guinness Book of World Records, becoming the first Chippendale to break a record. These boys are usually more acquainted with breaking hearts.

Brandon and the other Chippendales perform nightly at the Rio in Las Vegas.

Pinkberry Guys Snap-To for LiLo

Click to play!A simple trip to Pinkberry turned into chaos in West Hollywood yesterday -- so much so that two staffers took it upon themselves to escort Lindsay to car. These guys put the "pink" in Pinkberry!

After shutting down the store just to serve her, the two overzealous employees waded through paps to help Lindz back to her ride. One can be heard yelling, "Don't snatch!" while the other screamed out, "I'll f**k one of you up!"

Now that's good customer service!

Kim K. Ripped Off! $50,000 in Bling Jacked at JFK

Kim Kardashian had diamonds, jewelry and other items allegedly stolen out of her luggage at JFK airport as she traveled from New York to Las Vegas. Bum-mer!
Kim K
TMZ has learned that The Tush and sister Kourtney walked into a terminal at JFK and were approached by fans and paparazzi, including several Delta employees. A source close to Kim star with baggage-- click to launchtells TMZ that when several Delta employees asked for autographs and photos with her, items were somehow lifted from her bags. The items include $50,000 worth of diamond jewelry, a Cartier watch, and Kim's laptop and digital camera -- contents unknown!

The airline offered only baggage information claim tickets, which have a number and name written in black marker. Kim's reps are looking into the possibility that she was set up by employees working for the airline.

Delta told us they were "investigating Ms. Kardashian's claim regarding a loss of valuables from her baggage."


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As far as any of these girls, I would be embarressed to even say I was related to them. They act like a bunch of trashy, stuck up bitches on their show. I would not want to be their Mom.

2530 days ago


I don't believe anything that TMZ reports. they are just a gossip column and wouldn't know the truth if it hit them in the face.

2530 days ago


Brit, you look like pure trash. Brit Brit go away and don't come back any day

2530 days ago


Rat magazines. that is what TMZ is also. Marie has problems like we all do, but at
least she is out there smiling, dancing, joking and not playing a pity partyl

2530 days ago

Lost, Confused    

What is Xmas?

2530 days ago


TMZ would not be in business if the world didn't thrive on gossip, lies and other people's nonsense. Obviously, we are all on this page for the same reason...we love gossip. Is gossip gospel? Nope, just a bunch of b.s. about people nobody knows a damn thing about. Who cares what is really the's interesting to watch and you know it.

2530 days ago


Why do they have a reality show? The most famous person on the show is Bruce Jenner and he's a bore. Famous for nothing as usual.

2530 days ago


It would suck if people were following you around with a camera and scrutinizing your every move. "Trailer Trash Weekly"? Like someone can look perfect 24 hours a day. I'm not a huge Britney fan, but you guys are over the top. What a bunch of aholes.


2530 days ago


You guys are sicker than I thought if you think Marie was faking her faint! NO ONE is that stupid! NO WAY was she faking it! She has TONS of money herself, so she doesn't need a rich man! Shame on you for saying that!

2530 days ago


What a bunch of B.S. Find something newsworthy to write about. Maria faking a faint?? Come on, she's one of the good guys and she's being trashed now. What a shame.

2530 days ago


Come on TMZ, you have to know that your articles in the Public Eye, are just Trash!!!
Try printing the TRUTH for a Change!!!!

2530 days ago

Milos W. B. Dobroslavic    

Is Brittany Spears related to the royal dis-family of England? Otherwise, what's her claim to all the wasted media coverage. Also, did Mercedes Benz retire the model car in which Princess Diana died? I can't imagine anybody in their right mind buying that model if they didn't. But, what do I know? I didn't even know that everybody had to be told their own name until I was practically fifty. I thought I was an idiot because they had to tell me my name, then I found out everybody is in that same boat on that one.

2530 days ago


If that faint was a fake, then she deserves an Emmy.,..because she hit the floor like a ton of bricks! As a reflex we try to protect ourselves, but she was totally limp.,..I think it was was kinda scary to watch...

2530 days ago


Sorry TMZ but even YOU can't tarnish the rep of Marie Osmond-she is true class. Don't you guys have enough overpaid skanks in Hollywood to pick on, those ho's love the kind of attention you give. Wait a minute-are you related to Larry King????

2530 days ago


I have just one thing to say toTMZ, As far as Brittney, Paris, or any other jackass you may feel that we care about. (THERES A WAR IN IRAQ!!!!!)

2530 days ago
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