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New Driver Can't Handle Britney's Heat -- Drives Off

11/27/2007 8:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears finally wised up and hired a driver to help, er, curb some of her recent mishaps behind the wheel. Good move! Except that just days later, he is already "on his way out."
Britney Spears
TMZ has learned that the chauffeur/driver Spears hired to drive her, the kids and a court-ordered monitor around town is quitting -- because driving for Brit Brit is a "liability." Obviously! A source close to Spears tells TMZ, that the driver and a monitor both had very close calls with paparazzi and other vehicles while driving Miss Britney.

A close call is an improvement over running over photog's foot.


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Britney a pop idol icon and role model for me and my kids.

2499 days ago

My Opinion    

Nobody wants to be around the pop wreck. I mean pop tart.

2499 days ago


5. It's so obvious they are talking about TMZ papz being the arrogant pigs they are. It's pretty sad even the drivers for her are just as irritated. I recall TMZ asking why doesn't she just hire drivers!

Posted at 6:30PM on Nov 27th 2007 by Teri
{{I agree with this totally}} *cplusg :D

2499 days ago


First of all. WHY ARE WE SORRY FOR A PHOTOGRAPHER??? He shouldn't be invading her space. If i was Britney i would floor the gas padal and drive over those morons every day. They deserve it for crowding her car and not letting her live her life. Obviously she has to move the car or they will NEVER move, she cannot sit there for an hour until they get sick of her, because they clearly would never move! So clearly if a professional driver cannot handle driving in those conditions, Brit deserves major slack for putting up with it every day.

2499 days ago


It's the paparazzi fault. The driver is verifying it. You are so needy for a picture you have these idiots with cameras making all of us unsafe, unless she chooses to stay locked up. She and the kids deserve a better life..

Paparazzi go to Italy.

2499 days ago


Wouldn't Brit be the liable one since he was employed by her?

2499 days ago


time for a restraining order

2499 days ago


The people who say Brit is an idol are the same ones who didn't *quite* pass high school.

2499 days ago


brit may need to find out who is hiring the paps or call the cops on them

2499 days ago


X17 are the paps all over Britney. Maybe if she would stay home now and then and not be stopping every 5 minutes at a gas station or Starbuck's or where ever it is she thinks she has to go to, or maybe if she's stop letting the paps know where she is all of the time, maybe this insanity would stop.How about she learns to be a responsible driver using an ordinary car so no one pays any attention to her?There are things Miss Brit could do to fix or help her situation, but it's all a game to her. She's addicted to all of the attention. She has joined the ranks of celebrity has beens that continue to make their celebrity by appearing for any photo op they can. So, so sad.

2499 days ago


I think that the laws need to be re-examined and anyone who hovers within 5 feet of your car with the exception of law officers should be fair game. Watched a few of your videos - poorly done, I might add, and, all of the pap are so obnoxious. Still, Britney should get herself behind closed doors, go low, low key until she gets her act together. She needs to dump her best friend as she is making a mess of Britney's life and Britney is too high to realize it. I'm rooting for you, girl, but you need to want to change.

2499 days ago


Frenetic, you suck. Does saying all that make you feel better about yourself? sheesh.

2499 days ago

Bland Ambition    

If this driver were smart, he would take this situation and use it to his advantage.

If he could mitigate some of the negative press regarding Britney's bad driving by doing a great job navigating the paparazzi, keeping her from drinking and driving, etc., then he could build a good solid reputation as someone who can handle a difficult and high-profile client.

In other words, he could sort of bill himself as "If I can drive Britney, I can drive anybody."

2499 days ago

funk oozin out my clitney    

Mommy,Mommy!!!!!there is a fat pimple faced METHOSAURAS on my screen!!!!!!!! Make it go away!!!!!!!!

2499 days ago


When is the state of California going to address stalking laws? If a driver wont drive Britney because of the risks how the hell does the judge expect her to drive without risks????? These rogue photographers are going to kill someone. She is just one of the stars who are stalked. Why cant they respect these people and give them their space so that everyone is safe. Is that million dollar shot woth killing some one??? These people are pigs!!!!!!!!!

2499 days ago
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