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New Driver Can't Handle Britney's Heat -- Drives Off

11/27/2007 8:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears finally wised up and hired a driver to help, er, curb some of her recent mishaps behind the wheel. Good move! Except that just days later, he is already "on his way out."
Britney Spears
TMZ has learned that the chauffeur/driver Spears hired to drive her, the kids and a court-ordered monitor around town is quitting -- because driving for Brit Brit is a "liability." Obviously! A source close to Spears tells TMZ, that the driver and a monitor both had very close calls with paparazzi and other vehicles while driving Miss Britney.

A close call is an improvement over running over photog's foot.


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Hey Irene Gracey whatever, you sound like you are going to have a major coronary, when they say truth hurts, you are the perfect example. and BTW, people who comment on the appearance of people they can't see and don't know are proving they have no argument other than "neener-neener." Yeah, truth hurts, and everything "stay home Britney" said was the God's honest truth about Britney. Britney is addicted to the papz and that is why she can't stop running around looking for them. As for all the Kevin-bashing comments, the JUDGE has the last word, and the JUDGE sees Kevin as the best parent here after all is said and done, after all the EVIDENCE is reviewed in court regarding BOTH parents. So go tell it to the Judge, you Kevin-bashers, I'm sure the judge will appreciate a good laugh while he showers you with the truth and the facts about what a crappy mother and useless human being Britney Spears is.

Yep, the driver and the monitor just couldn't stand the ho-skank and bailed. LMAO!

2523 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

To Jack54: It's amazing buttney has any fans left. Obviously the few remaining are as idiotic as she is, w/o enuf sense to be ashamed of admiring such a retarded narcissist. Now why don't u take your raggedy self down to the worst part of town (as in right outside your tin door) & offer bj's on a 2fer sale, ROFL.

2523 days ago


that proves all the driving crap isn't ALL her fault!!! if a professional chaufeur says it's not safe.....

2523 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

Quote: Hey Irene Gracey whatever, you sound like you are going to have a major coronary, when they say truth hurts, you are the perfect example

BRAVO!!!!!! Well said

2523 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

LMAO--I don't understand your post... are you what the teens and tweens laughingly call a mental? I guess you "know" Britney so you can comment that she is a worthless human. My God you are sick.

2523 days ago


Wouldn't this actually work in her favor?? A professional limo driver can't handle the heat of the paps? Is afraid to drive around them....People can argue he just doesn't like his client or whatever but the personality of his client has no bearing on the ability to drive or not drive a car. She is not the professional driver. He is and can't take it.

Sounds like she has done pretty well for herself so far only running over 2 or 3 feet. This is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT for driving with the kids; she still should have a driver but perhaps others will understand what it's like to drive under these conditions. Her lawyers should subpoena this guy in the future if her driving ever comes into question. I'm not presumptous enought to speak for anyone else but believe me Britney spends more of her time driving around than most of us do, and she has had fewer accidents than I have; and I don't have to navigate through a swarm of idiots.

2523 days ago


BTW - who got to vote for K-Fed being Peoples 50 most influentional men? Just curious where these ballots are.

2523 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

"LMAO--I don't understand your post... "
Posted at 8:59PM on Nov 27th 2007 by Irene Gracey-size zero and proud of it!

Of course u don't understand it dear. You're too deluded & ignorant for that. You twitney defenders only keep proving what idiots u are.

2523 days ago


Hey Irene, you've been at this ALL DAY. I'm all for freedom of speech, but take a break and go workout or something. Well said jack54.

2523 days ago


Britney is a certified wreck, but come on.....what are these photographers doing so close to any car to begin with?

2523 days ago


Jack 54, it takes court orders to finally get Britney to treat her children decently, it takes court orders to keep her off drugs and booze at least long enough for a drug test, it takes court orders for Britney to try to act like something that doesn't resemble a hooker-trainwreck, so if not for court orders, Britney would still be treating her children like crap, she would still be drugging and boozing and clubbing all night, and she would still be doing a lot of other things that endanger and harm her children both in a physical manner and emotionally. I guess we all should be hoping and praying, for the children's sake, at least, that Britney stays under the thumb of the courts at least until the kids are 18 years old! As for Britney, I couldn't care less how big of a fool she makes of herself, but it is her children that will suffer and she doesn't even care.

I think Britney finally saw TMZ, and got a couple of her leechy pals to post on here, because anyone with half a brain would know that Britney isn't worth defending. It is too bad the Britney leeches have no feelings for Britney's poor children, but then Britney's leechy pals are just like Britney or she wouldn't allow them around and the children don't ever enter their thoughts in all this. Thank God for the courts, at least they have the power to make Britney do what is best for her children even if she doesn't care about them and that is making her and her leech pals mad as hell. And thank God for Kevin, too, being stuck with the Britney-thing's BS has to be such a nightmare!

2523 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    


Just got home at 7.. how are you girl?

2523 days ago


Oops, there's 2 "annie"s on here tonight. For the record I am message #69. I officially change my name for tonight to annie2. I am not associated with the #47 poster. Just thought I'd throw that out there in case people want to dump on either one of us you can address the right one. lol.

2523 days ago

Wow my goodnesss    

To #48-Stay home, Britney!
You must have won a Nobel prize because I couldn't have said it better!!! That's what I've always thought-stay home! What is wrong with her? She must be on drugs. She shaved her head because Kevin wanted to make her take a hair follicle drug test. Most people and most stars manage to stay out of trouble. There's something wrong with her! (I know-Obviously)
She doesn't have her kids, doesn't have any friends, doesn't have her family,doesn't have anyone to stand by her! You would think she would make some changes.

2523 days ago


i dont like her but i do agree that the paps go a little overbored. but like i had said before almost everybody is going to believe what they read and everything we read talks about all of the bad stuff that shes done. until someone or some magazine for that matter writes all of the positive things that shes done or is doing that well never know. but she should serve some type of justice for the moving violations that shes commited.

2523 days ago
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