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Baby iPod

11/29/2007 3:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gone are the days of people cramming their ears against the stomachs of pregnant women. You don't know where those ears have been, and worse, the mom-to-be doesn't get a chance to hear her baby's goings-on.

Now with the Fetal Doppler, you can hear baby's heartbeats without all those trips to the doctor. This would be perfect for TomKat, in case they decide to bring another Scientoddler into the world.

If it weren't for those pesky U.S. federal laws that restrict such a device from being sold or used here, the low price of $27.00 would make it a perfect gift for your Lamaze buddies.


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ah restricted??? they have them on sale at Walmart- i had one when i had my son... you can hear a lot more than just the baby- it's weird when you listen to other places like your leg, of a stomache when you're hungry...

2488 days ago

fact or fiction    

Apparently TMZ doesn't do much research. These products have been around for quite some time and are not illegal in the US. If the federal laws prevent use of a fetal doppler in the states then I suggested the feds start arresting every ObGyn.

2488 days ago

cat, galloping    

this isn't new and it's not restricted. i rented one from when i was pregnant.

2488 days ago


I'm glad the rest are saying it. The first thing I thought was, I had one eight years ago with my daughter. Bought from Babies R Us, I think.

2488 days ago


Way to break a story, I have one of these from my pregnancy 2 years ago!

2488 days ago


Is there something they're not telling us about this specific brand or something?? Cuz I'm pretty sure I've seen something like this at target that does the same exact thing.

2488 days ago


My grandparents would roll over in their graves if they could see how we flaunt what used to be private parts in the public realm.

Not much is sacred anymore.

Not much is attractive about a pregnant belly.

2488 days ago


I had one of these when i was pregnant .....5 YEARS AGO! why are you all posting this? it isnt new. Are you all gonna post about the invetion of the DVD player now?

2488 days ago


ha! Too funny! I bought one when I was pregnant with my son! We got it a Babies R Us 9 months ago. I do have to say, I could only hear his heart beat a few times, but I sure did hear all the weird noises that my body made! Especially, when I was hungry! Didn't try my leg though! Maybe I will! lol.

2488 days ago


Not much is attractive about a pregnant belly.

Lilarose, grow the hell up. Preg. women have enough emotions, and raging hormones, they don't need you telling them how unattractive their bellies are. Besides, some guys like it. Attractiveness is VERY relative. So shut the hell up you OLD PRUDE!

2488 days ago


Seriously? Why is this a story - besides the fact that it's completely inaccurate. Do your writers get out much?

Count me in with the rest of the world that bought one from Babies R Us in one pregnancy and rented a OB grade from in another. Those children are now 7 and 5!

2488 days ago


Right on, a!

2488 days ago

Logo Designers    

saves a trip to the doctor

2463 days ago

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