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I Think I Love You

11/29/2007 2:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 57-year-old former teen heartthrob plugged into an awards show in L.A. on Wednesday, not looking like a rainbow colored school bus ran him over. Come on, get happy!
David Cassidy
Cassidy has written two (!) memoirs and released a dance remix album earlier this year.


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You are both right, and he saves some of his nastiest behavior for his dearest "friends"
I know one one very nice person who was friends with him and his wife for several years and when two of her family members died within months of each other , david knew but he didn't call or send ANY condolence,not even an email, a year later when they talked again, he said he didn't call because he "lost" her number . But she's in the book ! ever call information? He is one stone cold b-stard who cares ONLY about his own needs-- never those around him.and you know what he's paying for it ...

2420 days ago

Anne J    

I have to agree with a couple of others that have posted. He is for sure Jack Cassidy's son. There was no doubt anyway, but it is amazing how much a child resembles their parent or parents. Just give him the gray/white hair and a mustache and there is Jack!!

2420 days ago


I'd still do him....I LOVE YOU DAVID!!!

2420 days ago

Holly P.    

OMG He looks so much like his father Jack. He sure didn't age well. Not many of us do. I was so in love with him as a young tween/teen. I was in love with Donny Osmond too, who still looks great after all these years.

2420 days ago


WOW.. Yes I was in love with him too... He has aged terribly! He looks like Christopher Walkin! NOW... and Christopher is like 65! (movie Click- he was GOD) lol

2420 days ago


I agree with a couple of the other posters at the bottom: The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. He looks a LOT like his father, who was also a drunk, an abusive husband and absentee father, a jerk and very arrogant. I wonder if Shirley Jones just shudders everytime she sees how much her son looks like him. Wonder if this Cassidy is clean and sober? Booze and cigs really age the skin...

2418 days ago


Wow, the older he gets, the more he looks like his dad.

2418 days ago

ernie allen    

What a punk, a juicer like his old man.

2418 days ago


That's one really bad picture! He looks alot better in person. I saw him in concert in October and he looked great. I have been a fan of his for 34 years. As far as the comment that he comes across arrogant in interviews, I have to agree, with the exception of a few good interviews. But in person he is very nice and down to earth.

Also just curious about the person who worked in the restaurant that him and his son came to. How was his son annoying??? I have heard that his daughter is a sweet kid, but not much on his son.

Also the person who says he has lived off women for years???? Where did you get that information???? I have heard from a reliable source that his mother did help him financially years ago, when he was'nt getting much work. Also when he married his second wife I always thought she was richer then him, but when they got divorced, she took him to the cleaner's. Well he is certainly doing great financially today, with hard work and a supportive family.

2405 days ago


I wrote the last message on this board recently, but thought I would tell a true story of what happened at a David Cassidy concert in Atlantic City concert that I went to this year, which proves that he is still hot!!!

A woman that was sitting behind me and claimed to be celebrating her 30th birthday and also drinking quite heavily was screaming the whole time of how much she loved David. She also went near the stage to get a better look. Later she took her top off and then her pants. And then again went near the stage. He was obviously pleased and said he wished she was the dinner winner (referring to a contest, that you could win dinner with him after the show). After that she was escorted out of the concert.

So this proves that he has fans of all ages...even old enuf to be his daughter! So he can't look that bad and still has a lovely singing voice. I just wish he would come out with a CD with all new material, instead of re-makes all the time. He has a contract with Sony, so maybe something new will come out eventually.


2398 days ago


I met him years ago. He was really sweet and kind. i think he looks great for his age. Still really hot. Gosh, but there are some nasty people out there. How sad to be so full of hate for people.
I've heard he's a really decent guy, and very nice to his fans.
What does the Bible say...."let him who is without sin cast the first stone"

2372 days ago

Pam Patterson    

I still love him, and he was not a jerk at State Line when he called me up to mthe stage and sang to me and signed my Partridge Family Lunchbox. He was the sweetest, nicest, best showman ever!

2357 days ago


i think that he is beginning to look exactly like his late father jack cassidy.

2355 days ago


David still looks great! I don't care if he is 60! And none of us are perfect! He does look like Jack. His brothers do also.

1357 days ago
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