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Lohan Big in Iran?

11/29/2007 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An old Iranian man camped outside of Lindsay Lohan's assistant's home with all the paparazzi yesterday -- and the guy was way more entertaining than Lindsay's been since rehab!

The man, a neighbor of LiLo's assistant, stayed with the paparazzi for hours, sang a song in Farsi and did a little dance for Samantha Ronson on the sidewalk.


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Go Away Paris......You are a SKANK    

Lindsey should go to Iran for a tour. She may like it enough to stay over there.

2458 days ago


um... first? who cares?

2458 days ago

Dawn Day    

She's still chillin' with Samantha? Hmm...I thought when you get out of rehab you should avoid friends like that.

2458 days ago


"the guy was way more entertaining than Lindsay's been since rehab!"

You're dissing her because she's sober, behaving herself, and acting more responsible than she has in a few years. Nice, TMZ. How about a little positive reinforcement for once.

2458 days ago

just sayin    

That's just sad.....

2458 days ago


oh that is sweet, poor old man, let him live his old age happy, that show me that no matter where u come from we are all after HUMAN BEINGS.

2458 days ago


I wonder if he even knows who Lindsay Lohan is...

2458 days ago


lmao hahah thast my uncle aww ahahha

2458 days ago


I do wish you people would leave Lindsay alone; I've even had to boycott "The People's Court" because Harvey has stooped to deliberately hurting people who are trying to help themselves. I've never seen the "TMZ Show", or whatever it's called, and now I have to stop coming here...gossip, I understand. Malicious, hurtful things done by people in "power" (?), I'll never get.

2457 days ago


How freaking DARE you make a comment indicating that because this girl appears to be committed to maintaining her sobriety, she is now relegated to the ranks of the dull and ordinary? The very fact that her every move no longer fulfills your lust for "celebublood" should be cause for her to celebrate her recovery with relish.

Perhaps the "esteemed" TMZ writer who penned this article has a substance abuse issue of his or her own... and takes comfort in writing words that indicate he or she "isn't so bad" because he or she "never did anything like BLANK (fill in the blank with any Lindsay or Britney or Paris or whomever antic)". If so, take a lesson from this girl and get some help.

Life may not be as flashy down here in the boring sober doldrums, but it sure can be a lot of clear-conscience fun. Give it a try. A conscience of any type, clear or otherwise, would be a step up for this TMZ reporter, and for the world at large.

2457 days ago



2456 days ago


You might want to double check some of your video links. This is the fifh time today that I have clicked on a video only to have the wrong video pop up. And no it's not me. I triple checked all of them. Thanks.

2455 days ago

Logo Designers    

Lohan is big everywhere!

2434 days ago

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