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Shooting Inside Les Deux -- Two Men Hit!

11/30/2007 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shooting: Click to watchUPDATE: A rep for Les Deux insists to us that the shooting did not happen inside the club, nor were those involved patrons of the club. The LAPD is still investigating the incident.

: This video contains graphic content.

Things got serious last night outside the club most known for parking lot smackdowns of drunk girls -- when two men were seriously injured after being shot at inside and around Les Deux!

Two men were shot -- one hit in the leg in the club, and the other hit twice in the gut out front. The shooter then ran into the parking lot and attempted to shoot a third man, who was not wounded.

LAPD tells TMZ both victims were taken to the hospital for surgery and are recovering. No arrests have been made.


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Shoulda shot britney spears and paris hilton, do us all a favor...

Posted at 9:31AM on Nov 30th 2007 by Teri - THANKS!

2486 days ago

Another Black Season    

I use to hang there...glad I don't now.

2486 days ago


It's too bad no one from TMZ was shot.

2486 days ago


Stoopit is NOT wrong. Shootings happen all the time. It's not news unless there was something unique about it, like a celebrity was involved, or a bunch of kids, or something really dramatic. Some morons with guns at a nightclub? Not national news. Come to Philly. We've had a bunch over the last few weeks. Sure, the shootings made local news, even with the shooting a couple of cops in the process, but it doesn't warrant national coverage.

By the way, this classy club is "known for its drunk girls?" That's something to be proud of? They should be investigated for intentionally serving alcohol to obvious drunks. But then, they'd never make the news.

2486 days ago



2486 days ago

patsy ramsey    

Welcome to another edition of thunderdome!!
two men enter, one man leaves!
two men enter, one man leaves!
thank god the weekend is coming up, i could use a break from work and catch up on all the juicy tmz videos!

2486 days ago

dental professional    

I dont really think the video contained graphic content, there wasnt a buncha blood or nothin, I was rather disappointed.

2486 days ago


Come on------- we all know those people probably came from Element. Good security can tell when people are carrying a weapon ---- they should have never been let in. Anyone been to Element on a thursday lately... come on james!!!!!!

2486 days ago


Only dirt and wanna bes go to Les Deux it was only a matter of time

2486 days ago


They are filming there constantly...the camera didn't catch the shooter on tape?

2486 days ago


1. Probably hip hop gang bangers needing some publicity.
Send them all back to the rocks they crawled out from under.

Posted at 8:57AM on Nov 30th 2007 by Ron Ron


Why would you think it was Hip Hop Artist? I hope it was not someone you know because you would not be very happy with yourself.

I'll pray for your soul.

2486 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Woulda been better if a few paparazzi were taken out.

2486 days ago


Les Deux isn't drawing the kind of crowd they used to.

2486 days ago

Hollywood Esq    

This is a PR nightmare for Les Deux! Does TMZ really have this story correct? Getting shot in the parking lot that Les Deux shares with Element is very different than actually being shot inside Les Deux. Other media accounts I've read about this have suggested that the shootings took place in the parking lot only...

I party at Les Deux and know how tough Big Jeff is at the door... Based on the video, I doubt that the victim was at Les Deux. First off, he was wearing baggy jeans and a t-shirt and secondly he was latino... It is very tough for a non-white, non-celebrity to gain access to this club... Nonetheless, the shooting and TMZ's story have done their damage. It will be interesting to see if Les Deux can recover from this and still be able to maintain its "A-List clientele" on some nights....

When Les Deux and it's lawyers see this story, a retraction of some of the details of this story by TMZ is likely forthcoming...

2486 days ago


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2486 days ago
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