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Did Mark McGrath Lose His Mojo?

12/2/2007 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Most little girls dream of meeting a Hollywood hunk -- but few get the opportunity to be kissed by one. Lady favorite Mark McGrath gave a fan outside of Teddy's a moment to remember last night -- or maybe he didn't ...

Check out her hilarious reaction to Mark's PDA!


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LT Dan    

He kissed me once right on my left cheek. Six months later I had to get an occular and frontal lobar resection due to invasive herpetic inflammation. He's contagious yall! Signed, Brit Brit the nit wit.

2463 days ago

LT Dan    

I saw Sugar Ray kissing Santa! When he's not wearing make up he's actually pretty hot!

2463 days ago


#6 dee? shut your trap!!! youre calling a preteen a lez!!! thats uncall for...

2463 days ago


if mark wants to have young girls as fans again,,,he should join that awful band he ditched for access hollywood...

2463 days ago


Mark "jumped the shark" a while ago with his appearances on ET.

2463 days ago

Amy Silverman    

He was so good when he was with Backstreet Kids

2463 days ago


Am I missing something? Did Mark McGrath ever have mojo?

2463 days ago


To the 12 y/o girl Mark 'Sugar Ray' may as well be George Bush, he's another 'old guy'. Her dad wanted the kiss, really.

These 40ish y/o Gen X celebs gotta realize the 1990's are long over, they are not "young" anymore, and teens think of them as 'who my parents like.'

2463 days ago


Has anyone ever seen Mark McFug in the same room as Carrot Top? I swear if they are not the same person, they were separated at birth and those are some fugly parents that need to be sterilized.

2463 days ago


Poor little girl. She's doesn't care/know who Sugar Ray is........her daddy should be ashamed trying to pimp her out like that! Daddy is the one who wanted the kissey-kissey........I guess that little girl would not think Mark McGrath is cute - he probably looks really old and over-processed to her - what, was she 13?? Daddy, go kiss Sugar Ray on your own time - get baby girl back to bed - you should be ashamed of yourself!

2462 days ago


First off, for all the really stupid people out there Mark Mcgrath co-hosts for EXTRA NOT Access Hollywodd, I love it whenever someone trys to make a stupid comment and they dont know what there even talking about. Secondly, I have met Mark and he is one of the sweetest guys out there and that girls Dad is the one that wanted Mark to kiss his daughter and my God it was on the CHEEK what the hell is up with all of you? Get a LIFE!

2460 days ago

Ignazio Messina    

Hey, those of you with the idiotic comments, FARG YOU! I'm the father of Francesca. I spend as much time with my children as possible. That Saturday night, I took my kids to Beverly Hills. We walked up and down Rodeo Dr., went to Mel's Diner on Sunset Blvd., and then went to Hollywood, where they wanted to see the footprints at the Chinese Mann's theather. I parked and we were passing the Rosevelt Hotel where there were a bunch of papparazzi. Out came Sugar Ray (Mark McGrath) and my daughter was given a memory that will last her a lifetime. I figured that it would really last if she got a peck on the cheek by him, so I said to give her a kiss. How many of you would like or have liked a memory like that in your lifetime? By the way, Mark was very polite to everyone, he handled the papparazzi very nicely and he was very nice to my little girl. More celebrities should be like him. Jim

2460 days ago


Listen up. I am the girl Mark kissed. And I just want to say thank-you to all the peeps that stood up for me, especially after that stupid #6 comment. And to all you who had ignorant comments, stop picking on me. I am a fricken little girl for god sakes! And for the people who are picking on my daddy, and saying that HE wanted to kiss Mark, knock it off, because he is the best dad in the world, and probably better that any of yours! And for comment #1, we were at the hotel because we heard it was haunted, and wanted to check it out ourselves, but leave my dad out of this. I bet that all of you ignorant commentors wonder what it's like to be kissed by a celebrity, so don't gang up on me just because I lived it. And again, thanks to everyone who stood up for me, and for the rest of you, GET A FRICKEN LIFE, CUZ OBVIOUSLY U DONT HAVE ONE IF YOU BOTHER TO PICK ON A LITTLE GIRL!
P.S. That is how you spell my name (It's Italian)

2459 days ago


He was so good when he was with Backstreet Kids. Here you are СДЕЛАТЬ САЙТ ПЕТРОЗАВОДСК

1402 days ago

Aimee Allen    

Mark is the kindest most loving and selfless person you will ever meet. He is kissing that girl because he wanted to make her day. Nothing more..nothing less.

1248 days ago
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