Travolta's Hetero Man-on-Man Kiss

11/16/2007 3:44 PM PST

Travolta's Hetero Man-on-Man Kiss -- Take 2

Heterosexual A-list Scientologist smoocher John Travolta was up to his old tricks again -- this time greeting Kirk Douglas with a wet, non-sexual, man-on-man kiss! Face/Off!

After Kirk, 90, presented John with an award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival on Thursday, they did what any two, average, straight, red-blooded American men would do -- they locked lips! Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!

Last year, the 53-year-old "Hairspray" diva was snapped kissing his male nanny on the lips, which a rep for the star reportedly said was "customary" for John to do with all of his close male and female friends -- including his wife, Kelly Preston!