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Jacko Turns Eco-Crazy

12/3/2007 3:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson has lost the glitz and the glamor -- goodbye limos, hello Prius.

Jacko went shopping at the Sharper Image in Bev Hills Friday, and left in a chauffeur-driven Prius that looked as if it were covered in bird poop. But Michael wouldn't suffer such an indignity -- they were actually leaves.

It appears that Jacko has found affection for another new mom -- Mother Earth.


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Nice one thanks the for the good info!!!!!!!

2450 days ago

Fokin P    

First Beetches!!!!

2516 days ago


Good for MJ!

Ok, let me get started since I know there will be people on here who will post a bunch of mess and who will base their opinions of MJ mainly from the media.

Regarding paying off that boy and family back in 1993, it is confirmed that his insurance company paid him off against Michael and his attorney wishes. There has been news reports about this as for it on Youtube. Michael did not purposely turn himself white. He has a skin disease that requires him to shield his skin from the sun...which explains the umbrellas (raining during this video) and head covers. His skin disease is vitiligo, which runs in his family. You don't believe this? Do a search on youtube about it, many folks posted videos on it. Even his good friend Donny Osmond has gone out to the media on many occasions saying so as well, since he witnessed it when it first happened.

The King of Pop title was given to Michael by Elizabeth Taylor. She has repeatedly said she came up with that title, not MJ. And the reason why MJ shields his children faces is at the request of their mother. She also said this during an interview.. So if you STILL choose to believe all of the tabloid lies out there about MJ, then so be it.

2516 days ago


Remember his song, earth song?

2516 days ago


Yeah, I was going to post about Michael Jackson's "Earth Song." :)

2516 days ago


TMZ, shouldn't it be a good thing that people are holding on to their cars instead of constantly "upgrading" to something flashier? Maybe some of these stars are actually down to earth and aren't wasteful?

2516 days ago


What Arr said. And what on earth is wrong with a Firebird?? Talk about American Muscle. I've always thought Vince was a dope, but he got a few points here.

2516 days ago

music & manners    

Agree with Arr and Hyde. So what if some celebrities drive old cars? What's wrong with that? It's better than wasting money on a new car every year and wasting the earth's resources. There is nothing wrong with driving your car until it stops running!

Besides, if they went out and bought super-expensive luxury cars, y'all would be criticizing them for that too! Seems like celebrities can't win on TMZ: whatever they do is the wrong thing.

2516 days ago

just wondering    

...that picture of Ivana in the little yellow sooooooooo funny...I'm just picturing The Donald in it with her!!!!!!!! hahaahha...that would be priceless!!!!!!!

2516 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Jackson sycophant,
Let's be real and think a little. No insurance company would or could pay off a random individual without its clients'(Jackson) approval. BTW, the estimated 20 million dollars' payout was quite convenient. After the molested boy was paid off, he didn't testify against Jackson.
So you think Donny Osmond is Jackson's dermatologist? You respect his opinion concerning Jackson's "lightening up?"
Most recently, at Jackson's trial, did you happen to catch what the molested boy said that Jackson did to him? Sodomy? Oral sex? Wake up and pull your head out of the sand.
Also, how about buying children, dangling one over a high balcony, covering them in burkas, and denying them access to their mother. Rick James said it best. Truly Jackson is a superfreak-and a child molester, and you are a sad suck-up enabler and whitewasher. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

2515 days ago


Jacko is riding in that car for no other reason then he can't afford any of his fancy cars or SUV's anymore. Food stamps will be his next stop!!!!

2515 days ago


Get real, do not come up with a name like that if you are going to post junk. You must have forgetten that in 1996, the boy's father wanted more money from Michael Jackson and the boy wanted to do an album. I'm assuming that if MJ really did molest this kid, money will not be that important. Turn a BLIND EYE to that if you wish. I did not say Donny was a dermatologist, he witnessed the skin condition around when it first started. He's a WITNESS..

Both boys lied and were coached by their parents. If you still choose to ignore those facts (many news coverage and on Youtube on this), then you just want MJ to be guilty and are just a hater.... Didn't you hear the taped recording of this boy's dad and his uncle conspiring against Michael Jackson? I guess not! Why don't you do a search for it on Youtube. The TODAY Show aired that conversation as well. I'm not going to type anymore because folks like you just want MJ guilty despite of...

So don't come in here acting like YOU TOLD ME, because you really didn't say anything...

2515 days ago

rockin' johnny    

He's a sick pervert who will end up broke and in prison, where he belongs.

2515 days ago



2515 days ago


To 10 and 13: MJ still has more money than both of you combined... plus, MJ is known for riding around in cars people wouldn't think he'll be ride in... trying to be incognito...

2515 days ago
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