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Paris Steals Brit's Thunder

12/3/2007 1:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney and Paris: Click to watch!Former BFFs and crotchograph compadres, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, reunited last night at the Scandinavian Style Mansion -- but this time, the only flashing came from photogs!

Although the two walked out together, Britz and her Yeti fur jacket took off for another destination -- while Miss P hopped into her car, put on makeup ... and then ducked back into the party!

Just minutes before it turned Midnight -- officially making it Britney's birthday, Paris either pulled out of popping bubbly with the popwreck, or just wanted to steal some of her spotlight! Either way, happy 26th pal!

paris pecker - click to playBritBrit might feel a little better about the situation, after learning that the blonde bobbed heiress jumped into the wrong SUV earlier in the weekend.

Jacko Turns Eco-Crazy

Wacko Jacko - click to playMichael Jackson has lost the glitz and the glamor -- goodbye limos, hello Prius.

Jacko went shopping at the Sharper Image in Bev Hills Friday, and left in a chauffeur-driven Prius that looked as if it were covered in bird poop. But Michael wouldn't suffer such an indignity -- they were actually leaves.

It appears that Jacko has found affection for another new mom -- Mother Earth.

Eva Longoria -- Desperate to Spend

Eva Longoria could singlehandedly keep New York City's economy afloat with her rampant shopping.

The currently unemployed "Desperate Housewife" made her rounds all around the island, bagging a truckload of loot at Coach and then some more at the Solstice store at Time Warner Center. Then she made her way to Armani Exchange -- the same one where LiLo did some damage on Black Friday -- and pounded the plastic even more.

From Brit to Liza, Fur Flies for Femmes

fur frenzy -- click to playLooks like some celebs still aren't hiding from wearing a dead animal -- in the name of fashion.

Even as the anti-fur movement gets more vociferous, TMZ -- in just one weekend -- spotted Britney Spears, Liza Minnelli, Eve, Sharon Stone and even Madonna fur-nished with all manner of fur-ish coats. We're told that Britney proudly took her shagerrific (and very real fur) coat at her birthday party in Bel Air.

PETA, as ever, took Liza to task for her outerwear, telling TMZ in a statement that it "hopes that Liza, who abstained from fur for years, gets back on the wagon of compassion." As for Sharon Stone, the anti-fur brigade was less charitable, saying, "Put your fur coat away, Sharon."

Reps for Eve, Sharon Stone, Liza and Madonna haven't yet gotten back to us about the provenance of their clients' coats.

One notable exception -- Sarah Jessica Parker, whose Star Wars-esque fur coat, we're informed, is fake.

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No Avatar


I'm all for wearing fur if it pisses PETA off.

2423 days ago


Death to every "celebrity" above. The sooner this happens the better. People will start to see the real issues. SLAVES.

2423 days ago


c'mon people, can't u find some interestin DUDES to write about and photog in thier undies? Us gay bois don't give a rats ass about Brit and Paris, and the only reason we like Eva is cuz of Desperate.
Give us some DUDE flesh to watch!

2423 days ago

C.J. Florio    

As much as I am against the killing of animals , I find there is no other alternative . Every time I tried to put them on without killing the little varments , they bit me !

2423 days ago


TMZ, and AOL should take out insurance on Britney. If anything happens to her, they don't have a front page story.

2423 days ago



OR IS THAT A RUMOR ???????????

2423 days ago


This NOOFY person commenting on who is who and what they are need's a reality check his or herself before calling someone trash or a whore. It's a CLASSLESS person to talk TRASHY like that. So stand in line when you say what you say, you're obviously no better then Brittney is.

2423 days ago

a mom    

WHAT ABOUT ME..ME ME ME?????!!!!!!!!!!

2423 days ago


I think this whole fur business is way out of wack. These fur-bearing animals give up their skin cause we humans love to wear it, weather for warmth or fashion, makes no difference. We are higher up on the food chain and that gives us the edge. I think that a woman looks juicy in a fur and if you can get it, get it!

2423 days ago

mona lee    

Brit Brit and Parisite love all the pappa's attention. Paris is wherever there is attention and whoever she can get it off of. Changing her lifestyle to do good work?? Ha. Ha and Ha. on whoever believed that crappola.

2423 days ago


I loved Britney's coat, beautiful. I told my husband I hope santa brings me one. hahaa

2423 days ago


whats up with carmen electras cellulite

2423 days ago


You people know nothing about cars. That is a classic old Bronco Jeremy Piven is driving, would love to have one. A couple of the others were great also, cars that had class from the past.

2423 days ago


I heard there was big snow storm in the Northeast. That is news to me. Brittany, Paris, Sarah Jessica( why do you need two names?). We don't want to see your kitty's, your fake furs, you real furs etc. Show me you sloppimg some soup to the homeless or volunteering in a hospital and I will show you some respect. I will never stay in a Hilton Hotel, I will never buy or let my daughter buy a Paris Hilton CD, and I have never seen Sex In The City

2423 days ago

A Misguided American    

I raced home from work, drove through 4 red lights just so I could hurry and get home and read about a brand new Britney Spears and Paris Hilton Article ooohooooohoooohooooo. I just couldn't wait!

2423 days ago
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