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Pimp and Pros Pitch Paul for Prez

12/5/2007 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary and Obama might court the unions and the NEA for their endorsement, Romney and Rudy the NRA and the Christian right, but only one candidate is truly getting whored-out in his campaign for president.
Ron Paul and prostitutes
That, of course, is Ron Paul, the Libertarian GOP hopeful (and prohibitive underdog), who has procured the ass-istance of perhaps the most famous legal brothel in the world -- Northern Nevada's BunnyRanch -- and its proprietor, Dennis Hof. In fact, TMZ has obtained an appeal from Hof to American voters, which Hof hopes will, as he puts it, "lubricate Ron Paul's path to the White House."

Unfortunately, Paul isn't on board with the program, because when we called his campaign manager to ask about the pimp support, he didn't sound too happy about it.

Mark Elam says that Congressman Paul "didn't solicit" Hof and his hoes -- certainly not their business, nor their political support. He tells us that, to his knowledge, Hof and Rep. Paul haven't met, nor does Paul sanction any form of prostitution.

As the libertarian-leaning candidate, Paul has been vocal in his support of states' rights, which, naturally, are amenable to the BunnyRanch and its business. Still, Paul is also strongly pro-life.

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Now that's a campaign I can live with.......let the girls screw you before the politicians do........

2484 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Here's a great hip hop track in honour of the great Dr Ron Paul!!

2484 days ago


Haha, go Ron Paul!

2484 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

This reeks of a lame attempt to discredit Ron Paul. If you know anything about Ron Paul you'll know that he has nothing to do with prostitutes.

A Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record:

He has never voted to raise taxes.
He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
He has never taken a government-paid junket.
He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

He voted against the Patriot Act.
He voted against regulating the Internet.
He voted against the Iraq war.

He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress.

Ron Paul is a strict adherent to the US Constitution and believes in limited government that serves the people not big corporate interests and lobbyists.

2484 days ago

Jon Kirkpatrick    

You guys are seriously stupid and flawed.

Ron paul got 37,000 new donors in a single day, and you expect him to check each and everyone one and see what their background is?

Ron paul doesn't even know this guy. What he agrees with is that if they agree with freedom and liberty and getting the government off our backs, than perfect! What you do with your freedom has nothing to do with Ron Paul, or anyone else in that matter.

So to post this up like ron paul actually knows this guy or that he has some relevance to them because they donated is completely absurd!

My god people.

2484 days ago


If you enjoy the federal government taking approx 45 cents out of every dollar you earn,
all the while infringing on your right to privacy and trashing The Constitution, by all means vote for any of the usual suspects. However, if freedom is important to you then check out Dr. Ron Paul, the candidate the mainstream media wishes would go away.

Tucker Carlson is behind the Bunny Ranch endorsement.

2484 days ago


I went from Democrat to Undecided in order to vote for him in the Primaries.

2484 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Seriously people, if you haven't read up on Ron Paul's history and his policies then you're doing America a great disservice. There are major issues facing America today and the other candidates will just bring us more of the same disastrous, big government policies.

Read up on Ron and get out there to support him:

2484 days ago


Ron Paul is MY candidate, and for those of you who say/think he's "liberal," just goes to show how ignorant YOU are. How about doing some homework!
Libertarian does NOT equate to Liberal!

Ron Paul, just as with any other candidate, cannot control who supports him!

Ron Paul is the "hare" in this race and the other tortouises best watch out over their shoulder.

* If you think our/YOUR country needs to get back to governing in accordance with our Constitution, Ron Paul is the man.

* If you want the government OUT of your business, Ron Paul's the man.

* If you want to abolish the IRS, Ron Paul is the man.

* If you want someone who will work to LOWER YOUR TAXES, Ron Paul's the man.

* If you want out borders secured NOW, Ron Paul's the man.

* If you want our government to NOT be able to tap into your private business, Ron Paul's the man.

* If you want to see us OUT of organizations and treaties that threaten American Independence and Sovereignty, Ron Paul's the man.

* If you want to STOP stop special interests from violating property rights and literally driving families from their homes, farms and ranches by Eminent Domain, Ron Paul's the man.

* If you think our troops need to come home and that our foreign policy is in the toilet, Ron Paul's the man!

Heck, Congressman Paul even refuses to participate in the "lucrative" Congress pension plan, has NEVER voted to raise congressional pay, and has NEVER voted to raise taxes!

OK, I'm just getting started, but I'll let you do your own homework!

The "main stream media" pays him little mind because they are SCARED of the growing support he has and I see TMZ has jumped on the bandwagon to try and dismiss what RP has to offer and wants to do to SAVE our asses in the good old USA.

And oh, just a couple of weeks ago in November, RP's supporters make him the recipient of the LARGEST EVER one day fund-raising monies of any candidate in history of more than $4.2 MILLION DOLLARS.
Paul’s total deposed Mitt Romney as the single-day fundraising record holder in the Republican presidential field. When it comes to sums amassed in one day, Paul now ranks only behind Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton, who raised nearly $6.2 million on June 30.

THAT, my friends, is RON PAUL! :)

2484 days ago


hos vote too.

2484 days ago


Ron Paul is the one person who could save this country.

2484 days ago


ron paul is a libertarian posing as a repuke. and if people don't know what libertarians are all about do your research. ron paul is a whacko. sure he voted against the war and I applaud him for that but his stance on other issues are c-r-a-z-y

2484 days ago


#13 first of all TMZ didnt say that it's in Vegas, they said that its in Nevada, Mound House is located in Nevada d'uh!!!

2484 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

ron paul is a libertarian posing as a repuke. and if people don't know what libertarians are all about do your research. ron paul is a whacko. sure he voted against the war and I applaud him for that but his stance on other issues are c-r-a-z-y

Why don't you try backing up your claim that his ideas are crazy with an argument? Otherwise, your opinion isn't worth a damn.

2484 days ago


TimeForChange is an ignorant person who refuses to read. If you knew who Ron paul was you would shut the hell up with your BS. Spreading lies will not diminish anyones vote, in fact, its people like you that we ARE voting for Ron paul.

2484 days ago
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