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Amy Winehouse: There Are No Words

12/6/2007 5:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

London lady soul singer Amy Winehouse left home after powdering her nose (left) and was chauffeured to her first party stop -- where along the way, she decided that she'd change her pants (right) -- leaving paparazzi gaping at the half-naked, gap-toothed, beehived, lovelorn wreck.

After an evening of "entertainment," it appears that Wino lost her keys, and had to get back into her home, not by ringing for Jeeves, but by sliding under the gate.

Amy Winehouse
Sources tell us she made it.

Miss Winehouse got six Grammy noms today. Hopefully, it'll give her something to live for.


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Leland Whitehouse    

Amy Winehouse needs help despertly I only wish I had the chance to try
and help her. I helped cure my x-wife someone please help her.

2482 days ago


Damn, look at those heroin "pin-point" pupils, and that powder up her nose. what a disgusting, filthy garbage bag.

2478 days ago


She must hide her smack in the beehive. What a disaster.

2478 days ago

Rikki Galls    

I was just listening to Amy Winehouse, "Back to Black". I'm hanging out, enjoying life, without liquor or drugs. Man, it must suck to be addicted to drugs and alcohol. Growing up with drug addicts and alcoholics, it was sad, infuriating and scary to watch them. These people are out-of-control, and they realize what their habits are doing to them. About 3 relatives died from alcohol poisoning, 2 from cirrhosis of the liver and 1 died from complications from drug addiction.

Winehouse is a talented, wonderful singer (with the help of Mark Ronson, super producer). It's a shame, she's pissing it all away with her self-destructive lifestyle. I have a relative who is valiantly fighting cancer, while Mrs. Fielder-Civil is throwing her career away with the booze, heroin and cocaine. All she's doing is paying lots of money to be sick, she could be using her money for charity.

2478 days ago


God, what a mess.

Get help, Amy.

2511 days ago


Addiction is horrible. Get this girl some help!


2511 days ago


SOMEONE commit this filthy druggie. Dang, what a stinky mess.

2511 days ago


Is that drool coming out of her mouth there while she's changing her pants? She is painful.

2511 days ago

aa girl    

That girl needs to go to rehab. Has anyone told her that track marks and drool aren't pretty?

2511 days ago

Your Mom    

Check it.

2511 days ago

Party 'till you die!    


2511 days ago

aa girl    

We'll save you a seat, Amy.

2511 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Shave your head! C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it these days!

I'm sure her fans will come out again and try to say that she is not on drugs! ......Stupid people are so amusing!

2511 days ago


Yup! nothin says SEXY like drool leaking out of your mouth!

2511 days ago

Sam Walter    

Like Anna...we watch her dying.... no one steps in. Why? If it were you or I we would be jailed or committed.

2511 days ago
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