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Britney's Real Estate of Affairs

12/6/2007 6:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney got pop-tarted up last night -- as only she can -- slapping on her favorite pink wig for a sit-down dinner at the Four Seasons with her curiously hunky "Realtor." Is he on the market?

Spears seems serious about laying claim to some new real estate -- spending time with USC grad/house peddler Robert Edie -- in her quest for a palatial "party house." Is that what the kiddies call it these days?

Put out the welcome mat!


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K what the hell is with that pink wig! She needs to NEVER wear it again! It's hideous!!!

2482 days ago


is this a code?

2482 days ago


#12 FLY ON THE obviously don't have kids!

2482 days ago


I thought someone pointed out earlier that she lived at this place, is she moving AGAIN...weird.

2482 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

What an UGLY MOUTH on him.....EWWWWWWWW!

2482 days ago


OMG just stay the f@*k home, please! does she even have any friends to text?

2482 days ago


For everyone that keeps asking what the hell a doodle bop is...for the love of GOD just google it people!!!!!! Its that easy!

2482 days ago


Damn!!! she still aint ovah Justin...boy looks dead on him

2482 days ago

So who's the dude.... Michael Marchand, her new boyfriend/waiter and wannabe actor???????????

2482 days ago


He is gay. Britney looks like a hot-mess as usual. If this girl isnt mentally off, then she has to be doing this for publicity, because these antics are the only thing keeping her in the limelight.

2482 days ago


She looks like the little girl Stephanie from Lazy Town...she is such a mess and really needs to grow up!!

2482 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

27. Kick the phone - Wow she really bothers some people that dont even know her, wow

Someone needs a hobby lmao

Posted at 5:06PM on Dec 6th 2007 by

shes isn't the only one that needs a hobby...............................

2482 days ago

LT Dan    

FlyonthewallTMZ, I'm not sure whats going on with you but I do not like you or the way that your posts have the big gaps in them. You seem to be an isolationist attempting to present yourself as something that you are not.
This girl is in a bad way. The wig, the gut, the profligate spending, the lack of attention to her children all spell DISASTER in the making. She has no self esteem and is sinking into despair. This has nothing to do with her money. This someone exhibiting decompensating behavior right before your eyes. If there is not an intervention soon it is going to culminate in an extreme crisis. I do not and cannot predict how this will play out but, she can only carry this charade for so long before it causes a reaction, similar to what happened with the hair cutting. Radical perceptions of realization result in radical impulses that have no meaning to those observing them but are totally acceptable for the person.

2482 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

The look on his face tells you that the gerbil is moving around deep within him.

2482 days ago


Don't you people ever get tired being so high and mighty.? Everyday for over a year you same people say the same old tired things. Britney who you have never met could care less if you hate her. it's obvious you HATE just to Hate.

2482 days ago
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