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Britney's Real Estate of Affairs

12/6/2007 6:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney got pop-tarted up last night -- as only she can -- slapping on her favorite pink wig for a sit-down dinner at the Four Seasons with her curiously hunky "Realtor." Is he on the market?

Spears seems serious about laying claim to some new real estate -- spending time with USC grad/house peddler Robert Edie -- in her quest for a palatial "party house." Is that what the kiddies call it these days?

Put out the welcome mat!


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I'll bet Justin is just kicking himself for not begging to have her back! LOL

He has moved on and done SO much better than her both in his rockin' career and in his personal life.

As for Unfitney, she is showing what trash she is. All the money she has and she walks around looking like a scab...and acting like an idiot. Someone should tell her that she is embassasing herself to no end!

Hey KFed....hope you make another SuperBowl commercial this year. Last year's was a hoot! Good luck with your boys & would you please consider getting back with Shar if she will have you. Shar seems like such a sweet mother and has some common sense! Say you are sorry and get back together. Buy a big mansion for you and Shar and all your collective children. Britney was heartless in flaunting herself in public with KFed. What was worse was when she was masquerading around with Shar's kids for photo op pretending to be concerned about them and pretending to be "nurturing". All Brit was trying to do was make Shar feel inferior and jealous. Guess it didn't take too long to dispell that myth!

2478 days ago

Lola Lopez    

Because she leaves them there, it's a "panty house"

2478 days ago


What a freak...she is going the way of Michael Jackson, Rosie O'donell and all those others who have expired any talent they may have once had....give it up are just a place for me to put thier manhood....don't see too many lined up to marry and make her an honest woman...

2478 days ago

a guy    

Me bitter? naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. I own my OWN business. Go out with friends when I can, and do charity work on the weekend. My girlfriend never seems to think I am bitter, but then again, her p u ssy would make even Ebenezer Scrooge smile.

2478 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

The guy looks gay and he looks like he'd rather be anywhere but with that
pink haired nut job!

2478 days ago

Amy Silverman    

This picture just makes it too easy where to start
1: The guy is gay!
2.That pink wig is something a 4 year old would wear
3.Dang girl what a huge gut
4.She will do ANYTHING for publicity
5.She has 2 houses and needs more(gimmick)
6.Wouldn't want her and all the paps as my neighbors
7.Is she like Paris always gotta act inportand and be on the phone
8.Does she own stock in the Four Season? A Mimosa LOL
9.How'd that album do loser
10.Dumbest piece of trailer trash on the planet-hope she goes broke

2478 days ago


He's going to make about 500,000 dollars selling her a 10,000,000 dollar house. That's his grin and bear it look.

2478 days ago


Theres a photo on X-17 of britney wearing the jacket he's got on in this picture, she talked him out of his clothes too.

2478 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Maybe Brit will:
Become a responsible mother and regain her kids in a loving, safe
Quit drinking, smoking, drugging.
Seek out a therapist and life coach.
Marry someone who actually cares about her and is not after her money
and image.
Eat healthy food and teach her kids to do the same.
Start using Proactive.
Lose weight.
Start dancing again.
Stop lip syncing and take more vocal lessons.
Move to a private area and eschew the pap herds.
Make an album that sells.
Quit making a fool of herself publicly.
Go and get an education.
Work with charities.
Stop wearing fur.
Cut down on the sugar laden coffee and soda drinks.
Drive an eco car that gets good gas mileage.
Hire a driver, or at least quit taking such risks in traffic.
Invest her money wisely.
And grow up.
Wake me if any of this starts to transpire.

2478 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

On second thought, doing any and all of those things would just make life boring and ordinary for Twit. And she just can't have that happen to her, can she?

2478 days ago

LT Dan    

I saw the whole fiasco last night when I got home. This house is just up the street from me, not my house, my parents. The whole neighborhood was in an uproar today. Theres no way shes going to be able to buy the house or even rent it for a New Years Eve Party. Robert Edie is a known low life in Brentwood. He doesnt even have the listing, he just lied to the real estate company that is selling it. Its actually a very quiet area and the press with their lights and cars had a lot of people thinking that there was a drug bust or home invasion going on. Not cool on this street.

2478 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

'Brentwood resident', you and others should show up with huge signs protesting her moving into the neighborhood! I'm totally serious! I bet getting press like that would stop her from moving into your neighborhood! Start making signs now, or be ready for a whole lot of B.S. b.s. happening to your once peaceful area! It's what I would do.

2478 days ago


I know!

2478 days ago


he's her new gay bff since no one else likes her. nice gut brit! didn't you hear good posture makes ya look ten pounds thinner!

2478 days ago


he kinda looks like he's tryna give a secret code to the paps that he's been abducted by brit......she's giving the trance look to whoever is across the table as well. Ha!

2478 days ago
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