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Britney Gets a Lighter with Five Finger Discount!

12/8/2007 6:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Though she certainly has the ability to buy whatever she wants, for some reason, Britney Spears decided to steal a disposable lighter from a gas station last night -- and brag about it to the cameras!

The popwreck spent most of her day driving the paparazzi around in circles. When she decided to stop at a Van Nuys gas station for some gum, she doubled back for a lighter -- and just snatched it off a display. Gimme dis lighter!

We'd like to say Britney "forgot" to pay for it, but then she turned to the cameras and yelled, "I stole something. Oh, I'm bad. Ohhhhh!"


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10. She is going to be the American Amy Winehouse!! What the hell is going w/her. Was she hiding this personality all along. She has totally lost it. Maybe she got her hands on some bad "stuff."

Posted at 11:25AM on Dec 8th 2007 by TT
First of all she IS the american version of Amy Winehouse !Secondly -only she knows "whats going on with "her" ".Thirdly -the personality was always there ,it may be one of many -think "Sybil"!Fourthly -Yes she has lost it ,happened a while ago .And lastly I wouldnt doubt the bad "stuff" she got ahold of was prescribbed by some "Hollywood" Doctor -Think "Anna Nicole Smith" .
I agree it is sad that nobody can seem to stop the "Trainwreck" that is Britney Spears ,sooooo sad if you ask me !

2479 days ago


She always pays extra & leaves too much - & it was a buy. The main story is the kiss-up pap saying "you always look good Britney" over & over - then asking her where she is going - time to deport that boy.

2479 days ago

Just Curious    

just wondering

maybe she said "i'll take a lighter, too" and paid for it, then forget to take it off the rack. had to go back for it.

a lot of the pap video we see only tells a partial story, and usually out of context.

2479 days ago


It's obvious Britney was paying for something at the counter and with the distraction of the paps forgot to get the lighter. She obviously was being sarcastic to the paps saying she took the lighter.I don't think she stole it at all. Not a Brit fan, but things like this can and do happen when people get distracted.

2479 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Britney has a fabulous gig--she is a rich girl who gets to play the role of a sassy Beverly Hillbilly. Now if she would just buy me a Benz and let me be a wayward Jethro...

2479 days ago


Please don't insult Amy Winehouse by comparing her to Britney. Wino may be a cracked out mess, but she can actually sing AND she writes her own songs. Unlike Britney.

2479 days ago


Even if she didn't steal the lighter, why the hell does she have to be out every day running around all over the place attracting paps? Whether she stole the lighter ot not is totally irrelevant. All of her stupid "errands" are nothing but a ploy to attract as much attention from the paps as she can. Wendy, no one has to TRY to make Britney look bad, she does it herself with her immoral, loony-tunes behavior and her unfit mothering, and she even treats being an unfit mother as a joke. Her children are NOTHING to her, Wendy, and that IS as bad as it gets and TMZ or anyone else is not responsible for Britney being an unfit mother and a whacked-out trainwreck of a human being. Is it TMZ's fault Britney doesn't even love her little boys enough to try to be a better mother ? No, it is not. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that Britney is an attention-wh*re that deliberately drives around every day, all day, just to get photographed by as many paps as possible. Want to see Britney finally go shrieking over the edge into a black hole? If the paps ignored her 2 days in a row, Britney would go totally insane from the lack of attention.

Kevin, you need to request full custody of those children. And get as much money as you can UP FRONT, because as fast as this crackpot is spending it, there will be nothing left by the time she is in her thirties. Now she is looking for a "party house," there goes another few million down the toilet. You may as well get as much as you can for those kids now, before it is all frittered away. Whatever else people may say about you, Kevin, you are a terrific dad, and that is all that counts to those little boys.

2479 days ago


She's totally stoned out of her mind and she's completely lost her mind. Why isn't she an inpatient at a mental health facility? Does her family really not care about her, or are they milking her unstable mental condition for all they can before the joke of the law finally steps in and does something about her? What is her judge really doing besides slapping her hand? Does he have something to do with this?

2479 days ago



2479 days ago

Anthony D. Conaway    

If I were a judge, I would give her a suspended sentence with the condition that she get some psychological help because I think she needs it. Plus make restitution although that shouldn't be a problem.

2479 days ago


Oh, please, Cynic, I wasn't trying to insult Amy. I think she is a talented woman with a beautiful voice and writing talent. But, since you're on this site (or reading any other), you must have seen her acting as if she was out of her mind. My apologies to you, and all of Amy's fans. I just wanted to say that 4 or 5 years ago Britney was there, too. She was a talented singer and dancer and she had the whole world ahead of her for the taking. And I DO have the right to worry about Amy; she's starting out the same way Britney did: falling down and unable to pick herself up by herself at this moment. I pray that changes. I pray and hope for all of these young people who got too much, too soon. Some can handle it, some cannot. All I was saying is that it's just too sad to watch.

2479 days ago


If that were my business I would file a police report, I don't care if it is a $1.50 lighter, she stole and has no regard for other people.

2479 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Anyone doubt what an idiot she is now? Steal big, or steal small, it's all about intention. I'm sure some judge will see this an will just be thrilled with what a 'good person' she is! She takes every opportunity to make the wrong decision. Now she's becoming a kleptomaniac! It's not cute, it's just disgusting and she is 100% disgusting!!! A while ago, the blogs were filled with sympathetic 'Save Brit-ers', but this seems to be fading. She is just a pathetic person on any and all levels! I wish they would lock her away in a mental health facility or jail so she would just go away for a while and the Earth could get back to some level of safety and normalcy! I am just sick of her!

2479 days ago

bitch please    

Totally agree #66. Britney has already hit rock bottom. She lost her kids! Monitored visitation! It doesn't get any worse, and you are right that is totally on her. At this point I think most of the country thinks she is a sad case and have no respect at all. Her "pop-star" image is long gone. I think everybody wonders.... was she always this messed up?

Her obsession with staying in the limelight is sad too. I don't think she realizes how bad she really looks.

By the way.... Britney is NOT Amy Winehouse! Amy has real talent. Amy can and does sing live with little back up... I've seen her sing with only an accoustic guitar for backup, and her voice is AWESOME. No desire for attention or paps, and she strikes me as the type who will be a good mother, when she is ready.

2479 days ago


Anything for attention

2479 days ago
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