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Store Owner to Brit: You Can Steal From Me Anytime!

12/9/2007 4:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney makes over $700,000 a month, and she's out jacking lighters from blue collar workers! Regular people have bills to pay!

TMZ talked with the owner of the gas station where Britney stole a lighter Friday night, and maybe it's the holiday season, because apparently there're no hard feelings. As a matter of fact, he talks about wanting Brit to come by more often. Be careful what you wish for!

Even though she's in the owner's good graces, Britney might want to cough up the change for the lighter next time -- after all, she is a role model. Well -- to her own kids anyway.


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I think the lighter was stolen by accident kinda. She was surrounded by a dozen men taking her picture and was in such a hurry to get in and out of there, that she just walked back in and took the lighter and then left as fast as she could without paying for it just to get away. She knew she stole the lighter, and that's why she said she stole it, except I think she "took" the lighter because things were happening so fast around her. She was surrounded by paparazzi and just wanted to walk in and out of there and away from them as fast as she could, and accidentally stole the lighter.

2508 days ago


CryBaby,....Where is the proof???.... The clip shows Brit putting unexplained money on the counter. What we need is for TMZ to explain that,, in detail instead of leaving it up in the air to drag it out for hit count.
How are you affiliated with TMZ... in other words why should we believe You???

2508 days ago

just wondering    

....V....I concur !!....can't say it any better than that....geesh....I've been cracking up at all the postings on the " stolen "/ " taken"..lighter!!!....sure is fasinating!! hahahaha lordie , lordie..

2508 days ago

susie q    

if you listen to the tape you can here her say she was buying the lighter, listen again!!!!

2508 days ago


I hope you use this Kevin to ensure she gets zero contact with your children. Britney is nothing but a trashy tramp who couldn't make it big into adulthood. Now she uses the press to cling to any fame she might have left in hopes it will help sell her garbage records because she has no talent to rely on to do it for her.

2508 days ago


Like I said he's whorestruck,,,and an idiot!.

2508 days ago

TMZ reader    

Arrest her! She needs help! Maybe if she is incarcerated, she can get help.

2508 days ago

Julie G.    

Pebbles- please don't waste your space next time. twice is enough. I rather have a short space like jr. I love huskies.. I once worked as an intern in the Forest Service in South Lake Tahoe, my neighbor had two "huskies" dogs with a sled took me up in the forest. It is a true story.. it was lots of fun. From time to time I still hear from him!

I think that gas station owner just want his 15 minutes of fame and bring more profits into his gas station after Britney's misbehaviors!

2508 days ago


Just asking! But why are the majority of America's young generation so desperately bored & MESSED UP?
Here's the ultimate CURE-ALL: parents need to have their spoiled fat BRATS work as: farmhands/dishwashers/cleaning the parks/stand all day selling papers/flowers/slurpees/donuts. Instead of blaming "noble" OTHERS who work their brown butts from dawn till dusk. In order to make an honest living and further determined to give their children the benefit of a COLLEGE EDUCATION.
"IDLENESS Is The Beginning of All SINS."
German proverb

2508 days ago

just wondering    

hahhahaaha..Julie G...I don't really have huskies and a sled...but dogsledding is a huge business up north!!!...people from around the world travel for the experience...never tryed ...but my parents use to do it and LOVED it!!....SORRY people for straying!!!!! shhhhhhhh...and yes...that store owner has never had so much excitement!!!!!!!...I'm sure he'll draw in lots of extra business!!!! haaaha

2508 days ago


I think this wack job would like to be arrested and spend her couple of hours in jail just like Hilton, Ritchey and the rest of the "let's do anything to get our face out there" gang. Being in rehab just doesn't seem to be enough these days.

2508 days ago



2508 days ago

Julie G.    

jr--- Don't worry about straying.. It is just fun to dream a bit.. I dream other things like hoping for my husband get me a really nice Suv for xmas, but , i know it won't happen unless my husband fly back to CA meet Brit and beg her for putting her money down on his hand and get away with it... hahah just kidding... It looks like California is going to be a laughing stock state, if anything not improve anything with Britney, and others! Good thing we left CA 7 years ago!

2507 days ago


I hope the judge in her court drama is made aware of this lighter-theft and is not amused.......

2507 days ago

Julie G.    

Denise, I got to read about it in US magazine online, two minutes ago. The photographer, Shaner must have decided not let Britney learn how to pay the conquences ( spelling correct me). It makes little more sense as why the owner must think it is easier for him not to lose the profit on the items and having the enbalers of photographers come in pay anytime for Britney and see that smirking smile of the owner on this picture up here. Ummhuh???

2507 days ago
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