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Store Owner to Brit: You Can Steal From Me Anytime!

12/9/2007 4:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney makes over $700,000 a month, and she's out jacking lighters from blue collar workers! Regular people have bills to pay!

TMZ talked with the owner of the gas station where Britney stole a lighter Friday night, and maybe it's the holiday season, because apparently there're no hard feelings. As a matter of fact, he talks about wanting Brit to come by more often. Be careful what you wish for!

Even though she's in the owner's good graces, Britney might want to cough up the change for the lighter next time -- after all, she is a role model. Well -- to her own kids anyway.


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Amy Silverman    

Maybe she'll use the lighter and set that nasty weave on fire and they her whole body

2477 days ago

Britney, and Ali stole a maltese puppy from a pet store. Checkout the video on x17online.
A pet store employee says something to Britney, that pisses her off, she then goes to the back of the store with the puppy in her arms. Her and Ali then stand very close together, and the puppy is obviously placed in a bag that Ali was carrrying. They then leave the store in a rush. If you look at the bag Ali is carrying, you can see that there's something in it.
I cannot believe this crazy bitch would do something so stupid. I hope Kevins lawyer sees the video, and forwards it to the judge.
Ali, and Britney, need to be arrested for felony theft. They are NOT above the law.!!!!!!
I guess Britney figures if she can steal a lighter and get a way with it, why not take a puppy.
The pet store should look at their surveliance cameras, and I'm sure they will see her stealing the puppy, and walking out of the store, without paying for it.

WHAT LOSERS! THIS BITCH HAS LOST HER MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2477 days ago

The Simple Facts    

Quote Poster Lisa: "Her mom has no class not to have taught her you don't dress yourself in a formal gown and have a wad of gum in your mouth. "

Indeed; she also wasn't taught u don't wipe fried chicken grease, or let your dog poop on, a formal gown. Twitney has no class, only fame that makes it obvious to the world.

2477 days ago

Big Ol' Nobody    

.he's not tamil? quelle surprise!....or is it punjabi? much is a slurpee?

2477 days ago

scooter b    

She stole something much more valuble back in the mickey mouse days my VIRGINITY!!!!!

2477 days ago


People calm down it's Christmas time and you all want to be a scrooge. Take your Jerry Springer hatered someplace else.

2477 days ago

Store owner to LAPD I want to report a theft of $1.30 and I know who the perp is.

The store owner would have been told by LAPD - Dont be wasting our time lol

Comment to the address below to enter the fly t-shirt give a way.

Have a great night

Harv paid for the lighter earlier - it was all a big stunt lol

2477 days ago

To 104 I just got a new puppy - she is a hound dog.

Comment to the Obvious Captain

Harv loves puppy dogs.

2477 days ago

Anyone who responds to flyhole is not the sharpest tack in the box...............

Keep the comments coming.

Harv loves #111

2477 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

TMZ, stop printing the lies about Britney. It seems like everyone wants a few minutes of fame by stalking and lying about her. It's sick!! Enough, already !!!!!!!!
Go stalk Federgoon and print stories about his Porn Queen girlfriend and his Vegas whores and his pot smoking all the time. Not to mention, his gold digging, deadbeat, lazy, nasty, lowlife personality. Federgoon is the DipStick of the Century.

2477 days ago

brainless britt    

fly we don't want you here annoying're not interesting, witty or
intelligent. F-Off!

2477 days ago


Please let harv know your thoughts.

Have a wonderful evening all

Harv is everyones freind

2477 days ago


Please let harv know your thoughts.

Have a wonderful evening all

Harv is everyones freind

2477 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#113 You are absolutely right. I wish there was someone, somewhere who Britney trusted enough to help her. Her money mooching ex-husband and her money mooching mother would rather throw her under the train than to try to get her some help. They both want custody of the boys so they can get loads of child custody money. They aren't interested in the kids - just her money. I feel sorry for Britney. With those two losers, who needs enemies?

2477 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

A.V and J.L. You two are the only ones who make sense on here.

2477 days ago
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