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"Ugly" Star Mugged at Gunpoint

12/9/2007 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Blue, the actor who plays the boyfriend of Michael Urie's character on "Ugly Betty," was mugged after leaving a wrap party for the show in Hollywood.

The actor wrote a blog on his MySpace page early Saturday morning, detailing how it all went down. He wrote, "Walking back to my friend's car, about a block away from the party, two men jumped out of their car and held a gun to my face and stole my wallet and my friend's purse/camera/phone."

Blue wrote that he was happy to be alive (obviously!) and also glad it didn't happen to one of his richer co-stars -- like America Ferrera or Judith Light.

What a gentleman!


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Yeah! Lucky~~ I've been to his myspace page, seems great. LOL

2450 days ago


What a knob - like the poorer you are the more apprpriate it is you have the remainder of your funds stolen. Chivelry of the rich kid.

2450 days ago


who cares,,,thatll give him some character...

2450 days ago

jimmy kimmel?

2449 days ago


dat sux.

2449 days ago


Where's the police report? Even though I don't even know this guy, I'm skeptical....

2449 days ago


Author, Actress Amy Sedaris Announces Plans for New Web-Based Charity in 2008
“Candy” from this former “Stranger” will seek to bridge growing gap between America’s haves, have-nots

New York, New York (December 9, 2007) – New York-based entertainment personality Amy Sedaris, the well-known actress and comedienne and author of the New York Times best-selling cookbook “I Like You: Entertaining Under the Influence,” (Grand Central, $24.95), announced plans today to launch an Internet-based charitable foundation designed to meet the growing needs of an American society in which the gap between rich and poor grows wider each passing day.

The charity, tentatively named “Candy,” will seek to use the Internet to enlist 2,000 or more Americans to commit to having $1 deducted from their checking accounts each week to be given to small groups or organizations around the country that have little or no access to larger charitable foundations.

“It’ll be like a big fun charitable club, with me as the Queen Bee,” explains Sedaris with a grin. “To be honest, people just love it when I boss them around and I’ve learned to go with that. Different people have different gifts, and that one happens to be mine. Honest, it’s true, and I can’t emphasize that point enough. Well, you’ll see.” Among well-known individuals already eager to sign on as Candy board members are celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Stephen Colbert, Warren Buffett, Sassafrassy, Cher and others.
“I see bad things happening every day and I say to myself, ‘I wish I could change that,” says Sedaris, a former Girl Scout who is perhaps best-known for her high-profile role this year as the voice of Cinderella in the film “Shrek the Third” and as the star of the award-winning Comedy Central sitcom “Strangers with Candy.” “Then I realized that I can.”

According to Sedaris, close celebrity friends such as Parker, Colbert, Todd Oldham, David Letterman, Nathan Lane, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Short, Martha Stewart, Bette Midler and Matthew Broderick, some of them inspired by the advice found in Teri Hatcher’s memoir “Burnt Toast,” soon to come to life as a Lifetime dramedy, have long been urging her to follow such a charitable path.

“Political candidates such as Hillary Clinton have been focusing on plans to narrow the huge and growing wide gap in personal income in America,” says Sedaris. “Well, as an individual I may not have the ability to change that huge income gap – but I certainly do have the ability to exploit it, particularly with the growing ease of transporting money around the Internet. And what I realized about money is this: You don’t have to rent any office space to store it. So there’s no overhead. It’s just there and you can zip it around and do good things with it almost as if you were a Shrek princess for real. And wouldn’t that just take the cake!”

The charity will reach out to small social clubs and charitable organizations nationwide “like a hand of mercy reaching down from the sky,” according to Sedaris. “I’m not a big fan of bureaucracy and paperwork, so instead of having an application process for funds, I will be reaching out to find them myself. Because if it involved bureaucracy and paperwork, I wouldn’t be interested. I just wouldn’t. Because life is too short for that. But make it easy and fun for me, and I’m there. And I know you’re the same way. You’re there too.”

If all goes as planned, helping Sedaris with the organization and ongoing operation of the venture will be Deb Hopp and Vance Opperman of Minneapolis, while its pro-bono legal advisor will be David Morehouse at Gray. “I’ve had great luck in Minneapolis in the past as has Larry Craig. And so we are both confident that this venture will have a happy ending. Although actually Larry is not really involved with this, he’s basically just a metaphor. But if he wanted to become involved, well, he sure could be. Because he’s not only a U.S. Senator, but a gay icon just like myself.” Additionally, to make the project a complete success, other offers of assistance must come from Betty Cohen, Susanne Daniels, feminist Gina Barreca, Jessica Rovello, Kenny Rosenblatt, and Marc Shaiman, who has offered to record a theme song for the group.

Although Sedaris has her own religious beliefs, she plans to keep the charity non-denominational and focus the giving on individuals and groups whose thinking is Pooh-inspired.

“Pooh has a whole philosophy of life, and it has been fairly clearly delineated with the help of Piglet, Eeyore and the Owl. I won’t waste space explaining it here, but you can read a

2449 days ago

Wow. He's gay as the day is long. ANY pretty boy like Blue who doesn't put their sexuality in their MySpace profile is by my book gay when you snoop around and check out his "Top Friends" list and read blogs and other comments. Can I have a date, David??!! Why does TMZ have to use SUCH a lousy picture for this story? He looks *fat* here, and he's not.

2449 days ago


Reminds me of Luka Magnotta ( Luka is a male skank)

2449 days ago


holy crap! I was at the bar where their wrap party was!!!! Thank God it wasn't me, and they are both ok.
The whole cast was soooo nice too!

2449 days ago


Congratulations welcome to the rest of the population... What a dumbass

2449 days ago


I am glad you werent killed but the last comment was stupid to even think that

2448 days ago

Stan. Z.    

I'm glad he's okay! So waht's the answer? More guns!!! I hope The NRA rots in hell!!!

2448 days ago


Zondra, honey, you must be under the impression that either we have way too much time to read your marathon comments or that what you have to say is important enough for people to read a novel......neither is true honey. A short paragraph is all people will take the time to read so you have just wasted a lot of your own time.

And....# 4 you are way too shallow for words. Get a grip. America is a talented woman and doesn't need your approval of her looks. Geez what a loser you are.

2448 days ago


You mean people wanna suck so badly, well suck on this...

2448 days ago
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