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Britney Drops the F-Bomb

12/10/2007 10:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears turned on her paparazzi buddies this weekend -- cussing them out for getting too close to her car!

Spears was doing some shopping at Beverly Glen market in Los Angeles, where she was once again completely surrounded by snappers. After screaming "I love people!" at the throng and getting her Starbucks fix, Spears suddenly went from bubbly to bitchy with one pap and snapped, "Don't touch my f***ing car!"

Probably wise to listen to her, y'all -- girlfriend's car does have a tendency to runneth people over.


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This is becoming old news. No, let me rephrase that.... THIS IS OLD NEWS. Let the bitch go she isn't newsworthy.

2476 days ago


what dont you people understand, walk in her shoes, my god she cant leave the house without these asses following her. if they could get into her bathroom, they would take her pic on the crapper. now you tell me you wouldnt do the same thing if you were her? we all do the same as her, WE DONT GET IN TROUBLE FOR IT ! tell me you people with kids dont go out drinking, etc? if you say no, your a liar. the enquirer globe etc wants to sell papers and she is the scape goat. if we all quit buying the papers, they would leave all celebrities alone. its not going to happen. so dont bad mouth the woman. you would be angry too at the asses who chase her.

2475 days ago


Hey #3 -- if it's your LIFE DREAM is to be first, you really do need to get one - first

2475 days ago

Here 4 Beer    

Look at all the girlie men....Get a life losers! lol

2475 days ago


The media surrounds her like chickens ready to roost. They don't give the girl any room to breath with all the flashbulbs going off in her face 24/7. How would you all act with that going on all the time? Of course, she is going to get upset once-in-a-while with all of that happening everyday in her life!
For those saying she is snapping at the photographers because she is taking drugs, I have news for you: you would be annoyed and say a few expletives too if someone kept shoving a camera in your face day after day. You wouldn't act all hunky-dory all the time. She probably is on something, but I don't think her reaction is because of drugs. It is from being annoyed and harassed.

2475 days ago



2475 days ago


I don't blame have no business being that close to anybody.....if she had hit one of them then she would have been accused of being an awful driver.....stay the hell out of her way.....better yet leave her alone for good.........

2475 days ago

Doesnt surprise me!! Same ole Brit different day!! Nice roll model for our kids huh!

2475 days ago


Is she holding a pair of sunglasses.....and also wearing a pair?

2475 days ago


When i look at Brittany i see Anna Nicole Smith, and what i mean by that is the drugs and drinking and how you act while using the two. Not being a Mother to her children full time, and the way it is with Brittany is like it is always about me me me!!! She needs to Grow Up Quick if she doesn't I think she is in for a rude awakening. SHe is very selfish thinks about no one but herself. Acting like a fool.

2475 days ago


I haven't been out of my house in 3 days. Brit can't stay home for 3 hours. She craves attention and the only attention she gets is from the papparazzi. I have NO sympathy for a rich party girl who makes bad choices. And bad music.

2475 days ago


And who wouldn't have said that to ppl STALKING them..I would in a NEW YORK minute..
I would have said that & so much more...
My GOD..these people R in her personal space 24/7....
How much is a person suppose to deal with like that...
Any other person would have a restraint order out on ppl doing CHIT like that...
So..JUST DEAL WITH IT!!..she has to too!!

2475 days ago


to # 62 or MOM....
Its okay to have little dreams too!!
I dream of ppl being nicer to each other...Thats a LITLLE dream cause it'll never happen!
Hope that by posting that post..YOU FEEL BETTER!!
Peace to all..& to all goodnight! hehehehehe

2475 days ago


I hate to bring this up. But that's the same blouse she wore what a week ago at Target's!
The pink one with the kitties. Brit, time to change your clothes. All that money and she
wears the same top! Really makes me wonder....Just saying...

2475 days ago


I would like to grab her hay she calls hair, and pour dawn dishsoap down her throat....

2475 days ago
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